Saturday, November 29, 2014

Catching Up on Life.....

While the summer may not have had much quilting, it was filled with Wedding Showers, Rehearsal Suppers and a Wedding....
Eric got married.
Our family has a wonderful new member. 
Eric is just so happy!!!

They make the cutest couple.  

Sterling's Quilt

The goal was made.... A baby quilt for every new baby  in my life.... Church friends, work friends, family....I wanted them to each have one this year.

A young couple at work was expecting their third child.  He'd worked there for two years.  I asked around....was there a baby shower planned???.  There had been several this year --- just wanted to get my timeline for the quilt in order.  'Melanie, it's their 3rd kid....we usually don't do anything."
I got it.  I understood...but there was this thing inside me--- A third child is special.   Don't forget the third child. So I went on choosing fabric and cutting it up.  They planned on not finding out  the baby's sex --- and truthfully I knew very little about this young engineer and his family.  I chose Classic fabrics -- with the thoughts that mom could love the quilt long after the baby out grew it.

So a disappearing nine patch was the pattern and yellows, greens, and cranberries were the colors.  I knew the due date and I didn't want to be late.  I found out the day after the baby was born.  Sterling was 7.5 pounds--- a little boy.
I wrapped up the quilt and left it on Keith's desks early the next morning.  After a few days, He had not returned to work.  I went into his office wondering if he had picked up the quilt--I asked a couple of people -- Where's Keith?? The baby had to be rushed to Green Bay -- with high fever.
'Oh Melanie -- we're waiting on gifts..not know the condition of the infant..."

Honestly, if I had known about the baby's illness, I might have waited -- But I knew that little guy needed the love of a quilt more that ever -- and so did his momma.  I held my breath -- but had no regrets on the timing.  Sterling made it through and is home now with his big brother and sister

......and his handmade disappearing a nine-patch quilt.