Thursday, September 25, 2008

I was procrastinating. I knew it and did it anyway. I was scared to death of cutting into the wool for my Saltboxes in the corner quilt. I guess it was because it was a different kind of fabric. Maybe because I knew I couldn’t replace easily if I were to screw it up.

I had worked later than normal yesterday. I went home and got all the “have to do’s” out of the way. And then got on a fit. I had counted on quilting all day. It was getting me through a lot of junk at work and now that it was time to actually do the “fun stuff”, I was too tired. But I thought I’d at least go down and straighten up some fabric. Then I said I’d cut out one color and see how it went. I ended up cutting out all the wool pieces and it didn’t hurt a bit. A common sense tip --- I run short of common sense lots of time. I cut out the big pieces first, and then used the leftovers for the smaller ones. The yardage was pretty tight, so I was glad I did or I would not have had enough for the project. Most people know to do this…. like I said, I come up short on the common sense side of things. Give me an Algebraic equation and I do fine--- every day life—sometimes I suffer.

I even picked out fabric for the setting triangles around the houses.

I’ve got a couple of gifts to make this weekend. I have to finish breaking down the garden and harvesting the carrots too. Chelsey had planned on staying at school this weekend, but I talked with her last night:

“Mom, you know I’m all talk. I’ll be home after work this weekend.” I just laughed. That’s why she went off to school only two hours away. Weather will become a factor in later months. But for right now--- Ransom will have a weekend bed partner….He really misses those kids.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I had both my kids home for the weekend. Lots of cooking and eating, but lots of fun. They both made it safely back to school, so the house is a lot bigger and a lot quieter too. That’s not a bad thing either. Like a always tell Chelsey--- “since the day you were born, this has been part of the plan…”

Onto quilting. The postcard was a hit with Chelsey; she even had a friend that wanted one too.

“Mom, they don’t care what’s on it—just send him one…”

Now Eric wasn’t thrilled, “Mom, I share a mailbox with 6 other people--- don’t do that again, you’re a dork…” Oh well, win a few… lose a few….
Here are the cards hitting the College dorm this week.

I finished the last block of the house sampler. I found my self cutting a house and coming back later and sewing it up. Lots of pieces and detail in this set.
Next month we receive borders and put it all together. Back in January I had plans for a flying geese border or maybe an Ohio star pieced one, but I’m ready to get this baby in the quilting frame and call her done. I recommend it to everyone. I really enjoyed it. Buggy Barn Quilts did a nice job of putting it together….
I had to get a new cell phone – the second in a week… completely stressful. I guess I’m going to figure out how to use the puppy, clean up the quilt shop downstairs, and hit the hay---

Tomorrow’s another day…..

For quilting……..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The words make speak of summer, but we have frost warnings tonight. It’s not the first time this season, but I think they mean business tonight.

These blocks complete my summer section of the Block of the month quilt Four Seasons from Country Loft. Three seasons down and one to go. This is my first BOM project with Country Loft and I recommend them to everyone. Reasonably priced, thorough, and each month they’re packaged just fun to read. I’ve gotten burned out on BOM projects before, but I find myself looking forward to this one each month.

Ransom and I picked up the leaves on our walk. I ironed them between two sheets of wax paper. I think I’m pulling petunias up this evening and cleaning out three rows in my garden too. It’s that time of the year. Don’s got another business meeting tonight, so Ransom and I will definitely be quilting…

1. A full tank of Gas in my jeep (even if I had to pay of it)
2. Pumpkin Gourds fresh off the vines
3. That cricket taking up residence in my office behind shelves where I can’t reach. (Helps me hold onto summer a little longer I guess).

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ok--- so the conversation went something like this:

“Mom, how come you never write me letters at school?”

“Well, Baby, we talk on the cell phone everyday and you’ve come home a couple of weekends—I don’t know. I email you.”

“Sara’s Mom writes her all the time… I never get mail. I bought some stationary yesterday and wrote you a letter. Call me when you get it. I just want to see if it works…”

You’d think she’d never mailed a letter or received one in her life!!!! So last night after the workout, chores, and dinner, Ransom and I whipped up two fabric postcards.

There’s a story. When the kids were little and had after school activities we’d pick them up from school instead of them riding the bus home. It was too far to go back home and then double back for the classes. So we’d stop at a restaurant for French fries and a coke. Just enough to tide them over till supper time later. We’d look at school papers and discuss the latest playground fallout. Then we’d bundle back up and head off to dance lessons, or karate lessons. There were piano lessons for Eric and Chelsey’s “Shania Twain” phase of guitar lessons.

Yeah, they’ll call me a dork, I’m sure. But now they’ll have the French fries even though I’m too far away to be there in person….

P.S. I did get her letter yesterday. I think I’ve read it ten times. Like my Mom always says, “ When you hang up the phone it’s over, but a letter you can read over and over again…”

Monday, September 15, 2008

It’s Monday --- Early…. I’m not even going to dread going to work... the weekend was awesome. Chelsey came home. Don needed something picked up in Green Bay--- so we sacrificed ourselves for some shopping endeavors. We had so much fun. There was lunch out and small purchases but tons of ‘window’ shopping.

The weather was crummy, but we took turns driving and it wasn’t raining inside. I had all of my new kids in Sunday school yesterday and each one is cuter than the next. I’m a football junkie so Sunday afternoon the family watched the NFL games and we got Chelsey back on the road to school. This was a hard week to send her back. I guess it’s because we had so much fun.

I spent Sunday evening decorating with pumpkin quilts. My mind says I don’t need anymore more… but there are so many beautiful ones out there it’s so hard to resist.

