Monday, November 16, 2009

This was made from the cover pattern of Create and Decorate Magazine. A week ago I was stressing over fallen leaves--- Note to Self: There are MANY more important things to feel bad for…. leaves not one of them. After church, a family asked me what I was doing this afternoon. My response was “Pretty much nothing.”

“Well, we’re coming over to rake leaves.”

“No – I can’t have you doing that…”

“Well you just stay inside and we’ll take care of it…”

They were coming over at 2:30 pm. Mortified at the thought of how lazy I was -- and the dog poop that was probably out there--- I went home and raked like a mad woman--- kicking myself as to why I ever felt sorry for myself. For 2 ½ hours I raked and got everything but the very front yard done. They came and laughed at me. "Like we've never seen dog poop"  they giggled with their labrador in tow.  We finished up in twenty minutes. I just needed that kick in the pants I guess.

The candle cozy was funny to make and was made of muslin coffee dyed after the stitchery was made.

The homestretch is on--- Don will be home in three weeks. I’ve mostly just taken care of myself the months. I need to get busy. A Minor meltdown… Ransom has become arthritic. One we got him on the right medicine he’s rebounding real well. With the active puppy around, he tries to keep up.

Chelsey has been coming home regularly “babysitting” me. I’ve really enjoyed her. Oh—and I’m no longer afraid of the dark….


Baby Aspirin

A warm autumn for the U.P.

Fabric Scraps

Friday, November 06, 2009

Scrappy Stars

Keeping in touch…..I’ve begun the slow progress of piecing blocks for Eric’s quilt. With the time change I seem to get sleepier with the nightfall so I stitch less. I’m hoping to get the actual blocks together by Sunday. There’s lots of chain piecing which is kind of like therapy for me.

I decided the yard was not going to rake itself. So I made an imaginary map and divided it into six sections. If God wants those leaves out of that yard, he’ll give me six good days to get it done….. Some have said—“Mel, $75.00 and it’s done, hire it out…” But honestly, there’s pride involved and if I was going to spend $75.00, it would be on quilt fabric…….

Eric got the H1N1 vaccine. He and Aimee (the girl he calls “the One”) do tons of volunteering in health clinics and are pretty much involved in ‘Germ Saturation’…. So they decided to get the vaccine.

Chelsey has her own column in the newspaper in Marquette. She calls it “A Northern State of Mind” --- College life in Northern Michigan. So she’s living life…. And Lord help us… writing about it…. I keep telling her I want a quilt story…..

Next Post--- quilt blocks…..

Gratitudes –
A Gorgeous Full Moon…The pups and I are up at 1:00am the past few mornings
The Oldies Radio Station – 60’s, 70’s 80’s music….I’m an oldie….
San---- thanks again….