Monday, December 31, 2007

It’s New Year’s Eve…I’m up at 4:30 am. I’m definitely going to need a nap if I am going to make it till midnight. We’re going to have a quiet dinner at friends. Probably won’t even make it till midnight.

I’m in good spirits. I played with fabric all afternoon yesterday. Granted, it was just folding, but I filled my cabinet that I’ve been planning on doing since September. My Magazines, books, tools, thread and fabric are all in one place. Maybe tomorrow I can share a photo.

December 31st is a time to look back and reflect, but after you realize the lessons you’ve learned, leave things in the past and move forward. Here’s a gift to friend that will be opened this morning.
It’s a great movie for a Quilter (and my daughter). I had a copy of the book but book is no longer printed. I found it on a used book site. It said excellent condition, $2.00. Don said, “It’s only two dollars, if you want it, get it. Take a chance.” Well, the outside cover was torn in about five places and the hard cover had a bad spot in it. I was totally bummed. But a “miracle worker” of a friend at work took the outside cover and some scrapbook paper and with scissors and glue made a beautiful new cover. Even Chelsey said, “ Mom you should keep this one and give yours away…” But there was something about a handmade gift and the story of the hands that touched it ----- I knew it had to be shared. I hope she likes it.

I hope everyone has a safe evening and New Year to follow. At the very least, I hope you have a needle and thread in your hands…
Happy New Year…

Friday, December 28, 2007

I finally turned the sewing machine on.
I put together my Sunday School craft for this weekend. I’d like to take credit for it but KC Quilter gave me the idea. I just tailored it down to make it easy enough for 4 year old kids to make. It's a Hershey's candy bar on the inside.

I’ve made a pact, no quilting until I get my junk moved into my cabinet that I’ve had since September. You know how it is, Working full time—there’s always one more project to complete before you take a break.

What the game plan for the weekend? We have dinner plans with friends New Year’s eve, but it won’t be a late night. And there’s always laundry to catch up on.

I better head out to work.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I’m typing to Christmas music and the quiet hum of the dishwasher. Christmas lunch is complete. The presents have all been opened. I even have new quilt fabric sitting next to me. Definitely a wonderful Christmas.

Last night we were talking about the Christmas meal. I announced that I thought I’d make place cards to match the dinner dishes. Chelsey first laughed, “ Mom, don’t be a dork--- there’s only four of us.” Then my darling 19 year old chimed in, “ Well, Chels, we might not know which chair we sit in, so we may need them.” Yeah, OK, I laughed too. Then I laid in bed last night thinking of holidays and traditions of past Christmases. And I decided that dorky is exactly how I want to be remembered, so I got up early this morning and made everyone a place card attached to a candy cane.
And switched everyone normal seating at the table. If anything it made conversations of “I like your chair better”, “Wow, you can see out the window while you eat.” I think I do it every year from now on…..

Ransom got his share of gifts. Here he is in his Christmas outfit.
I live 1200 miles away from relatives, but our Christmas was special just the four of us.
And I never felt closer to distant relatives—they’ve called and emailed us throughout the holidays. Holidays are what you make them. Stressful, sad, peaceful, fun, memorable….. you don’t always control the cards your dealt, but how you play them … makes the difference…..

I hope everyone’s Christmas lasts longer than just today……

Monday, December 24, 2007

Here’s hoping your Christmas is truly special and all your wishes come true. From our own Covered Porch with the Wooden Screen Door…..
Merry Christmas...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Documenting the first of my four day holiday--- It was wonderful. I received a gift from a friend on Friday.
I think she knows me pretty well.
I have just about memorized the New Zealand quilt magazine already. I have this thing about old keys. She gave me a rubber stamp of an old key along with paper stamping ink and Santa Claus Kleenex’s.
I feel like my Christmas has been pretty special.
Today—what did I do? Absolutely nothing….Chelsey and I played with the new stamps and ink in our PJs till after 9am. I picked up the house a little and Don and I went Grocery shopping and a little furniture shopping. Just stocking up groceries as we are scheduled for a snow storm after midnight. Chelsey had to work today, but we didn’t want her driving, not knowing when the storm would hit. So we picked her up after her shift and took a nap. Naps are great. After we got up, Don the kids and I did experimental cooking. Practicing for Christmas, we made a test round of Stuffed shrimp, tons of laughing and picture taking.

