Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I played in the garden and flowers beds yesterday. My gourd plants are big enough to start running on the fences, so I was tying them up. Don always laughs and tells me we would starve in the winter if we counted on my garden for food…. It’s still so much fun.

We ran Ransom and came home to Chelsey a little upset. Eric’s girlfriend was giving her stress. The heck of the thing is that she probably doesn’t even realize she’s ‘pushing Chelsey’s buttons’. It is just the strife of being the little sister. We listened to Chelsey vent, and then I went inside and call my sister- in –law. I’ve been married to Don 22 years, dated him 5 years before that. While I can’t pinpoint examples, I’m quite certain I dealt Don’s little sister grief. I apologized for the ‘probable’ sins of 25 years ago. We laughed and remembered. It’s nice to have her as a best friend.

I did three more thread colors on my appliqué project. Chelsey ‘scrapbooked’ in the scrapbook/sewing room with me while I sewed. She has been so busy; it was good to catch up with her.

They’ve changed work hours because of the heat, so I’m getting home a little sooner than usual, so that’s a treat.

I wanted to include a picture. The first is our dusk to dawn light in the front yard during the day. I decorate with petunias in the summer, mums in the fall, and bows and holly for Christmas. Here’s the same light at night There are no streetlights where we live so we have it there for safety. It’s always comforting to drive home at night and see the light waiting for you or looking out the window at night and see the light keeping watch….

Until tomorrow – live up today

1. My sister-in-law
2. Bug spray
3. Quilting time with Chelsey


Bonnie said...

Yes, a light in the yard is great comfort - and yours is so beautiful with the flowers.

Quilting time with friend or family is always special.

Shelina said...

That is a beautiful light and your flowers make it (and therefore your home) look so inviting.

Tazzie said...

Your garden and the light look just so beautiful, and I love the trees you can see beyond your garden, just lovely! You are such a good mum, I admire you for knowing just the right thing to do in that situation for Chelsey. Sometimes I just wish there was a handbook ...

Laurie said...

Love your light! The flowers are gorgeous!!! What a neat SIL you are to call and apologize to your dh's's great you get along so well!

ForestJane said...

Your lantern and flowers are so pretty! Are you really having to water them often in this heat?

Finn said...

Hi Mel, always good to see you...*VBS* The label for MIL's quilt looks awesome. It's probably my least favorite thing to do concerning quilt!

For me, the picture of your flowers and light, are a great shot and post. In your wooded area with no street lights, it is its own little lighthouse beacon..shining in the night. I am also comforted by that idea of a light in the darkness.
And that ond saying, "better to light one candle, than to curse the darkness". I think us humans have responded to "light" since our cave days..*VBS*
So happy to hear you are getting's nice to have when you need it! And you definitely deserve it!!!! Hugs, Finn

Mama Koch said...

2. Bug spray

Soo important this time of year.

Mary said...

Pretty flowers.

My mom and I were just talking last night about different in-laws in the family and how some fit better than others. One of my biggest worries with my boys is how the women they'll choose will *fit* with our family dynamics. So far we're lucky, we all like Chris' fiance.

Laurie Ann said...

The problem with a veggie garden is that I am so busy weeding and watering that I run out of time to make things with the veggies!! :)

Mama Koch said...

I forgot to ask what kind of gourd plants you have? We only have the wild ones that stink to high heaven.
I think my guys would put me in the "home" if I planted a decorative gourd, but I love the way they look.

Fiona said...

Oh I love that lamp post. And while I've been away you've managed to finish your MILs gift and make progress on your Americana Applique! Isn't that just the thing - to you it seems slow but to me, having been away for a while, you have accomplished a lot.