Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pieced Star Blocks...16 of Them

I finished these Sunday--- Crummy weather has kept me from taking snapshots.  I don't have enough fabric for alternating blocks-- contemplated maybe nine patches...but I think I'll just save them until I can get back to a quilt shop.

I've mostly been doing hand-stitching at night, But I did manage one night of machine quilting.  Slow and steady wins the race.

Talked with Eric this evening. We try to schedule a Wednesday evening phone call each week to stay in touch.

Work is been tough--- just flying under the radar.  Then coming home to what matters....

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Morning....Priorities Straight.

Ripley had his last vaccination for a while this morning.  So Bruno and I load him up and were off to the Vet at 8 a.m. this morning.... This snap shot was taken today after the vet, a bath and all the doggy stuff ran through the washer.  Nothing like clean pups....

Next of the docket for Saturday---Weekly house cleaning-- you know the weekly vacuuming, dusting, bathroom ritual that we all would like to pretend happens by magic.  But first.... I played... I strung up the left over dried apples from last week's Sunday school project.

and I stretched and framed my finished project from Primitive Quilts magazine.

It had an embroidery stitch I had never done before-- completely hooked on it...just looking for another reason to use it!.
 Note:  I actually started AND finished a seasonal project in the SAME season.... A rarity in my life. But--- I accept it and move on-- and it doesn't stop me from projects.  The Winter issue is out--- I've seen pictures of a snowman project I'm just dying to make.....

Now I'll do the housework.... 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Starry Mornings - Early....

Wednesday Morning Don had to be at work at 4:30 AM....So the clock was set for 3:50 am. But you know what it's like when you have an important reason for getting up early... you can't sleep.  You worry you will oversleep...Consequently, our house was up at 3:30 am.  Ripley and Bruno thought it was wonderful!!!

After the initial fit of, " I'm going to die if I don't get some more sleep.." Don assured me that I would live.  It was a choice to make...lay in bed mad at the world, or take advantage of the time..

I opted for a 3:40 am date with Cheerios.  I blew off the work out, and jumped in the shower for clarity.

Then I headed down to my sewing room. Radio playing in the background and puppies wrestling on the carpet I had about an hour and a half of quilt piecing.

Here are the end results:

When I was plundering through my old stash and scraps I found this old Sunshine and Shadow Thimbleberries print that I may calculate and see if I have enough for alternating blocks.  I am working on the stars with a quilter who doesn't blog.  We are both using the Temecula project to work on piecing skills.

So while I did go to bed early Wednesday night --- the day getting up early was completely worth it.....

Monday, October 08, 2012

Monday Morning...

The pups have been heaved into bed with Don..... The three of them are all sacked out.  I've got a big mug of coffee and a few minutes to chat.....
The Great Pumpkin is almost complete.  I have 50 orange berries to stitch around. The original in the 2012 Fall issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects had more of a solid homespun  background - but I used what I had -- I like the plaid.....

Leaf raking is on the docket for this week after work.  Dividing the yard into sections, I'll have it complete by the weekend-- as long as I have good weather. 

I'm going to work with a good attitude today( who am I trying to convince-- you or me????)
 with an hour of Star piecing tonight.

Eric, Chels & Don all traveled this weekend.  Everyone is safe now in their own homes.
Cheetos & Diet Coke
Ripley sleeping through the night...

Saturday, October 06, 2012

The Best Day.....

The Mail box held gifts from Alma Allen of Blackbird Designs.  There was a drawing last week on their blog and I was a lucky girl.  I have a bucket list of quilt designers I want to meet and the girls of Blackbird Designs are on it.-- Given a choice I'd rather meet quilt designers than movie stars--- I'm a dork. This is their new line of fabric.  Cinnamon Spice.  As much as design and color--- the names of fabric lines are important to me.  Even better if there is a story to go with it.

Chelsey came home for Friday and Saturday.  She calls it 'Playing Pinterest'. We go to Pinterest and pick out something fun to do.  The weather was crummy - so today we made homemade puppy treats.

Today was a holiday. It marked Ripley's first snow.

Ripley catching snowflakes with his tongue....

And there's Ripley and Chelsey with Snowflake kisses....

I've stretched my Hop to it quilt on the frame and begun quilting it.  There's hand stitching watching old movies now. My pumpkin piece is over half done. And still another day off... Life is good.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Cottage Flowers

My check list is complete:
Pups' Breakfast.Check.
My Breakfast. Check.
4 Miles on the Elliptical. Check.
Shower. Check.
Make the Bed. Check.

Now I have a few minutes to have coffee and chat.  Keep in mind-- between every step was bathroom breaks for Ripley and tons of hugs for both.  They are my shadows....

Cottage Flowers - These never go out of style and are never out of season.

These are possibly the best examples of needle turn applique I have ever seen.  And I didn't sew a stitch.  I received a complete set of them from Karen. She made an extra set and asked if I would be interested in having them. I was overwhelmed.  When I received the blocks I had star blocks already cut out and a bundle of border fabric.  The generosity of quilters is something special.  I can't even get these down into my sewing room.  I keep them on the corner table and just study them. The applique --- I can't even see stitches...something to shoot for. Again Karen-- thank you ever so much.

The leafs rain daily off the trees in the U.P. as the Color Peak has come and gone.  
Bruno helps with photography.
'"Hello, My name is Ripley-- and I get into mischief."  No hate mail please.  That collar will save his life, because we have deer " like dogs" in our neck of the woods.  He runs into the road chasing them-- The car wins and Ripley loses. I think he's going to be easy to train.

One last picture...
Yep - I'm the dork that loves the leaves being blown into the Covered Porch screen door...It's a beautiful time of the year...

Monday, October 01, 2012

Frames and Mail....

I received a gift I won from Country Loft Quilt Shop. Truthfully I would have been tickled over the crow tissue paper (completely cute!) But I also receive 3 fat quarters of Lynette Anderson fabric.  I've bought fabric, patterns and 3 BOM clubs from the shop. Their packaging  is as nice as the product itself.

I worked on my Pumpkin project yesterday.  Don built me a frame from some lumber he had lying around.  I'm going to paint it black--- sooner than later.  It's warm right now, but there's a chance of snow this weekend.
I cut the Bittersweet out of different colors of orange-- just like I see it on vines.  I thought the frame building was no big deal.  After all, the picture look like 4 pieces glued together.  But Don brings it to a new level...with lapped joints.  

I had delusions of taking notes....and using power tools... and learning to make my own...I'm kind of snickering as I type this..... I think I'll let him be in charge of frames for a  while longer.

The Great Pumpkin....

My handwork for NFL Football on Sunday Afternoon. The Orange wool pieces are from Shakerwood Woolens .  Cathi does a great job with her hand dyeing.  I have even emailed her patterns and said I needed something to go with a part of the pattern and she hooks me up. 
The Ghourd harvest is done and it was a great crop this year. Fun and easy to grow-- just left them climb fences....