I better close. It’s 37 degrees outside and I have a pot of coffee going. Ransom and Don and I are about to have coffee and sit outside on the Covered Porch.
It’s dark now and the tree on the Porch is just beautiful. As we drive up at night we can see it through the woods. Don has it set up on a timer and it welcomes us home when it gets dark so early. The temps will be dropping soon, but we’re all snug at home.

Friday, December 21, 2007

It’s Friday – and I hit another deer on the way to work. This one tore the bumper apart and ruined the fog lights. That’s why you have insurance. I’m trying not to dwell on the fact of how much quilt fabric could have been purchased with the deductible. I’m a deer magnet, what can I say….

Quilting gifts that went out the door yesterday. Here’s the first, a journal and book.
I also threw in an extra sewing machine foot that I had for free motion quilting. Lord knows, I’m not a pro with it, maybe she could put it to good use.

The 2nd gift was a gift bag filled with ribbon spools and pecans for a girl at work. When things go bad at work, she’s been there to talk to.
But she’s understanding and a great sounding board. It wouldn’t be Christmas without remembering her.

Chelsey got Saturday school which 5 hours on a Saturday in a classroom for studying. That’s a lot better than a suspension. I hope she’s learned a big lesson from all of this.

Game plan for the weekend—my office party tonight. It should be fun. Then four days off of work. I plan on sleeping late, watching old movies, baking goodies, and listening to tons of Christmas music. We got a snow storm forecasted for Saturday night/ Sunday--- bring it on---I’ll have everyone tucked in at home.

Lots of tension at home. I don’t know if it’s holiday pressure, the weather, Illnesses going around or what. I’m hoping the next few days allows everyone to slow down and have some “by them-self time” and some family time too. I think it will fix everyone’s feelings…I’ve never considered us a really “sensitive” family, but we all seem to be wearing our feelings on our shoulders.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Favorite bird…. Without a doubt is the chickadee. We have scores of them up here and somehow they survive the chilling temperatures. I’ve heard stories of people training them to eat out of their hands. I’ve never gotten there, but I can watch them from the feeders for minutes on end. I have a wallpaper border with chickadees; I even have Christmas dishes with chickadees on them. My friend is just as crazy about them. I was wandering through the grocery store and stumbled onto note cards with the tiny bird on them. I dropped the cards in my buggy and they became a “Friendship” gift to a friend. I scanned in the page before giving the box away. Now I’ve been playing with the idea of a postcard. Here’s the ‘work in progress”.
I’m thinking about ¼ inch buttons for the eye, but it will have to wait as we have no fabric store in town and Wal-mart doesn’t specialize. I haven’t done any stitching on the prototype yet, but I’m kicking around using that invisible thread and a tiny zigzag stitch. These postcards along with the others were going to be Christmas cards… now becoming New Year’s cards.

But If I get under time constraints—they’ll be “Just because” cards. Life just happens that way…

The quilting portion of this post is done. Anyone not interested in a testimony on life can click on. As a parent I find every day the task only gets harder. I have a 17 and a 19 year old. In my opinion they are good kids. Not perfect--- you may have perfect kids--- but they are good kids. But I’m the one that seems to be continuing learning lessons on life. I got a call from Chelsey’s teacher yesterday—she cut a class. You’re probably grinning right now--- remembering the time you did the exact same thing. Hey – I did it. But she wrote a note saying she had a doctor’s appointment and signed my name. She had called me early in the morning…”Mom, I cut 5th hour. I’m sorry I’ll never do it again, but I took care of everything ok?” I busted her chops and said, we’d talk about it when I got home from work. It never occurred to me how she took care of it. Now the teacher is calling—she cut the class on test day, (a class that she has an “A” in by the way) and lied to cover herself. I didn’t cover for her. The hardest thing I’ve done in a while. She has to learn there are consequences—we find out today if she gets suspended or not--. Her Dad has put healthy penalties on her at home. She’s just so busy, she’s not thinking of consequences or the depth of the wrongs she’s done. And I want to make this all go away with a band-aid and a hug but she’s almost an adult and you can’t. In life, you have “integrity” calls—she’s got to realize that. (Am I trying to convince you or me)?