Purchases… Bath and Body Works is a “must” stop on the shopping trip.
The Fall Pumpkins scents are my favorites. The wooden leaves are Dollar Tree purchases. I removed all the raffia and changed it to Grosgrain ribbon.

There is a consignment shop that is always a favorite stop in Appleton.
The painted tea-dyed towel I couldn’t resist.

My last purchase was the pumpkin sign.
The photo doesn’t do it justice. There are black crows sitting on top of it.

The last couple of photos are just fall corners in my house.
The quilts have all been shared in prior years, but pulling out old quilts is like visiting an old friend. Don made the quilt ladder for me for my birthday.
This is the first Fall I’ve had it to decorate. I do have my eyes open for two new projects.
I want to paint an old chair black and one red. I love quilts thrown over old chairs. And half of the fun of getting the chair is searching for it.

I have plans for quilting tonight…. Maybe pictures tomorrow….

Friday, September 12, 2008

The borders are tea-dyed and the houses are built.

I’m washing the wool as I type. I’m so glad the weekend has arrived. Ransom and I have already gotten our run in. I made chocolate chip cookies for Chelsey. She’s coming home this weekend. What is it about homemade cookies that says ‘I love you’?

I’ve got a pot of Jambalaya cooking… Cornbread with it and we’ll call it supper. Several have asked about my folks in Louisiana. They’re OK. They were without power for 4 days--- most would think “No big deal”, put couple that with 90 degree temperatures and it’s pretty unpleasant. They have lots of tree limb damage and their church is 18 inches deep in water. That was pretty devastating to them…but buildings can be repaired and no lives were lost so they’ll be OK.

One last thing---I’m going to date myself—guess what I’m listening to? Remember Christopher Cross? I ordered Eric a book on CD for ‘back to school’ because he’s way too cool for pink boxes. He listens to it while he travels in his car. Anyway I ordered Christopher Cross’s Greatest hits--- such great memories in every song…..Google it and listen….

Onto the weekend…..

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I’ve been sewing--- but every time I try to take a photo of the progress there seems to be an obstacle… It’s raining, the camera battery needs charging, and People drop by the house… so we’ll just have to hold onto the suspense.

I’ve been in Wichita Kansas this week for an Aviation seminar. While the seminar for fine, there’s no doubt my heart is at home. Don and Ransom were bachelors without me. And though every one of Ransom’s water bowls was empty he lived and I count the adventure a success. Ransom has almost caught up on his water intake too.

I did make some purchases.
I saving up fabric for a homespun project, so that’s where the yellows and purple pieces come in. I have a couple of friends into “pink” so those were definitely stash builders. I have just been in love with the Kansas Troubles piece so I purchased 3 yards just for the sake of that.

My final purchases were wool pieces for my Saltboxes in the Corner quilt. Wool is pricey… never purchased any before. I’ve had several pieces in kits but never purchase that kind of fabric as stand alone pieces. Should I pre-wash the pieces before appliquéing with them? I’d appreciate any advice.

It’s not a tornado or a hurricane… this is the current view from the back ‘covered porch.’

Don and I had decided on Direct TV as a treat now that the kids are fleeing the nest. But as it turns out, we have way too much forest for the high tech satellite device. So we were going to cut down 2 trees for the project. We had a forester come in and gave me serious talking to about tree safety, about how thinning out certain trees will allow others to flourish. He also talked to me about disease in certain trees and conservation. Well, he won me over, and 25 trees came down. I’m not sad… my garden will grow better. The house will be safer, trees will get bigger and truthfully after the mess is cleaned up, I don’t think I’ll even know their gone. It’s kind of like thinning the garden out… it only hurts for a little while….Oh --- and—we decided against Direct TV… We decided we didn’t want to become couch potatoes and that it probably wasn’t really good for us any way… regular cable would suffice….

Maybe tomorrow I can get the quilt blocks photographed and include another post….

Fall is settling in….
From the Covered Porch……..

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I’m about to head out to work for the morning…but I had a wonderful weekend. We’ve been enjoying the last of the summer temperatures. I have been nursing the garden and hoping I can make it another month without frost. I have been quilting up a storm. Here is August’s block in the House Sampler block of the month. I love the chimney…

The other project I’m working on is the Saltboxes in the Corner quilt.
The pattern was a gift from Colleen. We had planned on working on it together, but I’m completely unreliable and she’s an incredibly busy woman.
We have been changing the look of our den in the basement. My cute green jelly cupboard has now been painted black. I’m trying to “embrace” the entire “black” theme and I’ve wished over this quilt a long time. The middle is complete. Here is one of the corner houses.
I have completed a green house also. I only have a blue and gold one left to whip up. I tea dyed muslin yesterday for the appliqué portion. I’ve decided to use wool. I have blue and green. With a business trip ahead, I’m hoping to find enough red and gold to complete the flowers and hearts. This quilt will be draped over the door of the cupboard I think.

Chelsey is surviving college. She came down with a fever of 102 and tonsillitis on Wednesday. Pretty much a major meltdown, I talked her through getting to a doctor on her own and getting to Wal-mart for antibiotics. Guilty--- I called Wal-mart and warned them she was coming, and asked them to package up Ny-quil, cough drops and juice. I asked for a special dose of ---“Acting like you care”.

“Mom—just come and get me--- I can’t do this…”
“Chels, you can. One day you’ll be working in New York City and I won’t be there. I know you can do this.”
“No, I can’t…”
“Yes, you can….”

And she did……

I was strong on the outside, but on the inside I was crumbling....And it turned into a bonding thing with her new roomate and the kids on her dorm floor really rallied behind her taking her temp and checking on her. She's going to make it.