Sunday, March 22, 2015

For the Record...

Because I guess I think---No scratch that--- Because I know that I believe there's a quilt for everything.

A friend lost her mom. I threw five bucks in a card that was being passed around the office.  But I wanted to do something more.   I wanted to tell her that her mom wasn't hurting anymore.  That she was a great daughter-- beside her mom to the end taking care of her (a true luxury I'll never have). I wanted to let her know that in time-- her sadness would give way to a ton of great memories.

For all those things that for some reason I'm having a tough time telling her I made her this:

A Nine patch table topper.

The base fabric is a Thimbleberries piece, part of a plan to make a quilt that I never gathered the remaining pieces.  By far my favorite fabric of all the Lynette Jensen designed. It was time to quit saving it for myself.

A corner patch sewed in to make a label.

You can see the snow is pulling away from the trees.  We will get a spring.  This journal started out as a daily chat about life and quilt stuff.  For some reason it seems to have changed.  But I still want to keep it to log my quilts.  What they are made of, What I'm thinking about as I sew and the fabrics they are made of.

As a family,we were sitting together a few weeks ago and were talking about our jobs.  Don and the kids talked so passionately about each of their own.  I spoke about how I work hard but my job always seems to be about making it to quitting time.  Don tells me-- it's because you are not passionate about it. ''Mel, your passion is in your quilting.  Always has been.''  While I am far from a perfect seamstress and I'm continuing to improve with every project I find myself grateful for every piece of fabric to quilt and time I have to devote to it.