She’s a B student, she has an after school job, active in school, There’s no drugs involved--- I need to count my blessings. One day, when’s she’s thundering away in a courtroom, or Speaking Nightly news on television, or maybe lecturing in front of a classroom, we’ll laugh and remember when… But from a Mom’s point of view this has been the toughest one in a while. It’s incredibly hard letting your kid fail—it would have been much easier to cover for her…

Why am I writing this down? One day God will give her three daughters and she will look back and remember this, but from the other side of the fence…. Or maybe one day I won't be around to cover for her and she has to learn to think things through on her own...

Monday, December 17, 2007

As cold as it was Sunday morning, my heart was warm because left in the mail box Saturday evening was this angel from a quilter.
The gift included bake potato bags handmade by her also. I smile every time I glance at this Angel resting on my fireplace mantle.

I wrapped up my Christmas sewing over the weekend. Pictures will come soon. Eric is home…. Down with the flu. These college students stress so much during finals, their defenses lower and they come down with something. I was always the same way. I don’t think I ever took a final without a cold. I ran 102 degree fever the day before I got married. I just don’t do “stress”. Neither does Eric. At least he’s home. The doctor’s appointment is at 2:45 today.

Don’s off of work for the next eleven days. Vacation time he has to use up. Soooo, I have a wife at home this week…. Every woman needs a wife.

Primitive Gatherings displayed a picture of the finished quilt, A Primitive Garden… pretty spectacular I think.
I’m glad when I started this block of the month, I never saw the completed project… I don’t believe I would have been brave enough to attempt it. Now, every time I look at it I think--- Wow, I’m going to have a quilt just like this one.

The weather has been cold, but the winds have been calm, so Ransom and I got in our walks over the weekend.

I haven’t had much time for journal reading, but I do hope we all can slow down now, as it is one week until Christmas and appreciate the holiday.

My Sunday School Kids were Wonderful in their program--- ‘O Christmas Tree’ was never sang so well.
Sunday Lunch with my Kids and their dates--- I love a full table.
Packers were on top this weekend----

Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Morning---My Christmas Shopping got started and finished this weekend. We went to Green Bay Saturday, and anything we couldn’t get we ordered online Saturday night. Presents heading to Louisiana will go out tomorrow. The Bear Family Quilt went to its new home. It was the first project to quilt on my new Grace frame. Here’s a snapshot.
While it wasn’t perfect, it felt great to send the quilt on its way. And I have no doubt, it will be loved.

Here is the latest completed block of the Primitive Garden. It still has the extra edging strips for "hoop room".
I was determined not to like this one. Just looking at the pattern it didn’t “jump“ out at me. I even skipped it a couple of months to work on other blocks. But after completing it, it’s one of my favorites. Over the process, I can tell my appliqué skills have improved, along with embroidery skills. Practice is everything I guess.

I made a big pot of soup yesterday, watched football after church, and did a little more decorating. Eric will be home Wednesday, so I want everything organized.

We’ve got two Christmas parties this week. Next weekend My Sunday school Class has their Christmas program. I’ll have 12 4 year olds singing in harmony 'O Christmas Tree'. I ironed their costumes while the Packers won their game yesterday.

Chelsey goes through phases of not hanging around home. I guess she's over it, because we met “the new guy” this weekend, and he even watched football with Don while Chelsey worked on homework. Nice kid.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Just like my kitchen snowman--- I love this time of the year.

Tuesday I received gifts from Nicolette. She made a gift for a family friend that has beaten the battle, hopefully, of breast cancer. She also included presents for me. Aren’t quilters the best?!?! I received these ornaments… Chelsey wants the heart for her car….I don’t know if I’m sharing. I also got four fat quarters for My Journey quilt basket that is on the list to be completed after the Primitive Garden. She also included Chocolate candy that my family devoured before I could get a snapshot….They all swore she was their best friend….

The Christmas quilts are out, but with me being out of town, I kind of feel like Christmas is catching up to me. We have a Christmas party to attend tonight, and a trip to Green Bay tomorrow. I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that my shopping must be completed this weekend, either on our trip or on-line to allow for shipping. Today, I’ll make the lists and get the game plan down. Sunday, I’ll finish decorating except for the Christmas tree, which we’re waiting for Eric to come home.

