Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Robin eggs have hatched and the nest is almost overflowing with baby robins.
I haven’t bought hanging baskets for the front porch because I don’t want to disturb them or frighten the momma bird from carrying for them.

Both of my kids are home for the summer, each having summer jobs.
Eric turned 21 last week, so we celebrated. It was an adjustment, but we’ve kind of settled into a routine. It’s still hard to let go… but I’m doing a fair job of loosening the “apron strings” so to speak.

My garden is planted. The porch is filled with Geraniums on the steps. I even have an Official pumpkin patch this year since we cut trees down last fall. The planting followed two and a half days of a slow rain, so the seeds should be cooking in the soil.

On the sewing front, I’ve been stitching away on my BOM projects. I’ve also got 15 blocks of a 25-block quilt almost together. Maybe pictures by the end of the week.

Summer is in full swing I guess. We’ve even thrown in some bike rides. I haven’t posted as much, but I’m trying to hold onto every moment of the season.

Rainy days to slow down
Chelsey making me laugh

Thursday, May 07, 2009

My First Pin Cushion.....

I opened my mailbox yesterday to surprises from a quilter. Mary sent me a continued reminder of how wonderful quilters are. Included in the package was a tagged Skeleton Key.
I’m still trying to decide which I love more --- the key or the tag. She created a pin cushion for me. The first one I’ve ever had… My Mother had a sugar bowl that she kept her pins in. Truthfully, I think I kept my pins in a Tubberware dish until a neighbor about 23 years ago told me about the magnetic keepers. I purchased one…but honestly there just isn’t much “soul” in a cushion like that. It’s completely functional, but this pin cushion I now have will last me the next 25 years. There is even are brass heart medallion stitched to one corner.

The “Pray” block is going to have a home close to me. On the job front, I’m in inventory control. I’m paid to be a control freak---It’s what makes me good at my job. But in life issues, many times I can’t be in the driver’s seat. Things are just out of my hands. Mary and I have chatted about that. This block will keep reminding that sometimes you have to sit in the back seat and let someone else 'Greater' drive….

Thanks again Mary…..

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Bird's Nest

I’m still here. I’ve been enjoying the change of season. Winters are pretty tough up here, My few perennials seem to have survived and are peeking up from the ground.
I may even purchase flower baskets for the porch this coming weekend.

I made Mother’s day gifts for my Mother and Mother-in-law this year. I stenciled each a Garden sign. I guess I’m the last person in the world to learn how to do this, but I just love my first attempt. I quilted each a make up bag from the Moda’s free line of patterns. Then I got my Mom the new Debbie Macomber she loves and My MIL the movie the Women. I totally recommend the movie – it kind of restores your faith in female friendships.

I was cutting back some shrubbery last night when I looked on the porch. Here’s a photo of the wreath I received for my Birthday. Well, look at it now. People pay good money to have a bird’s nest planted there and nature took care if it for me for free. Don peeked in for a photo opt and looks like we are going to have three babies.

I had been seeing a couple of Robins around acting like they owned the yard, but I didn’t see any nests in the trees close by— Now I know why.

Work is the best it has been in a while--- I guess it’s all in attitude…..

My daughter home for the summer
My son plowing through finals—one every day this week
My faith – holding onto it tightly