Friday, July 23, 2010

Verity’s Quilt

I’ve always wondered what it would be like. Never had the chance. It was announced on Sunday that there would be an after-church luncheon in honor of our church secretary’s first grandbaby. Quilting is almost always a plotted process for me. I knew I wanted to make a baby quilt. I went home--- ten minutes later I had the pattern, A Moda Bake Shop Ruffle Quilt. Fabric was the next item on the list. I had won ten jelly roll strips a while ago.
I kept seeing pink and brown, but the fabric cabinet kept saying something else. I threw in 4 fat quarters from Faded Memories line and we had enough for a top. The backing--- leftovers from a quilt from Chelsey. In a couple of hours I had the top made.

I don’t have a serger, so I pulled this out.
A ruffler…. It sat on the kitchen counter all of Sunday night. I asked Don—“You remember this..” He laughed--- how could he forget. The last time it was used was 22 years ago when I made curtains for Eric’s baby’s room. It was memorable…because I cried the entire time. It was not a fun process. The premise of the ruffler was great--- but actually using it was horrible for me. Don even tried to help to stop the tears. Yep—my guy was sewing… or at least trying to.

But 22 years later, I’m older, more mature, a better seamstress—and definitely not pregnant. It would be a no brainer, or so I thought.

The next morning I hemmed strips for ruffles. They were pieced and peachy—four similar fat quarters, but I really liked the look. I attached the ruffler and went to town….for about twelve inches. Floods of bad memories came pouring back all at once.

The only difference is that I’m older and wiser now--- and I didn’t cry. I just laughed. I disassembled the ruffler, put back on the sewing foot--- and sewed. I just started pushing and pleating the fabric as it went under the needle. They are a little wonky, but I think it made a great look.

I machine quilted the piece, and then attached the ruffles—finished.
A minor hiccup came when the quilting thread kept breaking. I went to town and purchase a new thread I have never used before. I loved it—no lint and the strength I needed.

The last baby quilt I made I spent about $50.00 in fabric. It took two weeks to piece. The pattern came from a quilt book that I paid $24.00 for. I still love the book, so I guess it doesn’t count.

The point is that quilting doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and maybe it’s a lot more fun when you don’t try so hard. I studied fabric choices for two weeks on the other quilt. The conquest of having the fabric already and fate taking over that the fabrics had been predestined for this quilt kind of appeals to me.

On the summer side of things….my blueberry bushes that weren’t suppose to produce blueberries for two years yielded enough blueberries for Blueberry pancakes for two last weekend. In my book it was a great harvest.

We’ve been tubing down lazy rivers this summer. The ratio of weeds to garden plants is low as the pups and I spent tons of time out there. The windows are open as the temps have stayed in the low 80’s.

I took some vacation time off of work. But seven days into it I was laid off indefinitely from my job. It happened last year, but this year it’s not the travesty it once seemed. Things happen for reasons we don’t know. Last year it was for two weeks, this year it could be permanent. I refuse to dwell on things I can’t help. No sympathies please---if I’m not sorry, you shouldn’t be either. Chin up…

Our church has a coffeehouse that is opened on weekends. We’re the hosts tonight. I’m bringing hand sewing just in case it’s quiet.


Watermelon---no seeds
A brand new spool thread.

Friday, July 09, 2010

A Summer Day in July

I completed my last two quilt tops and they have been binded and put out for use. The Harvest Home Quilt made fro the confeffti cake pattern with my own border. I pieced this quilt while I was going through a tough time so everytime I look at the finish product it makes me know I'm tougher than I think.....
My Baskets of Life Quilt was finished this afternoon. It was quilted with a meandering stitch all over even in the stitchery blocks.

Summer is in full swing.  The herbs are beautiful.  I guess we have just the right mix of sun and rain.  They seem to be thriving this year.

Here's a snapshot of the first pumpkin in the pumpkin patch....I guess every thing starts out small.

We've had a couple of 'hiccups' at our house.  But I realize they are just hiccups and when I look at the "big" picture I know all things happen for a reason.  Even though we may not know what it is right now, I do know that they'll work out for good.

I use to think we had issues or problems.. but now I kinda think we just have " Life".  Just like every one else.

Keep Quilting.....

Friday, July 02, 2010

Three Down One to Go.....

On June 1st, I had 4 full size quilts pieced but not quilted…as of July 2nd, I’m down to one….. I’ve been pretty focused. Two and ¾ are binded and ready for use. The last quilt will hopefully go on the frame tonight. I have a three day weekend and then it will mean I’m back to work.

One of the quilts that I quilted I did some line quilting that I was coached on by Linda. The lines are not evenly spaced, nor are they straight and parallel with one another.
It was fun to quilt together though I did go through two spools of thread. I did some loops around the flowers in the corner.
I still pretty much meander most quilts but it was fun to try something a little different.

A friend sent me fabric for my journalist daughter. Newspaper pieces splashed around will make a cute desk topper or journal cover for Chelsey. The Christmas pattern came with it. I just love holly and berries so I had a wonderful day at the mailbox. Thanks Again....


My pups for company

Lunch with friends twice this week

Sparklers – My favorite fireworks….