I did pick up a new ornament when I was in Louisiana. It’s a sleigh trimmed with pinecone pieces. I’ve found it’s true with most quilters, every ornament means something. You just can’t go to the clearance rack and “stock up”. Sure, you can go to the clearance rack, but the ornament a Quilter picks most of the time tugs at their heart.

Warmer temps--- it’s been –6
Eric’s coming home on Wednesday

Thursday, December 06, 2007

There’s no place like home--- even with twelve inches of snow on the ground. I made it home missing two separate snowstorms. I got to Louisiana about 9:00 pm last Wednesday. By the time we got my luggage it was ten o’clock when we made it to the doorstep of my folks home. There was gumbo waiting on the stove. With strict orders from my Mom not to eat ‘airport’ food, I settled in to being spoiled by my Mom--- when the entire intent of the trip was to look after them. I felt pretty guilty Saturday shopping comfortably in 80-degree weather while Don and the kids were battling blizzards. My folks are doing great. We decorated my Mom’s tree and got most of her shopping done. We baked together and read cookbooks cover to cover. She’s a neat lady. Dad and I watch football every time we could find a game on. I was ready to come home, but I’d like to visit them again in about 3 weeks. I’ll see them in May when they come up for Chelsey’s graduation. There’s always way too much time between visits.

My Mom took me to a great quilt shop, Priscilla’s Quilts. We pinched on everything in the shop. I had always wanted an Australian quilt magazine. So, that along with four fat quarters that were calling my name came home with me. There were several magazines to pick from. I chose this one because of the quilt of the front that said, “Do one thing each day that makes you happy.” Definitely got to incorporate that into a quilt.

Quilting—I had some really long layovers coming and going on the trip so I packed up the Primitive garden blocks and took a chance. I brought fingernail clippers to cut threads. I walked up to the check-in desk and was totally honest- “Guys, I’m a Quilter and I’ve got long layovers, May I bring a needle on the plane to quilt with?” They asked, “Knitting Needles?” My response, “No, an inch long sewing needle.” They smiled and said, “sure, no problem.” Well… I appliquéd up a storm, completed one block and halfway completing another. I didn’t have time to cut out tiny flower petals, but I got every piece I brought appliquéd into place. I’ll have pictures real soon.

I’ve spent the last few days, unpacking and catching up at work. Everyone has been great. If everything was perfect while I was gone--- they wouldn’t need me, so there were a few bumps, but nothing we couldn’t handle. Ransom survived, sleeping on the floor by my bed the night I got home. Don and Chelsey did great.

Safety while traveling
Having people miss me—it’s a great feeling
Snow—the Christmas season has come to the U.P.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Morning---Back to work, but I wanted to catch up from the holiday. I had a great time with four days off. Thanksgiving was fun. Enjoyed food and family. It fun seeing your kids grow up. Chelsey manages to juggle school, work, and a social life better than anyone I’ve seen. She’s toting A’s as far as grades go. Don and I sit back in amazement--- why couldn’t she do this last year? I guess everyone has to find the path. She babysat Saturday night. She was rocking one of the kids and the chair backed into a shelf. A birdhouse fell and she covered the kid, but now she’s got a heck of a black eye.

“Eric—how does it look?”
“Chels, you won’t even be able to tell after you get make up on…”
“Eric--- I have make-up on.”

Friday – Ransom and I threw out the pumpkins, gourds, and fall leaves. Deer food for the forest. I swapped out quilts, tucking away the pumpkin ones and bringing out others. Eric walks in the house—“Mom, your having fun.” Usually, after I make a quilt, I’m sick of it. But if I put it away for a while, take a break, I find a friendship with it after all. And when you bring out old quilts it truly is like finding old friends all over again. Eric will sit and let me go on and on about the squares, the fabric, what I’m going to do with the quilt----Man, I like that kid. Even if he’s not interested, he does a great job at faking it. He’ll be home for a month in two weeks.

I machine quilted the Bear Family quilt Saturday Night. It was almost a “family" project getting it loaded. I understand why quilters say they load a quilt one day and quilt it the next. I didn’t have any backing to coordinate, so I had to go to Wal-Mart--- my only local choice. The fabric wasn’t square and didn’t pull right. I hope I haven’t made a bad mistake. I’m washing it with Baby soap before I give it away just in case.

