Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mental Health Day

Sooner or later it had to happen…I spend time in prayers for Eric’s good grades, for his health. I’ve spent time hoping for Chelsey’s safety and hopes that she’ll make good choices. I’m always asking for guidance for Don and for God to never leave his side. Somewhere along the way I forgot about myself. This isn’t a pat on the back, keep the crowns and Oscars away. It’s merely an observation that as wives and mothers and even employees on our job, we sometimes put ourselves in the backseat---- maybe all the way into the trunk. That’s where I was at…..

I took a mental health day----- and I’m one of the lucky ones, my boss totally supported me. I slept in, drank an entire pot of coffee by myself, finished quilting my House Sampler
and even got the machine part of the binding made. Ransom and I got the solace we much needed.

After a salad and a nap, I took the Easter decorations and tucked them away until next Easter--- that sounds much better than “I threw them in a tote and chunked them in the basement”. I have never been one to chart the passage of time. I would really like keeping the pause button close at hand. But I have to remember that like most televisions, you pause too long and the TV turns off and moments are lost….
You just can't hold on too long too anything...

I completed another block of Ruby’s Garden—tons of fun.

Then--- for the first time Ransom and I ventured out with my new toy alone. It’s a hand held GPS like the hunters use. After the snow melted and I lost my trails, I spent one week getting lost three times---not really lost…just more or less misplaced. Don has been working with me on North, South, East, West, Using the sun to find my way home. Needless to say—I flunked out of wilderness school and he decided I needed this.
Playing in the woods is so much more fun than walking the side of the road. I’ll probably have to stop in about a month because the ticks will get too bad, but Ransom and I are living it up now. Don has still been going with me – even with the GPS—today was my first day alone…

…and because I’m typing…you know…. I made it home…..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Catching Up

In a funny way, I feel like a stranger to my own journal. It’s been several days since I last posted. Busy living life I guess. Time to play catch up.

Quilter friends --- are the best. So far, they’ve accepted me without perfect kids, perfect house and perfect quilts. They are most accepting in spite of missed stitches and the occasional exposed knot.
An on-line friend offered to be by personal antique dealer and sent me—on faith three of the greatest canning jars after I commented how I loved them on her sight. I sent her a check, but I marvel at her trust. They will be filled with tulips—from the florist--- hopefully by the time the week is out.

Several have emailed me on Linda’s gift of quilt patterns. Truly, I felt like a slacker, only being able to send patterns… but I just couldn’t picture that grandbaby without out them and knew the child would probably graduate from high school before I could do them.. I got them from www.Rabbitshaven.com. Go to the store locator and if you can’t find one close, there is an option for designer to contact you personally—quite a treat—and I purchased direct from her accounting department.

It’s Easter. My Sunday School kids made these bird’s nests from squashed paper bags with moss gathered from the woods.
Yes—every four-year old discussed their Easter basket the Easter bunny left this morning, But I focused on the newness of life—second chances—and prayers of thanksgiving to God for every treat in each basket.
Here’s my Basket on my Front Porch. We’ve hit 50 degrees 3 days in a row. Spring is just about here. I’ve seen three Robins. We’ still have spots of snow in the woods and we’ve got a good four weeks that we could still get snow… who am I kidding…we could still get snow almost any day of the year living in the U.P….. but I’ll call it “good” in about four weeks.

Here’s a little stitchery block of the month I could pass up…Great for the Covered porch the pass few days. It’s called Ruby’s Garden, from Waltzing with the Bears. Buggy Barn is sponsoring it and as always they do a great job of preparing it and shipping it monthly.

My friend at work has a birthday tomorrow. I had been studying the free pattern for the little bag at Moda fabrics for a while.
Well, Saturday morning I pulled this together. Can’t wait for her to find it on her desk tomorrow. She’s a card maker. So, the trinkets are for cards she makes for others. The gum is our continued secret--- granting us the power to work in an office of men. As long as we chew the gum it keeps us from having tears in anger, in sadness, in ridicule, and in times when we, as women , just don’t want to be at work…. But boy… we sure are grateful for that paycheck twice a month…..

You do what you gotta do….

Have a great week everyone….