Monday, July 20, 2009

Harvest Home...Blackbird Designs

This weekend Cottage Tapestry got stretched to the Quilting frame. So on Rainy days, I’ll inch my way through quilting it. On to the next quilt dream…. A Harvest Home layer Cake will become a confetti cake quilt. If the fabric or the pattern look tattered it is probably because they are—they travel to work with me daily for coffee break dreams. I don’t know if it’s the name of the fabric or the muted colors but Blackbird Designs Ladies really tugged at my heart with this group. I’ve toted the fabric so long I’m almost hesitant to cut it up into pieces. It should be fun.
Summer time has kept me busy with my garden. I’ve got huge daisies this summer – temperatures have only been above 81 degrees about one week this summer. The Roma tomatoes are going to be delicious if we can just get them to keep growing.
I’ve made several garden signs and sprinkled them up and down the road where the dogs and I walk daily. It’s always been a favorite saying of mine.
Work hasn’t been the bright spot in my days but I’m grateful for the paycheck. The mailbox brought smiles from Libby.
And Remember Happiness is always defined as a puppy and a quilt. Bruno has a dog bed but tucks himself into this wicker basket. Everything sleeps better on a quilt.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Back to Work

OK—I didn’t post every day last week, but I did have a really good week. Lots of good memories. I went to Green Bay alone for the day. I stopped at a Quilt shop in Crivitz Wisconsin and treated myself to this charm pack from Kansas Trouble quilters. Great colors. I must have tried on 20 dresses and found two for keepers. Can’t wear them to work, but there is always Sunday church services. In the winter, you dress for warmth and the weather, but dresses are nice for the summer. I had lunch and came home.
Here was my weekend project – My new old bike. I found the bicycle at a city wide garage sale with a sign that said ‘free’. I should have photographed the before photo. A spray can of primer and one of flat ivory paint I have y new treasure. It had no basket, so I hit a bicycle grave yard and found it for three bucks. It’s still a work in progress – I hope to add more baskets and next year I’ll fill the basket with moss and soil for the flowers. But it’s a great first year start. Don is even sold on it. He disassembled the bicycle for easier painting. I transplanted black-eyed- Susan’s to grow in front of the wheels.

Sunday morning Ransom treed this fellow up a tree four feet from the Covered Porch around back. He was a small guy---Don figured about 150 pounds. It was amazing. I’ve seen them in the road, I’ve seen the droppings in the woods, but in 20 years—this is the first bear I’ve ever seen “Up Close and Personal”. He climbed over 25 feet to rest in that tree. Ransom had him treed. To protect him, we dragged in inside – But it was amazing and frightening at the same time to see the animal in the wild…. A memory.
I’m back at work this week – grateful for my job. It’s different; my friend Lora has a new job. I’m one of two girls in the house now.
Until tomorrow---