Thursday, January 29, 2009

I wanted to type a few lines. We had a great time shopping over the weekend. I have to take some photos. I did complete my gift bags and they’re going in the mail today. The Stitchery is by Gail Pan. While I'm not doing the quilt project, her pieces can be used many other ways.
Valentine chocolate for my folks and tea bags left over from a Sunday School project fill the bag. It’s not an original idea, but tons of fun for the kids to make Mom a gift.

While my stitches aren’t perfect, they’re improving. This piece gave me plenty of opportunity to work on the French knots.

I friends sent me a yard of Boyd’s bear fabric. I didn’t even know they had a line of fabric. I have an entire Christmas tree that gets filled with Boyd’s bear ornaments. I immediately went to cutting and made my Sunday School class cards that will be popped in the mailbox today.
Everyone loves mail and the bible verse “Love Bears All Things…” (1 Cor 13:7) could not be passed up.

My daughter’s birthday is next week and she’s bringing home a friend who shares a birthday really close to it, but lives far from home. So while the piggy bank may be low, My fabric closet is full and I’ve got a couple of ideas for the birthday celebration next weekend. We’ll keep you posted.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Well, choosing fabrics for my project was as for as it went last night. I was exhausted. Today at the office I was faced with the constant battle of not wanting to be there. But the weekend is here now and I intend to make the most of it.
Here are my fabric choices for the stitchery project.
The green set is my favorite.
Take a closer look at the crème fabric.
It is flower names scrolled throughout the fabric. I’m completely in love with this piece. It was a fat quarter piece from a store closing in Green Bay. I wouldn’t call it beautiful, but there is just something about it that speaks to me.

We’re headed shopping in Marquette tomorrow. The weather has temps at 5 degrees max and 35 below for the wind chills. So we might as well shop until this artic front moves away.

Homemade burgers for supper
old movies
My rusty old mailbox….who wants a new one?!?!?!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I’m sleepy this morning. Guess the caffeine just hasn’t kicked in yet. Don is working late the next few days so I’ll get some extra quilting time. I just have to be awake to enjoy it.

I’m working on this Gail Pan Block. I found it on line. She’s an Australian Quilt Designer. I wish over her Block of the month that reflects my Favorite Ecclesiastes bible verse. One of the days--- While I’m not going to do the Christmas Wish BOM project I’m using these blocks for Valentine Gifts for my Mom. Something small and simple…. The creativity of some people….She’s a real talented lady. I’ll keep you posted. It is going to become a gift bag.

I backed the piece with a thin batting. It helps my stitching. Gail has DMC numbers for the piece, but I just chose colors that looked similar. DMC floss purchases cannot be made in town. Besides, after the thread goes in the needle, no one knows the number used. The link is on my sidebar.

Warmer weather
Text messages from my daughter
Stealing chocolate chips from the bag in the cupboard, Sometimes you just need a quick fix.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January is flying by. Kids are back in school. Life is slowing down a little. We survived the dreadful cold with temperatures down to 17 below zero. A customer told me last week—“Hey, at –40 degrees Fahrenheit and –40 degrees Celsius the temperatures are the same…” “Great,” I thought, “Something to look forward to…”

Yesterday morning it was sunny and 10 degrees above zero. It is AMAZING how warm that can feel after the temps we had last week. I guess it just goes to show you--- it’s all about perspective…..

When the temps are above zero we been snowshoeing. Here’s Don and my feet on the trail.
We’ve got a 3-mile trek set up. Ransom loves it, but by the end of it--- he’s following our footsteps.
It’s quite an endeavor for him to heave the piles of snow. Yes—I’m a little envious of those gearing up for spring. I know I’ve got a good three months of winter ahead--- So I’m forced to find the good things in my own back yard.

My Sunday school kids and I made feeders for the birds last Sunday attached with paper heart bible verses.
We filled the oranges with homemade suet. I’d like to take credit for the clever idea, but I found it here.

Quilting. I’ve got the binding finished on a couple of quilts that I’ve talked about forever. A couple of weeks ago Chelsey was weeding out some old things and pulled out a quilt top she had pieced at about 12.
I can remember always going fabric shopping with her. She’d always ask to pick out a fat quarter or two. She’d pick the brightest, funniest pieces.
Lots of times they had frogs.
As a kid, she’d catch them by the dozen during summers in the U.P. I told her to leave it on my machine and I’d quilt it for her. It’s going in the mail today. She asked--- “What’ll I do with it?” My response—“I don’t know, it’s big enough for a lap quilt. It’s full of memories. It’ll keep you from getting homesick. You’ll have a piece of home with you…” I can’t wait till she gets it.

Other quilting. I finished my Seasons Block of the month from the Country Loft. I attached the borders.
It’s going to be the next to hit the quilting frame. I tried for an outdoor shot, but the snow is just too deep, I kept falling. Its colors fit the fireplace anyway. I recommend their BOM programs. Their packaging and patterns are great. It’s like getting a present every month. I’ve signed up for their program again this year.

While I haven’t posted often this month, I have been reading. I think quilters are being wise to the economy and not purchasing quite as much and being creative with what they have. There are tons of free BOM program on-line thanks to the graciousness of quilt designers everywhere.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Christmas decorations are tucked away for another year. It’s always a little saddening to me, but the kids and I made it a family project so it didn’t take long and we’re on to a new year.
I just wasn’t ready to put away my ornament from Libby, so it is residing on my kitchen table for a while longer. I simple reminder of Quilts past—Quilts in the Future…. And it reminds me never to give up on my scraps.

I have binding to attach today as I Finished machine quilting My Saltboxes in the Corner Quilt.

Tomorrow I turn back into a pumpkin as I head back to work. I always dream of getting more done, but I couldn’t have asked for a better week off. I had balance – a little of everything: quilting, reading, time outside, and inside, time with my college kids who have one more week home.

After church today, I’ve got a couple of project Chelsey has asked for--- I’ll take pictures--- and I am crossing my fingers that maybe I can get another quilt on the frame so that I can quilt a little each night this week.

My gingham silverware
My washer and dryer—who wants to deal with laundry when it’s 20 degrees
Definitely Cashews

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year! I sit back early this morning and think about the coming year filled with tons of opportunities. I’ve sat here and thought about 2008 and the many changes as both our kids flew the nest off to college. I guess in the coming year I’m hoping for quiet confidence and contentment for both myself and my adult kids.

We had tons of fun last night with friends bringing in the New Year. We’ve all been married about the same number of years. Our kids grew up together and so kids popped in and out throughout the evening for food and visits. I am usually working so I’m stretching it to bring a dish to things like this. But in honor of my week home I did something I’d always wanted to do. I made a hostess gift to bring.
I pulled fabric from my shelves made a journal cover and gift bag to take. The party was at the home of a new quilter so it was a great conversation piece throughout the night.
She’s really not the plaid - homespun kind of person I am. It was a tough call to pick out fabric. I opted for the black and white and was real pleased with how it turned out.

It always feels good to give quilted things away….

I hope the New Year brings that sense of contentment and the faith to see life’s happenings as opportunities for good things.

I try to remember that “Life isn’t necessarily about the cards in your hand--- you can’t help that---- It’s how you play them that makes the difference…..”

Deal me in for 2009…….