And I’ve almost quilted another block on the Primitive Garden. Here’s a “wrinkled” snapshot. I’m getting better--- the legs are even part of the single piece of the crow. I never quit trying.

I’m headed to Louisiana to visit my folks on Wednesday for four days. I’ll get a lot of one on one with my mom and we’ll decorate her tree. It’ll be fun. If we don’t chat again, take care.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I’m not even a “purple” person, but I’ve been holding onto these fabrics for a week. Contemplating a couple of Christmas gifts, I think I’m going to put these to good use this weekend.

Eric made it home safely. Due to an “issue” with his laundry card, he brought home a ton of dirty laundry to share. I just laughed. The turkey’s thawing. The menu’s planned. We’re not having out of town family. It’ll just be the four of us. But don’t feel bad for us. We have great holidays with just the four of us. Everyone helps cook the meal. Board games are played. Snacks and cheese and sausage trays are a definite. We’re not worried about protocol and the clothes we’re wearing. It’s fun. I have great thanksgiving memories with just the four of us.

The faces have been embroidered on the bears. I was nervous about doing it---not wanting to mess up the quilt, but I’m pleased. I even got the buttons on the night gowns.
I did some mending and played with the Primitive Garden blocks a little last night waiting on Eric.

It’s been overcast all week, snow showers that melt by daylight every day. We’ll have snow soon enough.

I guess it’s only fitting to pause and count our blessings this time of year. I’m grateful for—
My faith
My family
My job
My quilting--- It has opened doors in finding friends. Quilting has given me something constructive to do with ‘free time’. It has allowed me give and share with others…an incredibly good feeling. On the other side, Quilters have shared so many wonderful things with me. Quilting has given me an appreciation for quilters both past and present and their talents in creating beauty from squares of cloth.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 19, 2007

An outstanding weekend – I left work at 2:00 pm on Friday and knocked out most of the housework for the weekend. Childless, Don and I grilled steaks and caught up from the week. I walked into my sewing room late Friday night, going to start organizing and moving fabric into my cabinet. I looked on the counter and the Teddy bear quilt was all over the counter. I can’t stand wasting, and leaving “unfinished business”. I studied it a second and took the seam ripper to it. Starting back at ground zero, I went to work on it. Remember here is the pattern.
I explained in an earlier post how the family that was to receive this quilt had four kids.
I remember as a kid, if there wasn’t an even number of everything my brother and I fought about it. All the way down to characters on a cereal box… I didn’t want anyone left out so ---enter stage left--- the Polar Bear. Well, Tracey left a comment about how she could incorporate the quilt into her crew of kids---All I kept thinking was, “ Come on Tracey… you are from Australia, you HAVE to have a Koala Bear!!!”
I couldn’t get it out of my head, so I ditched the calico bear studied pictures of Koala bears and so, this is what is what my Bear Family Quilt looks like. I still have to embroider the mouths on the faces and the toes on the bear paw.
I’m pretty pleased. I’ll, hopefully, get it stretched and quilted in the next week. I’m thinking I’ll outline quilt the bears and then a soft meander on the patchwork. Hey, this was a stash buster. I pulled pieces from my stash. The only thing I purchased was the fleece for the Koala bear. The pattern talked about using textured fabrics and how kids would love it. I have cotton, fleece and wool pieces. I kicked around fake fur, but I worried it wouldn't wash well, and I'm counting on this piece getting lots of love and needing tons of washings....

Saturday afternoon Don and I made a pot of coffee and listening to the High school semi final ball game. Not being able to just “sit and listen”, I traced, cut and even ironed down the pieces on that Primitive garden block and I’m ready to plow into it on nights when I too tired to do anything else. Our kids lost, but put up a heck of a fight down to the fourth quarter.

Packers won, and Don and I started the ‘Winter Workout’ routine. I think it’s going to be a good week….

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nothing like pumping $3.26/gallon gasoline at 5:45 am in 28 degree weather to get you good and woken up early in the morning--- Yuck!! But that’s what I’ll be doing in about 10 minutes.

It should be quiet today with deer hunting/firearm season in full swing. It sleeted some yesterday evening but Ransom and I got our last run in for two weeks until the season closes.

Here is the next Primitive garden block.
They call it the sap bucket. If I counted correctly it’s 42 pieces of appliqué. Lots better that the 102 of the watering can. I love the colors.

