Monday, July 31, 2006

My Mom’s gift is being UPS’ed out tomorrow. When this all started, I thought, let me make three---one for the teacher, my mom, and myself. I’m pretty tired of this one. Two is definitely enough. I think I like the blue binding on the first better, but after the centering issue, I stayed true to the pattern.

It was 101 degrees in the airplane hangar today. Needless to say, there was no so sense of humor. By the end of the day, I got tired of pretending there was. And what is it about people up here. I was born in Louisiana, lived there for 20 years and the second twenty I’ve lived almost in Canada. On hot days they say—Wow, you should be used to this---newsflash--- we didn’t live like this in the south---we had air conditioning EVERYWHERE…. And after 20 years you would think they would give me amnesty and let me at least pretend to be a northerner. Gripe of the day complete.

On the quilting front, I’m cleaning the sewing room if I can get all the chores accomplished. I don’t think I’m running Ransom; I don’t want him getting over heated. Maybe we’ll go real late. We’re definitely looking at some unfinished projects before starting a new one this week. Sooooooo, the Buggy Barn pattern is going to be tucked away somewhere, because I’m weak.

Another snapshot----Centering….That necessary evil that I always come up short on….Oh well, nothing that a little Heart in front can’t fix……

Until Tomorrow – Live up Today

Gratitudes –
1. Summer Grilling
2. Air conditioning in the Jeep
3. Oatmeal Cookies…no raisins.


Marcie said...

It looks perfect! Me thinks you might be a little phobic. The heart is very cute though--clever lady!

Tazzie said...

Sending you *huge hugs* Please don't be so tough on yourself, you do such lovely work, and the button was the perfect touch.
I thought the rain in the last posts may have spelled an end to your heatwave, I will continue to wish for milder weather for you.
Have a great week

Linda_J said...

Boy, I hope the heat wave breaks soon. That is got to miserable with only one a/c in the office and not where you ALL can use it.

I liked the darker binding too but in general that would be my preference when possible. Busting stash,sometimes it isn't.

quiltpixie said...

love how you balanced the leter with a little heart. Ingenious solution :-)

Judy said...

I like the blue better too, but it's good to be safe in such cases. I think they both look great! A/C, no me!

Vicky said...

They're both lovely! And how creative to add the little heart!

I'm amazed at all the folks who don't have A/C here in SoCal. You're right, though, about everyone having A/C in Louisiana!


anne bebbington said...

What a sweet little quilt - you're way too hard on yourself Melanie - even if there's something you're not happy with, you always come up with a solution - the little heart is perfect

The Calico Cat said...

Can I "steal" your "No fabric shopping in August" badge?

BTW My dad is in a hangar in Houston!

EileenKNY said...

I think both quilts are awesome. Just the fact that you made them will make the recipients love them. I know we're all our own worst critics, but try to not be so hard on yourself.
When it gets really hot during school, the kids get on the bus and complain about how hot it is, and why can't we have a/c? I explain that I'm on the @#$% bus for several hours, and they're getting off in 10 minutes. Not much of a sense of humor there either.
After 20 years, Melanie, I think you are a northerner.

McIrish Annie said...

Unfortunately, you'll never be a Northerner!! My sister has the same problem. she moved from Massachusetts to Florida about 15 years ago. They still call her a Yankee, and she picked "y'all" about a month after she got there!!!

I know how you feel about making 3 quilts of the same type. It seems like a good idea at the time, cause "it will be easy and they will work up quick" but by the end of #2 you are ready to scream!!!

I like you first one best. and if you hadn't mentioned the centering of the letters I NEVER would have known.

Libby said...

Love the new wallhanging. The pattern just has a fresh, summery feel.
I think people just want to be long suffering in their own weather misery. We live in a coastal community and friends who live inland love to tell us how we don't suffer as they do with the heat. I have to remind them that we do not have a/c nor do we roll out of bed to dip our toes in the sea (a common misconception even from those who really know better.) Hang in there, it can't stay hot forever.

Finn said...

Feel free to lay across the desk and hang your head off, upside down..*VBS* Might be just a tat cooler...*G*

Oh yes, people never stop saying those amazingly stupid things, do they? 101!
I know you were scheduled for that outside, but geez, inside?
We hit the 100 mark all over my area, still 93 when I went to be. Good news is, supposedly a cool front is due today along with thnderstorms. Hopefully you'll have that by tomorrow..*VBS*

In the meantime, the wallhanging looks wonderful. I love patchwork bits, tucked in here and there. And the little heart is a perfect fit..good save!!!

Fiona said...

Work doesn't sound much fun at the moment - I worked in a very old fashioned plastics factory one summer without air conditioning and with hot machines that churned out plastic toys - not good - you have my sympathies. On the quilting front both quilts are adorable (but if I had to choose I would go for the blue binding too).

jpquilter said...

I know what you mean about the heat. I grew up in Arizona and whenever it gets hot here, people say "you must be used to this heat" but it is the same thing - in Arizona there were pools and air conditioning every where.