Saturday, January 24, 2015

Chelsey Turn's 25

Strawberries are on the edge of the counter, because Chelsey has a birthday and I want to make her a quilt.

Affectionately known as the "Cat Lady" Chelsey has 3 cats that keep her company in her home town.

I cross-stitched her a picture for her desk -- I found the pattern on Pinterest and adapted it for 3.  The Dresden plate topper was supposed to be a mug rug  but it is a little bigger.   The cat silhouette quilt is also made from a picture off of Pinterest.  My version is going to be black and cream with 6 cats on it.  Hopefully it will be ready for quilting this afternoon.  I might actually finish a quilt on time this year.

Exercise -- something that stays on the 'top burner' for me this year.  I try to tell myself ,'one hour of exercise a day leaves me with 23 hours for other things.  One Christmas gift that has been helping me this year is this:
We got a great black Friday deal and got family members this for Christmas - a FITBIT.  It tracks steps, and miles.  You can log on and track calories, water, and your friends can join and share data.  Don thinks it is a gimmick - but like my Daughter-in-law says, " If it is a gimmick that motivates you -- It's good."  I've been taking the long way to copiers and pushing after work with snowshoes if I haven't gotten my daily 10,000 steps.  It least wearing it keeps me focused on healthy choices. A couple of friends at work even join in.
Last year's exercise record wasn't as great as I wanted, hoping for a great 2015.

 P.S. I'm also documenting the days I pick up a needle and thread.  A gratitude reminder for when I think I never have the time I want to sew... I look and realize I really do....

Sunday, January 04, 2015


The Strawberries are made up of three rows of fabric pieces. The strawberry bottoms are made and the stems also.  It's the middle row that is intimidating to me.  Great instructions -- Quarter triangle squares just don't come easy for me.  I'm taking it a seam it a time while watching football.

Our weather is back to single digits.  Tomorrow we have a high of -4 degrees.  Quilting weather.

Friday, January 02, 2015

My first Project...

For a couple of months I've been digging through fabrics and choosing the right ones for this project.  I purchased the background - to have enough yardage of the same.  I'm ready to cut up strawberries.

I am working on this project with a couple of friends-- each of us taking our own twist to the project.  The cover quilt is awesome.  It's what caught my eye...But I'm using Three Sisters Moda fabrics for own Strawberry Social.  While the pattern calls for 25 strawberries, I'm making mine with 36---I want to make sure it's big enough to cover up any one for a summer's nap.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year ---

It's frigid outside... but warm inside.   

Looking for to all the possibilities and quilting 2015 brings--

Blessings to you and your families....

Happy New Year...