Chelsey’s heading downstate to the semi-final high school football game. This one is an overnighter, so Don and I have a weekend to ourselves again. He’s on call, but still I should get lots done.

My new icemaker—the other one died…
Lavender & vanilla fabric softener

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Check if off ---- another Primitive Garden Block completed. I was ready for “burnout” to kick in, but before this block was ironed or squared up, and I went down in my sewing basket deciding which block to start on next. Tomorrow I’ll have a photo of it. I do think every block should be as easy as this one. The next block has 42 pieces—if I counted correctly.

The weather for the past 3 days has been in the Mid 50’s every day. Winters are so long we’ll take every day of this we can get. The 15th is opening day of shotgun deer season. That means Ransom and I have to tuck away for two weeks. It’s not safe to be in the woods. I almost hit a Buck on the way to work yesterday, so there should be a bumper crop.

Friday night Don and I went to see American Gangster. We stopped for ‘Takeout’ on the way home and as we headed up our road, there was a huge Black Bear strolling down the middle of the road. He moved over to let us by—Wish I had my camera… it was a sight.

I won’t be quilting again until Thursday. I’ve got work on my Sunday Class tonight to do and Church tomorrow night. I’ve got to get our turkey for Thanksgiving this week. Don laughs at Chelsey. No one is really crazy about turkey, so I suggested Chicken or Ham. But Chelsey declared that we WOULD have turkey… doesn’t matter if we like it or not. It’s what you do on Thanksgiving…” Don laughed. “Mel, she’s just like you….”

I’m OK with that…

Emailing Friends
Talking with Eric
Apples for snack

Friday, November 09, 2007

If I can make it through the day I’m looking at the weekend… at last. Wednesday I drove 9 hours (4.5 each way) to pick up Chelsey from her leadership conference. Pretty proud of myself. I’ve never driven that far or that long. Yeah, I know, I’ve led a sheltered life. Chelsey and I laughed and relived her week all the way home. I knew I was pretty far north when I started picking up Canadian radio stations…When then said the High temp for tomorrow was between 2 and 3 and the low was –1…I stopped and thought---I didn’t know it was supposed to get that cold, and then it clicked…Celsius… yeah, I know… more of that really sheltered life thing….

I was beat last night. I would have done some handwork, but didn’t have anything ready to go. So that’s what I did. I knew I had no business being behind my sewing machine, so I traced, cut out, and ironed my next BOM piece. I even stabilized the background with interfacing and sewed on the muslin strips for extra room. So next time “I’m tired”, I’ll have entertainment.

This isn’t a gift to me--- this is a 9-1-1 gift that I felt a mandatory obligation to ship out earlier this week. I sent this to a friend who has never read one of Jennifer Chiaverini’s books. She said she’s not even much of a reader. But I guess I’m no different than a drug pusher… because I intend on getting her hooked. She’s crazy about quilting and loves fabric more than I (if that’s possible). She’s going love the books, I just know it…

On Wednesday when I was headed to get Chelsey---she started panicking that I wouldn’t get there on time. Don was supposed to pick her up, but work was too demanding. So, I left and hour earlier that I felt I needed to “just to make sure”. Of course, I got there, an Hour too soon. I called Don to let him know I made it (cell phones are wonderful), He says, “You’ve got time to go to a quilt shop--- did you get one picked out?” I had been so wired about the distance—I hadn’t even thought about fun. “No, I didn’t have time…” so Don comes to the rescue… “ I’ll Google it…” So from his desk, he finds me a shop and tells me how to get there… What a guy. I’m going to remember this… At least for the next 3 or 4 times he aggravates me---he gets a get out of jail free pass--- you can’t be mad at a guy who would do that for you….

I went to the Quilted Moose, It was a small shop, but the lady was incredibly friendly. And I even stumbled across a Joann’s Fabric store too. Here are my souvenirs from the trip.

Is it fate--- just maybe….After a tough day at work yesterday, I headed to the grocery store. With the time change, it’s getting dark really early and I wanted to get home to run Ransom. Of course… I had to practically park in the next county--- everyone needed groceries the same time I did. But because of that, I had to walk right by our local bookstore and I got the last copy of this….

I could have got it cheaper on-line, I know, but somehow it made the long lines at the grocery store a little easier. It was destiny. I was meant to have this book.

