Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Weekend at Our House.....

I came home from work on Friday with my Magazine and a gift from my son. Like I've said before--- birthdays just last longer in our house, "Mom, it was backordered..."

A cup of coffee and a porch swing and I killed two hours.  Now the magazine has ruffled corners because I literally carry it wherever I go,  Great issue---get it.

I went to Green Bay and Appleton on Saturday.  Stopped in at Primitive Gatherings.  They are remodelling-- but it's really going to be nice.  The staff was nice and helpful---kind of rolling with the construction. I can't believe I just walked out of there with a spool of thread and 2 balls of perle cotton.

At a shop I found a snow hat on clearance---While I won't appreciate now, I'll tuck it away for snow days ahead.

I found a pair of shoes-- I'm showing them because they look like lace fabric... I can't wait to wear them.

We have warm days-- and then snow flurries--The weather is real hard on Ransom, my pup.  Who am I kidding-- this time of year the weather is hard on everyone!! My Hostas, Tulips, and Lily of the Valley are poking up... I just have to hang on....

I'm not much of a Pottery Barn girl---well, I am, but the pocket book is not.  Satuday I went in to wish and found a seventy dollar basket clearance for 27.00. 

It will be perfect for the buggy this summer.  It's about 30 inches tall and 28 inches wide.  And a bargin...

Eric's quilt is on the frame... I just might get it done before he graduates May 4th. Speaking of which, I have extra minutes this morning, I need to go quilt.....

Monday, April 09, 2012

Not the Blues-- But the Grays---

Hopefuly tonight Eric's Quilt will be in all in one piece where I can decide on backing fabric...Kind of different--- I even like it....

College kids came in by storm.  They left the same same way...My dishwasher got a major work out.  It really felt like a holiday.
It's April-- The start of a new quarter of 2012.  It also marks a workout anniversary.  One year ago I realized that the only way to lose weight was to burn more calories than you take in...
I keep a calendar.  It may look like chicken scratch to the average person But it records miles, calories, time, if I did my weights, If I did sprints.  I take business trips.   I have out of town company. I have sleepless nights.  But I refocus and get back on track. I shoot for 5 days a week.
  I know that it's about my health and not about a body for swimsuits--I too old for that...It's about Lifestyle changes and not for a day or two.
I laugh and tell myself that I'm going to start putting stars on days I have needles and thread in my hands.  I work full time.  I have two really high-maintenance dogs and most days I talk to my mom amd MIL along with both kids.  That doesn't give me permission not to take care of myself. I realized I wouldn't exercise after working all day. 

 I'm not a gym person--(I have this fantasy that people think I never sweat when it comes to ANYTHING!!!)

We all have the same 24 hours in a day.  I analyzed my day and set my clock up 15 minutes ahead, then 20, then 30.  I exercise on an ellyptical machine  or treadmill the minute my feet hit the floor where I don't have to think and talk myself out of it.

If I don't have time for weights, they can be done while I swap laundry--

I'd rather exercise than do laundry. 

 I'd rather do just about anything but laundry... I realize this doesn't guarantee me long life--- I probably won't last as long as most...

But I do want to look back and say I did what I could to live the fullest life spite of laundry....

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

It's Tuesday----

Tuesdays are usually pretty tough for me---but Today ranked pretty great as far as Tuesdays go.  Above is a gift from Chelsey-- a jar opener that she said,'Just fit...'
Both my kids and Kaina and Krista are coming home for Easter.  There will be Easter Baskets for everyone-- The rule is' as long as you believe --- The Easter Bunny comes..' My kids swear that even at 22 and 23 they still believe....

Hand stitching at night is my permission slip to watch television.  I have finish the first quarter of blocks for my Home sweet Home Quilt.  The BOM is from Country Loft. It may be similar to a quilt I made last year, but this way--- the kids won't fight over them one day;)

I must have hand sewing even though I still working away on Eric's quilt.  Sometimes I just need to rest. Curling up on the couch with my sewing basket is my idea of resting.  This is a pretty important picture because if you look closely you can see the green buds popping out.

Carol @ Brown quilts parted with some of her wool-- I loved the colors so I used some of my birthday funds to send it up North from Florida. I never purchased much flannel, but I do love the wool.  I've decided I have enough for it's own shelf-- maybe this weekend I'm going to get it set up.

The weather has been in the low 50's daily-- Amazing how warm it feels in March and April as compared to the chill of Fall in September... Looks like most of my perennials survived the winter.  It was a pretty mild one.  I've almost got all of the yard raked.  The pups and I hit the woods daily.  It won't be long until we'll have to stop because of woodticks.

Gunne Sax Night Gowns
Cinnamon Toast
A brand new Pumplkin Candle-- found on clearance- never goes out of season in my book.