Monday, June 30, 2014

Summertime Stitching

Home from Louisiana, our version of Summer is in full swing.

The temps rarely get into the 80's this summer and "Overcast" is our weather man's favorite term.  Not complaining, just merely pointing out what we have to work with this summer.

I've been porch sitting between showers and I've completed Primitive Gathering's first step in the free Stitch-A-Long in honor of their ten year anniversary.

 I used pieces of my fabric stash.  I haven't played with wool in a few seasons so I am really enjoying the change.

Also Lisa Bongean designed her Summer Freebie and I have the first 4 weeks completed on it.

A Mother's Day Gift from Don, I have two weeks of Sunflower Gatherings prepped for road trips.  They lay in my sewing backpack.  More photos to come. I have a full day ahead.

Happy Monday.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Card

I hate the price tags of wrapping paper and cards.  It's not letting go of the money--- It's not really having anything to show for the funds.  I uploaded photos to Walmart and made a card for 97 cents. I was able to use 8 snapshots and plenty of room to write a  letter.  She'll have it as a keepsake with the quilt.

Here's the label on the back.  Stripes help make  the lines straight.

While working on the hand-stitching, a little girl watched while I worked.  She told me that if it were her quilt she'd make a lot of "really great tents".   So on the card I told Chris and Anne I hope that the quilt keeps them warm when they're cold, 
Comforts them if they're sad.
Calms them if they're afraid.

I told them I hope it gets to go to many picnics and gets to swing in a hammock--- And I hope that it gets used for some "really great tents" for a little girl.....

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dixie Gin

My Nephew is getting married soon.  He's getting married here.  I wanted him and his Fiance, Anne, to  have a quilt.  I sat down and started developing a game plan.  Time was a key factor (Isn't it always in my life?!?!?)   I had Don out of town for a week, so my porch became Quilt Command Central to get this project completed.  No time to order fabric - In my true fashion of knowing well in advance, I finally commit with 10 days to complete the project.   I pulled some Georgia Lou pieces from Acorn Quilt Company and Lecien Fabrics that Don had given me for Christmas in 2010.  Why this fabric? -- I thought it looked Southern. 

Making a quilt for someone is such a personal thing for me and at this point, realized how little I knew about Chris and Anne.  I stalked her Pinterest account, and her Facebook account trying to discover patterns-- like and dislikes and looking for some sort of clue as to the kind of quilt they needed.

Because everyone needs a quilt.....
 I knew her wedding plans and saw photos of an empty home she and Chris were purchasing.

I wanted this quilt to have meaning.  Despite how much I don't know, I do know they're special people.
So a quilt name Dixie Gin was created. after the place where they are getting married.

The quilt is 72 x 72.  The crème is a Kona crème Solid. The Georgia Lou Fabric is filled with Sky Blues, Carnation Pinks, a Sage Green, and a neat Cranberry color.  The blocks are album blocks with a scrappy stepping stone border.  The binding is pieced as well--- out of necessity… I had no other big pieces.

The photos.

For years I had admired this old house on a cut-off road outside of Norway MI..  I knew it's where I wanted to take pictures of of the quilt.  Upon further research, ( I was honestly going to ask permission to get on the property for a change) I discovered it is scheduled to be leveled any day.  There was just something about the aqua paint peeling from the boards that said the building was tired and ready to go.  It had weathered a million snow storms… it had endured season after season of hot and cold.  There was just something those painted boards. 

I labelled the quilt and included a wedding card for them....

Story to be continued........

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Stepping Back....

That's just it.  Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to move forward.  I'm still here.  Tons of stuff to write down -- maybe a little at a time.  Life happens---no more no less. This journal is important to me -- In the eight years I've typed things down, I've never been away this long.  We'll take some time and catch up.

I brought my kitchen into the 21st century.  The wallpaper came down.  What I thought it would be a three day project ended up taking a month.  Wallpaper removal is not for sissies... Our entry way still has it.  We'll take care of it...but for now it serves at a reminder to never EVER do wallpaper again.
Those are painted letters -- 'Sometimes we're tested... not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths'.  I live by it.

I wanted a chalkboard, but made the mistake/victory of bring my husband into Hobby Lobby. He refused to pay the 50 bucks for a chalkboard, but came home and made matching chalk/bulletin boards for me instead for ten bucks plus talent/labor/scraps.
The custom drapes and valances came down for handmade by Mel instead.
And the quilt rack became brown.

My Ripley turned two years old.

And my son is getting married in October.

I'm binding a quilt right now and have a couple of wool projects cut out as Summertime and sewing handwork go right together.