Friday, October 31, 2008

Good Morning---

I'm finishing up the Cheerios and I'm off to work in a flash. It's Halloween. We usually don't get trick or treaters out our way, but I have candy just in case....

I completed the top border for the quilt I'm working on and I just have 4 appliqued trees left.
I don't think I'm going to make the November 1st deadline, But, I'm pretty close.

I sent My college kids Halloween Chinese takeout boxes filled them with Fortune cookies. I completed a handmade card with a snapshot of them as kids trick or treating. Yesterday I bundled up their mail and sent it to them. Probably missing them a little. I just want them to know they are thought of.

We've had a snow shower but it has melted. It even got into the 60 degree temperatures yesterday.

I'm hoping for a weekend of sewing and playing in the the woods. We have to enjoy the warmer weather and it is fast leaving us.

Hope everyone has fun tonight, be careful....

Monday, October 20, 2008

I started a post before work on Monday--- It’s now Tuesday and that post is yet to be complete. We had a great weekend. I went to work yesterday and there’s always the question: “what did you do?” We caught up on housework, watched a movie, Raked leaves, ran Ransom each day, slept in, and quilted. On paper it sounds incredibly boring…but in “real life”, I was terribly content. Guess you had to have been there….

I’m one border away form finishing the Saltbox in the Corner Quilt. Maybe tonight… I made four donation blocks for a friend’s granddaughter’s quilt.
She requested purple… I was digging deep to find purple fabric in the fabric closet.

Yesterday I headed out with the quilted cards and a jeep full of pumpkins for the annual pumpkin drop off.
I felt like Santa. I left several pumpkins and notes on friends’ doorsteps and headed home for the evening. Who doesn’t smile at a pumpkin?!?!?

I’ve got 9 days of quilt time left. On November 1st, I have set a goal to make three small Christmas gifts. We’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I had a really rough week at work… we’ll l leave it at that.. I made it to the weekend. It’s not worth posting about.

My daughter came home this weekend--- with surprises. She knows me well.

I now have a crow for a front porch wreath and plaids to replenish my stash. I needed a piece of wool for tree trunks so she rescued me. She’s a great kid.

Weekend plans will hopefully focus on sewing. I want to spend time with Chelsey. She’s been laying the groundwork for not coming home till thanksgiving, but that’s a while away. But while I share her with her friends, I’m hoping to finish piecing a quilt. I’m really excited about it. Can’t wait to share.

My job despite the rough weeks
A daughter that loves me

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Where have I been???? I guess I’ve been just adjusting to life at home without the kids. The economy has hit work hard, so job responsibilities vary. We’ve been enjoying the weather a lot. It’s been pretty mild, so the leave seem to be just clinging to the trees longer than usual.
Here is the view from the ‘Front Porch’.

I’ve tried all summer to get a photograph of the view from the Hammock on the ‘Covered Porch’ in the back – the day light was just perfect today.
Experts are blaming the drought as for the reason for lack of red.
On the quilting front, I’ve just about finished the wool appliqué and here are the flying geese blocks. I am determined that my salt box quilt will be the scrappy stash buster kind of quilt, with only the wool being the new fabric purchased for it. You can see scrap pieced triangles of Thimbleberries fabrics from the scrap basket. I thought it was a little too “new” looking after the snap shot and dunked it in in the leftover afternoon coffee to age it a little.
We went bike riding this afternoon as temps reached 73 degrees. That basket came in handy for a quart of milk we needed for home.
A snapshot of my Fall star on the front door.

A ‘Sorta Labrador’ dog for company
Home Chef Salads for two
Sleeping in until 7 am