Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We had thunderstorms last evening so the grass got a much needed drink of water. I still had time to play with Ransom and in the garden before it hit. I cooked my first batch of green beans from the garden last night. There’s nothing like fresh vegetables.

I’m still working on the Americana project. I’m doing the embroidery work now. Living where I do, if I want my Mom to get a UPS package the same week I mail it, I have to ship it either Monday or Tuesday or it is the following the week before she sees it. So I missed the window this week, so I’m going to keep working on it till next Monday. I’m at that point to where I want to rush to get through it because I want to start something else. But I give myself the talk----enjoy what you’re doing, be neat, don’t crank it out.---you know the drill.

I have a friend who’s Mom passed away about 6 weeks ago. She was in her 90’s and a quilter. They were going to take her old stuff to Goodwill, but sent me some boxes first. Much of the fabric was dry-rotted but I have about 3 boxes of stuff I kept.

Look at this box.
Chelsey and I marvel at it. Hundreds of little pieces she had cut out for a quilt. My money says they were each cut out individually. The curves make you know there was no rotary cutter used. Chelsey says, “ Mom you have to put it together,” But I still just have more fun looking at the different fabric colors and stacking the pieces in the box. I think it’s pretty safe to say that none of the fabric came from a quilt shop. My guess is the fabric all probably cost less than the designer fabrics. But I just love looking at it.

I wonder:
Why she chose those fabric pieces?
Who the quilt would have been for?
Why she didn’t finish it?
And in her mind, what do you think she picture it to look like?

Look at the lid –
It looks like they tried to sell it for $2.00 and no one wanted it….

1. Vegetables for Supper
2. Money to pre-buy our Propane for winter.
3. Discipline to ‘stick to my guns’ as a parent


quiltpixie said...

it can be so much fun to look through others fabrics. Enjoy :-)

Mama Koch said...

I've inherited such boxes too...aren't they treasures? Have you decided to put it together or not?

Jeanne said...

I enjoyed reading/visiting with you this morning! That box of cut pieces is a treasure. I'm not sure whether I'd decide to make up the quilt, or just savor the box as-is.
Jeanne :)

The Calico Cat said...

I like the look of all of those pieces cut and waiting....

Hanne said...

Are all the pieces the same shape or is there a melon shape in there somewhere too ? I hope you can make something nice from it :-)
Maybe you can gift your mother with the finished product since it came from her friend ? Just a thought........

Finn said...

Hi Mel, I'm really running behind in my reading of blogs...sorry *VBS*
I did just leave a commment down by the 10 miles ride. Gotta scoot for the dentist shortly.

I love that you were able to keep some of the stuff that came your way.
What a fun box to look through, thinking about the person, and what the pieces might have meant to her.
I got a box like that years ago. Bow Tie blocks from my father's oldest sister. She put a note in there, saying that they were made from cutaways she bought from a sewing factory, in CHicago, back in 1939-40.
They aren't wonderful, other than the colors and fabrics. And they are stitched on a treadle. But I think I will be putting them together on of these days. Fun post..thank you..*VBS*

Tazzie said...

Hi Melanie, such a sweet post today. Isn't it special having those quilt pieces, quilts and quilt pieces from the past can just speak. I feel sure that quilters of old had the same attachment to their quilts as we do today.
One thing in your post really stood out for me tho ... it was the tiny bit at the end about sticking to your guns as a parent. Ohhh, I so relate. Please let us have that strength at all times. Who knew that this could sometimes be such a tough job.
*huge hugs*

Shelina said...

It is so much fun to look through fabric someone else has collected. The box might not be something nobody else wanted. Maybe she bought it from a yard sale herself.

Nice for someone to offer precut pieces so you don't have to do all those curves. (Kinda like the winding ways they sell now in batiks).

McIrish Annie said...

I found you through quilt mavericks and have seen you post on Finn's blog. I was reading some of your recent postings and I too am religious about check ups and like you had some things come up which I am currently dealing with. Glad to hear yours were not super serious.

Keep up the good work on the bike. it's nice to do things with the DH!!

Judy said...

I had the same question as Hanne....are there any melons!!?? It's almost too good to mess up, huh?

Joanne said...

How cool! Yes -- someday you have to make those pieces into a quilt!

Fresh green beans are so wonderful, aren't they?! I'm just waiting for our tomatoes to ripen -- and getting anxious. I love fresh tomatoes!

ForestJane said...

Was there any hint as to what pattern she intended for all those pieces?

I'd want to make something with them... more fun to show off the fabrics in a wall hanging than in a quilt!

Does she have any other unfinished quilts that these might be a part of?