Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hop to it Block Two

I’m running behind….story of my life. Here’s my block for April that is for our Hop to it Project.

 Mary and Sue’s blocks turned out great. I’ve had mine complete for about three weeks--- yet I’m the last to post. The yellow buds represent my perennials in my garden. The original blocks from Edyta Sitar’s quilt has them in blue. I want each block to represent something in garden so mine varied to yellow. One of the great things about using the hand-dyed wool for this project is the variations in the colors of the leaves.

We doubled our snowfall data in the month of April. And yet 4 days after the last snowstorm bits of green showed up. My journal logs the snow in the garden.

These snapshots were taken early this morning--- the last day of April. Last Sunday I got out in the garden for the first time to check the herbs and see if my blueberry bushes made it. The chives are about 2 inches tall. And this is a photo of new growth on my blue berries--- they survived the winter.

The Bleeding- Hearts are popping up and the Enchinea and Saliva have green sprouting leaves. I know some places already have ripe strawberries and tomatoes, but where I live I’m thrill over any sign of green.

My dad fell and broke his hip last Saturday afternoon. I’m the daughter that lives too far away to go home. I’ve called about a million times and sent cards and letters, but felt lousy that I couldn’t be there. I don’t know whether I’m trying to convince you or myself that it’s ok that I’m not there… but in the end—it’s not about me, it’s about him and he’s ok and getting better every day.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Day Before Easter....

My spring and summer clothes are still tucked away. Winter is hanging on as long as it possibly can.

My college kids are home for Easter. I’ve enjoyed them so much. They both have to leave early in the morning so we had our Easter Feast on Good Friday. Everyone was responsible for part of the meal. We had more fun over laughing as 4 adults cooking at the same time in my kitchen.--- Chelsey caved and said--, “I’ll use the grill….” …

My quilting is as close to gardening as I’ve gotten this year--- the yard isn’t even raked out yet. We keep getting snow showers--- but that’s life in the U.P.

Quilting….I completed the vines and leaves on My Garden Quilt….Emptying and entire ball of Valdani Thread.
The quilt had a kit that could be purchased, but I just used colors I already had and DMC floss.
The cornerstones are cut out and glued into place.
Two out of four are completed. I can’t wait to get this on the quilting frame.
 I’ve been practicing feathers—I’m trying to get up the courage to attempt machine quilting some on this new quilt…

As Easter approaches – and every day—remember to count your blessings. There’s so much to be thankful for.

Happy Easter….

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just One Star----

They were made from my scrap box and took about an hour for two from finding the fabrics to the last thread being cut.   The details of the project are at The Cutting Table. It doesn't take long and there's people out there that deserve quilt blocks...

We've had 3 days at 60 degrees. It's awesome. I ran the pups and started the grill. The furnace is off during the day. The robins are returning. There's plenty of time for more snow but we're at least pretending it's over.

I'm off to sew and read a book...Life is better than good---It's great.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Keep Life Simple....

That's the name of this quilt by Rabbit Haven.  Of course it's done in pastels and rough edged applique.  I made it my own because I had to embrace the Northwoods colors and hold onto my faithful needle turn applique.  It still needs flower centers and tons of embroidery work on the bunnies and leaves.  I tell myself not  to rush --- just enjoy every stitch...But I've had this pattern for two Springs and I just might get this piece this season. I'll keep posting the progress.

I have 2 pieces in progress---juggling each of them.  I keep thinking if I focused on just one--- I might actually have a completion...but what fun is that?

We've had a sunny day today.  I'm back to toting the GPS when I run the pups in the woods as the snow trails are gone.  I'm still looking for some sign of green...  I bought flower seeds in the grocery store Sunday amidst sleet, rain, and snow, just what the doctor ordered.

Work Rocks--- no more, no less.... We're going to be in our new building this summer. There are glass walls overlooking the Menominee River. It could be a cave and I wouldn't care--- I'm just glad I work there. I'm living proof-- to never lose faith.

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