Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I’m here. Enjoying every minute of summer I possibly can. I struggled with quilting time—and I finally got some. I completed June’s block for Capricorn Quilts. It’s photographed in front of violet petunias.
My Four Seasons BOM is caught up.
The Spring blocks were strung up in the woods last night for a photograph.
I love the stitching and the color combinations The Country Loft is placing with these blocks.
My House quilt has a new addition to it. The saltboxes are really easy to put together.
I was nervous about attempting the quilt because house block seams have to match.

I’ve been playing in my garden—though I’m not alone. Here’s the big guy visiting on Saturday.
Don said--- ‘Get the camera, you need a picture.” While we have no poisonous snakes in the U.P., growing up in Louisiana, I still carry a healthy respect for them. Apparently this guy choked and died on the frog he was snacking on. I’m pretty much on the frog’s side so I feel like the snake had it coming…Don disposed of it and life goes on.

We’ve been biking daily and Ransom sleeps well after long runs with us every night. Frogs, chipmunks, and birds keep the woods noisy. Chelsey is almost through with your summer college course. It’s a writing course and she’s thriving. Eric has only the final left in Bio-Chemistry. He’s studying hours on end, but he too, is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Have you ever have asked for things in prayer and received the answer --- No. That recently happened to me and yet almost immediately I realized I was not even disappointed. Just maybe someone knows what’s best for me--- more than I do…

Counting My Blessings----

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Random Act of Kindness…..Quilters are famous for these….sharing patterns, books, squares of fabric. Quilters make quilts for fundraisers for worthy causes throughout the country and through the world. Friday I had a Random Act of Kindness bestowed upon me.
The timing was everything. Someone was let go at work this week. A good man, just the sales numbers didn’t add up. It was a mathematical decision. Doesn’t make it any easier to swallow, but it happened. I came home and had a package in my mailbox. No card, just a Maryland return address. I remember admiring a pink and brown quilt.
The seamstress included the remnants for bindings and backings. I feel so special…it sort of healed the tough week on the job.
I’ve folded and unfolded both the quilt and the fabrics several times just admiring them. Don’s been out of town so it’s been up to Ransom and I to work through our disappointments on our own.
We went up the road to an old abandoned house and barn I’ve travelled by several times.
People find beauty in different places. This was the place for my pictures. Overgrown grass, trees and bushes provided the perfect background to the worn paint and rust.

Thanks friend--- I really love your piece. Wish you would email me….. I’ve already measured out the batting to complete it. If I have any say—your kindness will be repaid tenfold…..
Thank you…….

Sunday, June 08, 2008

have been telling myself all spring I wanted to take a snapshot of the blossoms of the trees to share, but life wouldn’t slow down. With the wind storms of late, I thought I waited too late. But Don and I stepped out this evening and I grabbed my quilt block and camera. With the patience of a saint, we got about a mile up the road and he pulled over for the photography session. Here is the Spring house block for my Four Seasons block of the month.

We’ve got Chelsey’s freshman Orientation for the next couple of days. I got some hand quilting set up for the journey. I imagine this trip will make the entire college thing real. Her future roommate, a friend from home, is going also. Maybe we’ll get time for some quilt shopping. I don’t need anything – period. I’m trying to live with the reality that there will be two sets of college tuition and living expenses coming out of the budget. But even Don says, “Hey, were going to set you up with a quilt budget you can’t do without that….” Just when you gott’em figured out they say something nice….

It’s raining to beat the band right now – Eric called from downstate telling me horror stories about gathering buggys in the Kmart parking lot with the thunder and lightning serenading him…another positive reason why that kid needs to be in college…but his “life lessons” are just too funny sometimes.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Goal for the weekend--- to catch up on my block of the month projects… Below are my Quilters Blessings quilt squares from Capricorn quilts.
The June block is in progress so I’m counting it caught up. No pressure…just enjoying the process. Joann’s had there perle cotton on sale. After a rough week at work a couple of weeks ago I needed to treat myself.
To a quilter, at least to me, this is better than candy…No rhyme nor reason, I just picked out several pretty colors. But I am setting up a 3 x 5 card with numbering so I’ll be a little more organized and know I have.
These Iron-On transfers were a gift from Catherine at Willow Valley Store.
I’m planning on ironing them to tea dyed muslin and making postcards with that new perle cotton.
Eric is away at summer school, settling into the groove of ‘Bio-Chemistry’. I have no idea what it’s all about, but I call him every so often and make him talk to me about it. It sounds marvelous and Makes a mom feel like she’s getting her money’s worth.
Chelsey is away at a friend’s wedding this weekend so Ransom, Don, and I are the ‘Dynamic Trio’ of sorts. Don tested teenagers for their black belt in Tae kwon do last night, so I plowed through the weekly chores, so the weekend was truly ours for leisure. Make a bike ride or two, some grilling, definitely a milkshake and some quilting.
But honestly the U.P. summers are so short I kind of play by the rule, “ The sewing machine only gets turned on rainy days and after sunset.” There’s plenty of hand sewing to be done…out on the Covered Porch. The ceiling fans provide a nice breeze, keep the bugs at bay, and seem to hum along with the birds…. Enjoy your weekend…