Monday, June 29, 2015

Road Trips....

Because this is my quilting diary.  I want to keep things documented correctly.  We went to visit my son and daughter-in-law in March.  I had something for each of their pups-- Monogrammed Dog collars, something for Eric... and I wanted Carolyn to have something as well.

Eric has always been very cautious and stated, " Don't decorate Carolyn's house.... let her do it."  I completely get it and respect what he means.  I still laugh when we are all together and and someone will look at  Carolyn and look at me when we are having a discussion and then turn to Eric and say, " My God, you have married your mother..."  While I don't know how Carolyn feels about it-- I taken it as the utmost in compliments.

Back to the quilt.  It was Wednesday before we were to leave on Friday morning when I whipped up four blocks and quilted the piece. My the end of March-- Everyone will welcome anything that says Springtime....  I was literally stitching down the binding in the car on the road trip. That's why I only have the cell phone pictures.

A little nervous, I thought about what Eric said --- and still remained confident the table topper was the right call....

And it was.  She loved it.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Courtney and Morgan's Journey

She asked me to make a signature quilt for her wedding.  It just needs to have a lot of white space... for 300 people to sign.... There will be plenty of burlap and lace... Navy bridesmaid dresses.  Quilting is a really personal thing for me and the thought of being judged by 300 people made me nauseous,but it was for Courtney.

It's made with Edyta Sitar's pattern Journey....Loved the name.

I embroidered the tag on the back.  They were married in a courthouse because it affect his tour of duty in the service and now they are having the ceremony.

Quilting  has been slow. We've been remodeling our kitchen. Exhausting, but so worth it. Life is busy.