Saturday, November 19, 2011

Reading - Quilts

In honor of our quilt block project Sue sent me this awesome book.   It's Edyta Sitar's latest and she does a great job at getting to the heart of quilting.  It even came with a CD of quilt patterns. Completely enjoyed it and I keep going back again and again to go over pages of the book.  It's definitely not a "one time" read.

Before flying out to see my folks I had time for coffee at Barnes & Noble.  I love that it's ok to read things before you purchase.  I loaded up with books and magazines and narrowed  down what I wanted to take on the airplane home to Louisiana.  While I really don't buy into the Organic thing-- I loved this magazine.  I don't hate me.  I believe in taking care of the environment and eating right-- I just don't make my own compost.  I love the pages and in November I love to read stories about what people feel about home.  It's worth the purchase price to read about a home being priceless without costing a million bucks.  What caught my eye was this article:

I've always said Quilting is not just something you do - it's something you are-- You find patterns in everyday life.  You see color combinations in what ever you do.  You find minutes --even seconds --to put needle and thread in your hand-- not necessarily hours.  You know you're a quilter because when someone is happy or they're sad-- the first thing you think of is that they need a quilted something---- You may not have a chance to give it to them but you are positively convinced that a quilted object will capture the happiness for that person to hang onto or repair the sadness and loss that that person feels.  I guess I read articles on the subject because I want someone to put on paper exactly what I feel.  But realistically, it's something that everyone has to feel for themselves....

It's almost Sunday - Almost time for Packer Football - and Quilting.

Hop To It Block-- Each Block A Reminder

This is my Block for October from Edyta Sitar's Hop to It Book.  Hung from my Garden fence -- the rust leaves remind me of Fall.   This was the hardest block to do far.  Sue, Mary & I have been working on a block each month.  Each block reminds me of my garden and reminds me of them.

I'm jumping the gun on November's block because the holidays are upon us.  It's funny how the basket block falls on this month reminding us of the blessings we have and how thankful we should be. Without doubt---I am  thankful for my faith, my family-- Don, Eric, and Chelsey.  I am truly grateful for my home, my job, and my pups.  This time also reminds me the gifts I have in my friends---for Sue and Mary doing this quilt with me.  The gratitudes really stack up because I'm thankful for little things you don't consider everyday-- like walking, reading, and of course ---quilting.

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Soft Place to Land.....

This is the photo that started it.  I loved the quilt from the moment I saw it.  It was a Rail Fence pattern--- only better. I had planned on making Chelsey a quilt for Christmas. I had even purchased pattern and fabric.

What at one time seemed like a federal offense is now pretty common with me.  I changed my mind and decided this was the quilt Chelsey needed.

So here is the fabric---

Not what I would have chosen for myself, but the quilt is not for me.  It's for a fearless twenty one year old-- Incredibly brave--- more than I ever would be.

The blocks have been made

It's going to be bigger than the pattern and I haven't decided on the borders.
Yards and yards of ruffles have been hemmed.

And now the fun part begins-- The ruffles.

Tons of chores to knock out tomorrow... but hopefully more ruffles will be made.  

No Quilting Post......

Yes - I am among the living... I've even quilted some.  I just never have that camera around. 
But tons of stuff has been going on. 

First off--the photo.  I haven't worn heels in probably about ten years.  I completely lusted over these 3 inch heels. They have velvet ribbon and look spectacular on.  After about 3 months of lusting I bought them.  I bought them just because they were red and life would not be the same without these shoes.

We've had our first snow storm-- 6 heavy white stuff.  I was home alone and after trudging home from work I quilted the night away despite the flickering of electricty.

I went to Louisiana.  Vicki-- I ate my weight in Catfish and gumbo. My Mom is in better shape than I have EVER seen her.  She probably is because she has been taking care of my dad.  my Dad--- tough subject.  He's 82 and Pride bigger than Dallas Texas.  I walked lightly because more than anything else-- I knew that I didn't want him to dread me coming home and I didn't want him to remember me fussing about his health and what he needs to do to get better.

My MIL is coming Monday for thanksgiving.  It's going to be wonderful having family for the holiday.  More posts to come --- including quilt pictures.

Don't give up on me....I have really cool shoes....