Monday, July 10, 2006

After a great weekend, I’m back at the grindstone of work. Sunday we did go see Superman, I loved it. Don wasn’t real crazy about it. More of a chick flick than you would think.

I finished the appliqué on My MIL’s gift. It’s half quilted too. Of course, I ran out of thread, so I’m going to pick up some this afternoon and get it finished, hopefully tonight.

I had 10 4 /5 year olds in Sunday school yesterday. We’ve been taking a letter of the alphabet every 2 weeks and talking about all the things we’re thankful for that God gives us. The letter this week was… you guessed it… Q … for Quilts. We painted, some kids did pictures others sort of painted themselves, but it was an outstanding class.

The kids are having a blast in Nashville. They call us rubbing it in on the southern vacation. I think I’m going to try to whip a little something together this week for their chaperone. She’s taking care of a pretty important commodity…my kids.
Hopefully I’ll have pictures tomorrow.

1. Sunday afternoon walks
2. Coke Icees
3. Cold fronts in the Summer Time, cools the hottest of days


Mama Koch said...

Coke Icees..mmmmmm....I can taste it!

Isn't it something that even your 4/5 yrold class knows what is important.

quiltpixie said...

What else would Q be for but a quilt????

Bonnie said...

What is Coke Icees???? And can it be made with Diet Coke?

Tracey said...

So glad that the kids arrived safely and are having fun! It sounds like you and your dh aren't having too bad a time yourself!! ENJOY!

Finn said...

Your SS group sounds so neat, and like a lot of fun to work with..*VBS*

Can't wait to see the MIL quilt..*S*

kim said...

I was just catching up on your blog, since I've been gone, and realized your kids are down here in 'my backyard'. If they need to know where a few good quilt shops are located (so they can bring you back a wonderful souvenir), just let me know :-). I hope they are having fun, the weather has cooled down quite a bit, and the humidity is lower than normal, so they are visiting at the right time.
I hope they have a great visit & safe trip home. Enjoy the quiet week home.
:-) Kim

EileenKNY said...

Reading your postings is like sitting on the front porch on a summer evening. I get such a peaceful feeling of the way we all used to live.
Thank you.