Sunday, April 21, 2013


Quilters can find find it... that quilt pattern in anything.

You know exactly what I'm talking about.  Farelle is positively my favorite kind of pasta.  Pasta is, after all, pasta... It's got to be the shape. Given any choice-- it's the one I choose every time. 

Not the Rigatoni, 
or Gemelli.  

It's go to be those cute Bowties....  

I'm playing with a cute three inch block from Needl'Love. I found it in the Garden Gate threads book. I am thinking a small piece for the table and then maybe if I made ten Bowties a day in a couple of weeks I'd have enough for a nice size quilt.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Catch up....

In January I lined up three UFO's to complete.  By April 8th...I finished.  I started to beat myself up because the dream was 3 in a month  when actually I averaged one.  I refused to be gloomy about it and one UFO a month is really awesome.  If any friend were to tell me that I'd be proud....

This is the last of the three ... weather as much as anything kept me from posting sooner.  It's 18 degrees this morning, but not a cloud in the sky.  We got a dusting of snow last night but a high temp of 38 expected.

This piece is completely scrappy and was made to keep me warm in a queen size bed.   It may hang on a rack for a spell, but I promise you it will definitely attend picnics in the back this summer.

Started last summer... 'Bout time it's complete...ready to be loved.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Making Pin Wheels

Well, Snow Watch 2013 continues.  Ripley is officially ten months old.  He loves it outside.  He's in kind of the destructive puppy stage-- I think he ways  around 65 lbs.  The stakes don't seem so high with this pup, so I take the destruction in stride. I tell myself Ripley thinks I need a new one--- what ever is destroyed.  He does have a great temperament and once the 'puppy' gets out of him-- he's going to be awesome.

We took photos yesterday evening.  It all started last week.  I had my bundle of Field notes pressed and ready to cut into a project.  I made myself go down and clean the sewing room up before starting the new project.

I picked up a jelly roll that my MIL gave me that I had marked up for piecing one might while watching TV.  I decided to sew it up instead of putting it away.

I took a Thangles template and made a cardboard pattern.  I made 2.5 inch Thangles that will turn into 2 inch size half square triangle units.

I'm no good at removing paper between seams and so this worked real nicely.  So I took the other jelly roll I got for Christmas and cut it up as well.
Two different fabric lines by two different designers, but I think they are going to blend together well.

There's even purple in the mix.

Every night I press a few pieces down.

What am I making?  I told Don I'm not really sure-- but it's going to have pinwheels and I want it to be that piece that the kids fight over after I'm long gone....I have narrowed it down a little
It will probably come from one of these.  Anyway I think I have time on my side-- I don't plan on going anywhere any time soon....

Happy Thursday.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Bear Paw Quilt....

It was Friday evening ---sleeting.  I had worked all week and headed home exhausted after work.  In the mailbox was a gift...

A gift from a friend-- wool squares, spools of thread, and a hand-quilted bear paw block.  And for the 15 inch square that it might as well have been a bear hug in stead of paw because that's just what it felt like when I opened it. 

I always want to share quilts with others.  I need to remember this feeling and the thought that it doesn't have to be  a 6 foot square piece to have meaning.  A single quilt block can warm your heart just as well.  

This is from a friend I've never met.  We live in the same state-- shame on us.  But I live in the Upper Peninsula and she's tucked away in the lower part of the 'Mitten'..... One of these days....

Thank You So Much....