Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter....

Happy Easter.....

Yesterday was a day filled with rain followed by a six inch snowfall. 
The photo is living proof that every morning we get another shot at it--- 
This one is filled with Sunshine....

Saturday, March 23, 2013


It's the 23rd of March.  Back in January I set myself up with 3 UFO's to complete.  Well, they didn't get complete in January, nor February.  But after this weekend I think I'll be finished with the last one.  Here is the binding.  I was disappointed at first, but thinking about it now-- and the fact that quilting is my
 'part-time- gig' --- I'm OK with it.  

I want to list my next  UFO- I have 4 left, but first... I want to start a new project. I want to start a new one and work on  it until completion.

The project above is a quilt for a bed.  It's full of scraps and is intended to keep my bed warm.
I quilted it myself --swirly curls all over.

This weekend I'm knocking out the chores--- snowshoeing my pups and quilting the rest of the weekend away......I was like a little kid when 4:00 got here yesterday--- freedom....Except for church, I 'm not getting in my car the entire weekend..

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Rough day at work--- Garage door is stuck... Ripley tore up a pine straw wreath-- Hurry up weekend.

I loved burlap table runners from the moment I saw them.  I finally made myself one.  There's all kinds of printed burlap out there at fabric stores, but alas I have.... Walmart. Here's my spring time table.

Muslin ruffles really don't work for me so this is my choice.

and a close up of the fabrics. 
I really like them.... Onto the weekend.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's Spring.....

It's early.  I'm here with my mug of coffee (in my new mug) and my keyboard. I've got a few minutes before heading out the door to work.

I've been working on UFOs, but I took time out to make this to help chase winter of my house. 
It's from the book Simply Charming.  Easy, fun, and completely made from leftovers in the scrap box.

I'm a Dark chocolate junkie. I know winter is almost over -- but we've really got  a  l  o  t    of snow.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Turned 50....

with Grace...I think.

I was spoiled at work and at home....  The Birthday lasted throughout the weekend.

The day started with...

My favorite cinnamon rolls.  The rule at my office is that when it's your birthday-- you bring the treats.  I brought cinnamon rolls, only after Don and I sampled them.

The office had pictures of me 29 years earlier.  Yep - Don and Chelsey had sent photos of me at 21 years old. They were on the doors the walls, the desks.

I had balloons surrounding my desk and a bouquet of prunes.

Don took me to Green Bay for shopping.  He took me to Primitive Gatherings for:

It's my new favorite mug--- it's never empty...
and this  baby doll tee ---

Meals cooked for me, birthday cake, tons of cards, emails and phone calls.  I was queen for a weekend.

I've been quilting - just never  sat down long enough to type.

More later ---I have to save something to type about tomorrow.