Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day -- Twenty Ten

First and foremost--- Happy Memorial Day… someone asked what the holiday meant to me----My immediate response was thankfulness to those kids who lost fathers in wars so that my kids did not lose their father. Such a healthy price for the freedoms we so many times take for granted.

My absence from posting is marked with busyness. Never a risk taker when it comes to planting flowers, I always stuck with the old reliables---marigolds, petunias, impatients. This time last year I never thought I’d plant flowers again much less have the money to buy them. I guess I’m living proof life goes on. This year after much research I opted for new kinds of flowers in my shaded flower bed in the front of the house. The house faces north. Being trim with tons of birch trees also means very little direct sun throughout the day. Here’s what I planted
 and here’s the finished product.

I received blueberry bushes for mother’s day so I planted them in my garden. It takes roughly two years for them to produce fruit, so I’m holding onto the fact that the U.P. will be my home for a while. There won’t be tons of berries--- I just think it would be fun to grab a handful here or there for pancakes.

The garden is planted and I have an official pumpkin patch this year. The seeds have sprouted. Since I really don’t have the garden for food survival (my husband says, ‘Thank God’)—I gave the sunniest spot to the pumpkins because they are my favorites. Don asked why I didn’t give it to the tomato or cucumbers or beans—something we actually eat---I gave this very convincing story about rotating my crops (he raised one eyebrow, “crops, huh?”), I caved under pressure and told him the truth—that I just liked the pumpkins best…He just laughs. He set up really awesome sprinklers to help with the watering this summer. We’ve been under a severe drought warning. We got our first thunderstorm of the season last night.

Quilting---I’ve found a new love—quilting with wool…I’ll write about it tomorrow. Take Care. Enjoy the holiday with those you love.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday Thoughts

Happy Mother’s Day  a little late– . Both my kids are came home yesterday—weather prermitted it… we were expecting 3 to 5 inches of heavy wet snow and got about 2 1/2 inches of the heavy white stuff. I knew there was a reason I hadn’t planted anything yet. We had a Southern home cooked meal, cooked as a family-- fried chicken, corn on the cob, green beans, french fries and pecan pie. No dates... no friends....just Don, the kids and I.  Sounds selfish..but it was really nice.

I’m blessed to have my Mom still with me. Though she’s 1200 miles away, we chat almost daily. When they used to travel to visit, I was always nervous for them to see my family or my home. My folks never judged. But she was always, in my mind, the world’s best mom – a tough notch to reach. I realize now—maybe not then—that I’m the judging one, not her. She sewed for me, taught me to sew, took me to Dance lessons, piano practice and church. She cried with me over boyfriend breakups and covered for me when I cut school—and tore me up later….. She’s a wonderful lady.

I have a baby shower to attend next saturday. So I have been working on a baby quilt from the schnibbles book. I've had almost nine months to make this piece and I'm waiting to the last minute to get it together-- literally. I can rationalize anything, but I should have worked on it sooner. I'm more of a traditional girl, but the family is going with peacock murals and teal painted ceilings..

I picked out the bright Moda Line called Birdie. the jury is still out on whether I like it our not. We'll keep you posted.

I had a date with cleaning out the jeep.  It's still got the "Winter Blues" but after yesterday  ready for spring.

There's nothing like sunshine at 6 am to get your morning started right.

Hope everyone had a Happy Mother’s day . Thanks for being a parent through the rocky times. It’s easy to parent when things are rosey. You earn your stripes as a mother when you stick out the rough times. I hope every one was Queen for day.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tuesday Morning --- Early

When you get up and 4 a.m. and don’t go to work until 7 a.m.--- it’s AMAZING the stuff you can get done. Only problem is I’ll probably be hungry for lunch at 9 a.m..

Don left for work early, so the pups and I got up for a quick cinnamon toast breakfast—dog food for them—and machine quilted for an hour before work this morning. I love doing it. If I get five or six bobbins threaded I can got to town. It’s just getting down there, getting the music turned on and getting the machine purring.

I’m motivated to get this piece off the frame as I have a baby shower the 15th and want to give a baby quilt. A friend sent a gift certificate to The Fat Quarter Shop and I ordered this book.

 It’s been in my lap every night when I watch television and I’ve toted it to work every day. The quilts are beautiful and I love the different fabric choices and sizes. It’s a great read for anyone. It’s full of personality and thoughts from the designer. No layer cakes or charm packs needed. You can make your own from your stash.

Dorky Parent Moment – You want your kids to do right. A Mother goes through life hoping they are teaching the good from the bad and that kids are making the right choices. I even resort to subliminal teaching. By every faucet in our house I have books with scriptures, clich├ęs, and famous quotes teaching right from wrong. I always justified it as a two-minute opportunity to program the kids while they brush their teeth or wash their hands…. Yeah I’m a dork…I have one set with verses and quilt sayings… Here’s tomorrows post.

"Old quilts are true family treasures because of all the love they convey
 and all the treasured memories they hold..." Roy Lessin

I like the thought of that……

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Even a Florist needs Flowers….

That’s what the writing said on the back of the postcards I made for my Mom and a friend. My friend is on the homestretch for a stuff chemo battle. And I think she’s winning. She has the most beautiful green house and floral shop… I mailed them yesterday. What to you give a florist? They have all the flowers they need… the postcard seem right. They measure 6 x 8 inches and it only took a 44 cent stamp for each.

The pattern for the tulip came from A legacy of stitches. Cute design.

I’ve finally finished painting for Chelsey’s apartment. The second set of mismatched chairs I painted ‘ballet slipper pink. I thought of Stina every time I opened the can. She loves pink. At first when we saw the two chairs at the Habitat Restore, Chelsey didn’t like them. I told her she had to have a vision. I brought them home and primed and painted them. Now they are her favorites---One of the days she going to have to trust me on things…..

Here’s a photo of her little dining room. You can see the pinwheel quilt in the background. It was going to be my summer quilt, but she needed it more. I sent a cup hook with the quilt. I sewed a three-inch strap on the back and told her if she didn’t have it on the table she could drape it on the wall. It looks sweet up there.

I kind of makes me feel good that my kid is hanging quilts on the wall…. Just like her Mom.


Don coming home tonight

Opened Windows and Doors – Spring is here

Ransom at my feet—who needs socks to keep your feet warm?!?