I think I’m looking toward a great weekend…a road trip, some quilting and a good book….

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

It’s a good morning. We’re having a frightful windstorm, but it could be worse. They were forecasting 6-8 inches of heavy snow. So in the grand scheme of things, I think we lucked out. When I got home from work yesterday, Ransom and I made a dash around the yards and threw out the remaining geraniums, pulled up the garden spikes and brought my scarecrow in. We held onto summer as long as possible. We’re now officially tucked in for winter.

I've made a friend. She doesn't have a web journal, but contacted me through mine. We've been swapping quilting stories and photos back and forth. Last Wednesday Don brought this package of goodies in from the mail box. It was wrapped in brown paper with fabric leaves ironed on it. I wish I had taken a photo of the box. I was just so excited, I was like a little kid and forgot to. There was a bag of buttons-- I have a thing for tree buttons, three fat quarters. Note paper, a small journal, a quilt pattern and this darling scarecrow that is on my television right now. For all the good, bad, and ugly on the internet, I'd never have met her without it.

These postcards are going in the mail today. I take no credit for originality. There are so many cute designs out there on everyone's journals. I'm sure I was inspired by others. You see a darling design, you just want to build on it.With a postcard, you just want to share it with someone else. I
think I started out with nine. I worked on them last week on an old machine. I was tired before I started. There was poor lighting where I worked. I brought them upstairs and looked at them--- a total mess. The margins were incredibly off; the zigzag stitch was skipping points… I literally chunked them in the trash and went to bed. I have so little time to sew--- the projects could at least cooperate and turn out decently!!! After a good night’s rest, my old faithful seam ripper and I regrouped. I lost a couple. I added binding to one that’s already been mailed, but I’m satisfied with the results.

I’m marching onto another Primitive garden block.
This one is 6 ½” by 8”. I hoping it’s pretty easy. I love the seed packet.

I’m working four hours tomorrow and heading to Sault Ste. Marie to pick up Chelsey. It’s over four hours of driving time but I have my new Eagles CD to keep me company.

Don joked with me last night about wanting a free weekend. I told him we had one last weekend. He laughed and said, “No Mel, I ‘quilted’ all weekend. I picked up sewing machines. I put together quilting frames. I stretched quilts for quilting. I don’t think I had a free weekend.”

My response…”Didn’t you have Fun!!!!”

Monday, November 05, 2007

Last Friday was a holiday--- 29 years since the first date with my husband…..And it landed on a Friday night just like the first time. I have had a few “first dates”, but can’t remember the details…but I remember every single detail with him….I guess that’s how you know if he’s “the one”.

We went to pick up my sewing machine that went in the shop for 4 months….it’s like the return of a long lost son. And it purrs like a kitten. Don also bought me this Grace frame.
I’m totally enchanted with it. We talked about it, and it’s a first step into the world of long arm quilting without the huge expense. I can practice, have fun, get my kids through college etc. The biggest struggle I had with machine quilting is the tucks in the back from the quilt not being stretched well enough. Problem solved. I’m basically a weekend quilter, Maybe 2 or 3 big projects a year, so I’m excited about the new toy. And you should see the feathers I’m whipping out on my practice quilt. Eric called this weekend and gave me sass…”Gee mom, I don’t think Aunt Bee had one of those…. I think I maybe could even quilt with that thing….”

Don put the contraption together; I studied the book. I just kind of looked at it for about 24 hours. And Don asked “You don’t like it???” I loved it. I was just scared to death of it. And that’s the way it always is….. even good changes and new things are tough for me. But thanks to his nudging… I’ve been meandering and playing with pantograms all afternoon…after the Packer game, of course.

I still have to press my Primitive Garden block,
but here’s the latest completion. I have 3 blocks to go. The little purple flowers had tiny petals on them. It was just way too tedious for me. I want to relax and enjoy this so I made the executive decision to turn them into primitive "circle flowers" and I think they look just fine. I received the first border in the mail last week. It’s appliqué also. I’m thinking about making it just solid and omitting it. There’s patchwork throughout the center that will connect the blocks, so I don’t think it will even look like “it’s missing something”. But the jury is still out on that decision….

Chelsey is downstate teaching a Leadership workshop. So we’ve been without kids for 3 days with 3 to go…Even Don says…. This is kinda nice….