Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Remember these blocks?
Well I made the half square triangles by drawing a diagonal line halfing the square.  I stitched on the line.  then cut away the excess and pressed. I tossed the scraps in the trash.
I got this magazine for Christmas.  It goes with me just about everywhere these days-- memorizing the pages.  I kept thinking about the pieces I threw in the trash. I couldn't deal with it.  With the price of fabric these days, I dug them out of the trash.

then I stitched them up.  It literally took five minutes to do the chain piecing.  It took more time to dig them out of the trash, honestly.
After pressing I have an entire set of baby half-square triangle blocks.

I don't know what they'll turn into ...But I can tell you it'll be better than just trash in a basket.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hearts are Always in Season....

Chelsey was practical this holiday.  She asked for a vacuum, pots and pans, and corningware. I still wanted her to have the special stuff "just because" that's what Moms do.  This is a pattern from Stina and I turned it to a Candle Cozy for her patchwork apartment up North.

The kids are all tucked back in their Homes away from Home and I went back to work today.  It was quiet-- an easy way to get back focused on work.

We've been snowshoeing--- pictures to follow soon.

Football is about to come on so I better go down into the sewing room for a bit.  Just trying to cram a 36 hour day into 24---

My Kids' safe travel
A new Quilt Book for Christmas
Brand New Gloves

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas....

Here's hoping your Christmas is all you wish it to be.... Keep your Family Close and your Faith even closer to your heart....

Photo:  Ransom's Paw Print Stocking... Don and My Mouse Stockings--- made in 1982 from a college dorm room. Bruno's Bone Stocking and the Kid's Cross-stitch ones.... Matching stockings are really great, but I just couldn't part with these......

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Random Thoughts...

We’ re enjoying the holidays. Eric and I went for eye appointments this morning….I’m getting older—so are my eyes. But thanks to Rene Descartes I just upgrade the contact lenses.

I haven’t updated lately. Here is my ironing board cover I made. I returned about three different ones. I never found one that fit my ironing board, so I made it myself. The blue and white checks go great with my yellow and blue sewing room.

I wanted to sew last night. I didn’t want to spend hours picking out the fabric or days studying the pattern. I had a ribbon-tied kit from about a year ago. I just wanted to cut and sew.

Chelsey asked, “Who’s this for?”

My response,” Me… just me…”

“It’s not your colors..”

“So, I’ll tea-dye it…”

Sometimes you just need to treat yourself. When I bought it, the colors looked like ice cream, or jelly beans… I’m showing off the back—because I’m bragging, plain and simple. Truthfully the backs of my quilt Very seldom look like this so ‘one has to bask in the moments’.

When my folks came for a visit this summer, my Mom brought me a grocery bag full of bird’s nests.

I save them—poor birds hide their homes from me. I’ve decorated my tree with them, raffia and pinecones.

A bird’s nest is one of the purest forms of art. Made by a creature without hands--- Silly to some… but I marvel at them.

Both kids are home—as a Mom, I’m in heaven.

Homemade Fried Chicken—Family kitchen cooking
Snowmen CoffeeMugs

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Gifts.....

I realized it still has the chalk marks but I wanted to share a Christmas gift for my Mom.  It was super easy.  We're tucked in for the weekend.  A snowstorm is brewing outside with possibilities of fifteen inches of snow. Feels good.  The Christmas lights a twinkling and there's coffee in the cups.

My Office Girls Christmas party was so much fun.  I really nice girl got my gift. Good friends, Good Food, Good Company.... Chelsey is through with finals and Eric is gearing up for them.

We've invited friends over for supper tonight.  Snow is a fact of life in the U.P., so barring electrical outages, I'm hoping we still get together.  Plans for today--- a date with the treadmill...I have this bucket list thing about running in ONE 5k run in my lifetime... So Don has me in training.  Wrapping presents and cleaning my sewing room.  Oh -- and I'm kicking around making an ironing board cover.  I'll take before and after photos.......

Free "XM" radio sort of... go to http://www.klove.com/ and click on the Christmas link.... It's echos through our house pretty much the entire time we're home.  I just love the sounds of this season.

Chelsey goes to school right on Lake Superior so is Incredibly snowed in with lake effect snow...

But it does feel like Christmas......

Christmas Candles
Plaid Napkins ... the little things....

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Always have ... Hope

Here’s my project for the weekend. I have a Ladies Christmas Party Thursday night. All of the girls in the office are getting together for a meal and a $10.00 gift exchange. I went to the scrap box and found this drawn out on fabric. I just had to stitch. Scraps from the box made up the rest of the bag.

It is going to hold Chocolate mints and this dessert plate and cup I found for $3.00 each. With my thing for dishes, I really fell for the cup.

I’m making gift tags this year. Don has learned to never throw out the tea or coffee. I’m dying these manilla tags.

We had my office Christmas dinner in town this Friday night. I won a blue-ray dvd player. I was pretty surprised. Saturday night we had the church Christmas dinner. Lots of music and delicious food. It felt like a holiday.

I’ve been dreaming about work, so I guess I’m getting into the routine. I’m almost finished with my Christmas sewing. It’s nice not having to rush.

We’re still low on snow--- no complaints. We’ve had daily flurries for about a week, but still very little accumulations. It’ll happen anyday….I’m not worried.


Eggnog Quick Bread (Pretty much all of my holiday baking)
Phone calls with my Mom
Plaid ribbons for package wrapping