Saturday, July 29, 2006

We woke up to some severe thunderstorms. It stormed for about 2 hours. We needed the rain, but the bad weather makes me uneasy. I took a couple hours off early from work on Friday and came home and got the weekend housework done. Chelsey and I knocked it out, so we could play all weekend.

Have you sat down and looked at your unfinished projects? I have. I’m one of those that likes to finish things or it bugs me… most of the time. Jeanne talked about that block of the month quilts weren’t her thing. I started thinking about my BOM projects. I’ve completed one in its entirety. The quilt in the photo is a BOM from several years ago..
I think it was when Thangles were just invented and they had patterns for free. Over the Christmas holidays I discovered quilting on the internet. I had more fun. It was the first time I could make a block and get another pattern. I put the maple leaf and the flying geese in the corners, my favorites. But look at the picture…Only nine blocks…I didn’t have the patience to wait for the other three. I completed another BOM quilt, but I started late, so I stayed entertained until the end. But guess what my 3 unfinished projects are…you got it…block of the month quilts. I just never realized what the common denominator was. One I just have some hand quilting left. Another, I just have the wool appliqu├ęs left to do. The last quilt, I’ve got tons left to do. Any quilt, even one you love, for me gets boring before you complete it when it drags out for so long…..twelve months. I thought they were great ideas. Especially for working Moms, because each month you would have a small victory.

I’m trying to give myself this talk that I should complete one old project and reward myself with a new one, and then go back and complete an old one and by the end of the year they may all be done. I’ve really got issues with wasting and right now, I feel like I’m wasting a potentially good quilt. I guess this is one of those ‘sounds good on paper’ ideas. But I’m still kicking it around…I’m just dead to work on the Buggy Barn Quilt.

We made our ten mile bike run today. Eric came with us. .
Don took a picture of him with his phone at step 410. Me, I made it up to step 50 and back… all things… baby steps.

Until tomorrow---live up today.


Cynthia said...

Well done with your bike riding. My DH and DDs bought me a bike two years ago for my birthday. We try to get out and do a small ride when we can. We made the comment the other day when we were out walking that we will have to get the bikes out again once this cold weather goes away.

Linda_J said...

Melanie, I just said this to Norma the other day and I still think it is true. "No matter how badly we want things to be done the creative part of our brain wants to be rewarded by the excitement of the new challenge rather than the one that we know and left partly done." Probably why we try to work out that UFO/new 1:1 ratio.

Susan said...

My opinion is that you should do what you feel like doing, the thing about which you are enthusiastic. When you have no enthusiasm for a particular project, then you can go back and pick one just because it has to be done.

I also believe it isn't necessary to finish every single thing you've ever started. We learn what we learn and then we move on sometimes. Why let it hang around your neck? Give it to a charity and be relieved of the albatross. Everyone wins that way.

Or save it in a box to pass along to some unknown quilter. I love projects which come from a stranger I never knew, and I'd give anything to have a box of unfinished projects from my mother.

anne bebbington said...

Melanie - I've never participated in BOM projects - they're not so prevalent over here - the nearest thing I can equate to it is my Ostrichs - however with that you do have a proper deadline for each month or else you don't get the next instructions - the only part without a deadline was the actual quilting and completion and as you know it was only our group show giving me a deadline that made me tackle that - I guess really what works for me is just that - a deadline. However I do agree with other comments - is it life-threatening if you don't complete everything you start - pass them on if you don't like them any more - either within your stitching group or further afield - some groups probably have 'Pass on the Orphan' days - really it depends on how disciplined and/or hung up about things like this you want to be - I'd say do what you enjoy - that's far more important!
The quilt you show in the picture has a ton of HST's - beautiful but made me shudder at the thought of constructing it :o) Give me applique any day :o)

The Calico Cat said...

I like the corners on your sampler... I started a sampler once, I did 4 blocks.... Definately not my thing!

Libby said...

A perfect observation on BOM's. They seem to be my nemisis, also. I have one so near completion that it is embarassing. It has been in this state for 5 years now. The other, I just waited until I got all of the blocks. Now when I get around to it, I don't have to wait for the next installment.

Bonnie said...

I agree 100% with what Susan said. Do what you enjoy and your enthusiasm will spread to others. What a great way to live!

Jeanne said...

Oh, yes -- those BOMs! You know how I feel about 'em!
Jeanne :)

Judy said...

I've got 2 BOM's going right now and I started both late so I always have soemthing waiting for me instead of me waiting for the next package. That's good I guess. I'm not sure if I would loose interest if I had to wait a whole month. Being applique, they take a bit longer to do each month.

I only have on true UFO that was abandoned. I don't like to count tops that are done but waiting for quilting, although I think most people do count them. I just figure there's a different wait line for the quilting process and it doesn't always run as fast as the peicing line seems to move along!!

Shelina said...

I am trying to whittle my UFOs down also. Trying to finish at least one project before starting another one. Another thing that helps is for me to do a little bit on certain projects. Work on several projects at a time. Just a few more seams here and there really add up, and bring you up the momentum to get it finished.
I do like BOMS because there is a sense of accomplishment when you finish a block - and there is a deadline of making the block before the next one comes out. And no guilt for letting it wait until the next month's pattern comes out. You get the joy of starting a new block, without the guilt for starting yet another project. And if you run behind, you can always catch up. (That's what I am doing now, catching up. :)

Fiona said...

I like to finish things too, but the key for me is being able to make them reasonably quickly. I don't think I could cope with making something over a whole year.
I can see what you mean about 'waste not want not' but why torture yourself when you could get on with making something you really want to do? Time is precious, spend it on something that gives you pleasure.