Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Cut Out

I started cutting out pieces for my latest project and got discouraged. So I emailed a quilter who had made the same project and asked her advice. That's all it took and I got busy.
Thanks again for the advice....

She had recommended breaking things down into sets of ten. I liked the idea. So doing housework --- I'd cut out 100 pieces and stop and work on the house a little more. Before you know it I'm labelling zip lock bags and have all 1176 pieces cut out for this quilt. Tonight, hopefully I start half-square triangles. I plan on --again-- breaking things down in sets--- rather than being overwhemed by thehugs undertaking. Yep-- you'll probably be sick of me talking about it before it's over with....

This weekend. Chelsey was home about 10:30 Saturday night. She's still got the cold-bug she's had. She's been tested for H1N1, but she's just got the oldfashioned, vanilla flavored cold. The pups were thrilled to see her. But I was even more glad. I got up early Sunday and cooked a huge lunch and left instructions for oven times and temps for her. I went off to church and an outstanding sunday school class. Came home to Chelsey and football. I snuck in the afternoon nap while she was at a friends. When she got home we cooked spaghetti and then watched 'The secret life of Bees." If you haven't seen it... you must. It's a great story.

I talked with Eric... he's out healing the world giving out flu vaccines or testing people's sugar counts or something. They really make the students focus on volunteer hours. He's got a life and he's living it to the most.

The weather was cold, dreary, and rainy... but you couldn't tell it by my attiude -- it was perfect for quilting. Again-- watch that movie....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quilting Catch Up

OK – I’ve decided it’s a lot of work taking care of yourself….while I haven’t got it quite mastered, I’m improving at it all the time. It’s catch up time. Three weeks ago.. Let’s start.

I went to a quilt show in a neighboring town that Saturday. Fun--- I love admiring others work. There wasn’t an ugly quilt there. While it was a small show, they even had a section for children making kids quilts. I always say that if we don’t teach the next generation the art of quilting it will die out. The one thing I wished that they had done was to include something from the artist as to why each quilt was created. Quilting is kind of this “soulful” experience for me and as much as I love the piece itself I love knowing what inspired the quilter.

Two weekends ago I went with a friend down to the Green Bay-Appleton area with our own version of a shop hop. We hit 3 quilt shops and had a ball. She’s a relatively new quilter—but very talented. She belongs to guilds and does a ton of charity work. I had been to the three quilt shops before. But it was amazing seeing things through her eyes. It’s the first time I ever went fabric shopping with someone other than my Mom or Chelsey. I figured with Quilt Market going on shelves may be bare, but they weren’t and it was so much fun. We went to Primitive Gatherings and I purchased this book. I have all of Lisa Bongean’s books. It even has recipes in it. My friend kind of shys away from books, but I assured her this was an afternoon date. I cup of coffee and I could get lost of hours studying her book. We Went to Piece by Piece in Appleton. With 20-foot ceilings they have quilts covering the walls. I’m going to attempt Lynda Hall’s Gathering Basket Quilt, so I’m collecting navy and tan fat quarters. This was my purchase there. We had lunch, hit a craft store and in Green Bay toured Quilter’s Connection. I always talk about quilts and fabric talking to me. Living in the Northwoods, I have my collection of pumpkin and snowman quilts. I always feel that as short as spring and summer are, I don’t have much to display. I saw this bundle of fabric with a pattern included. It’s muted pastels just said ‘Spring Time’ to me. If I make it and it seems to bright I can always tea dye it to fit a “cabin” spring . I’m working on Eric a scrappy quilt and scooped up red fat quarters whenever I saw them.

I’d been saving my Coke bottle money, rebate checks, any added chunk of change I could find, for a while. I think I’m set for quilting for the winter. I can’t even pick a favorite store. My friend is not really a traditional quilter. Every store had a variety of styles and she found great ideas and purchases for the winter. We are already penciling in our spring-time trip…

Friday, October 09, 2009

Wreaths and Angels

I’ve been intending to post all week. I’m just now finally getting a chance to hit the keyboard. I’ve been working on my Baskets of Life BOM. Here are two more completed blocks.
The Turbin Squash in the corner came from my garden. I love the colors. They’re kind of small, but for a first attempt and a really cool summer, I think they’re pretty slick.

The buggy is ready for the season. I made the wreath hanging in front. If you look closely you’ll see it’s made from old Barbed wire. Safety note—I used gloves when working with the wire, as I didn’t want rusty pokes. My bicycle has moved to the light post.
It was surrounded by Chrysanthemums until the deer had a feast one night.

Yesterday I received a surprise in the mail – an awesome Quilter’s Angel holding a thimble.
It was a “hug” just when I need it. The fabric is fat quarters from Buggy Barn’s newest line. Thanks again Karen. Your kindness will be truly remembered. I hope to pass it on to others….

Angels – both the “Quilted” and the “Quilter” ones
A good night’s rest
The weekend ahead

Saturday, October 03, 2009

A Pinwheel Tablecloth

I’ve been busy --- but there’s been tons of sewing going on. It’s a bad picture. But I’ll take a better one when it’s quilted. I finished my pinwheel tablecloth. I’m definitely running a season behind….but maybe we’ll get an Indian summer day.

I’m not a perfectionist, but I’ve been working on quilt blocks being better than just “good enough”. Before I started this piece I read a lot about making pinwheel blocks. I took pictures of the method I used. And while my points aren’t perfect--- I’m really pleased.

I started with a charm square and the same size piece of muslin.

I drew an X point to point.

Then I stitched right on top of that line..

Next, I cut top to bottom and side to side..

When you open the fabric pieces, you have a great half-square triangle. I used my quarter-inch foot on my machine and game up with the pinwheel blocks.

My quilt was made with two 40 piece charm packs plus 1 block out of the border fabric. The quilt finishes nine blocks by nine blocks, with borders, 54 inches square.

I emptied all the junk out of Eric’s room. Just piles of stuff I don’t think he’ll miss. I got tired of my kitchen being trashed with things only a quilter would appreciate. I moved my machine and ironing board in his room. He won’t be home until Thanksgiving. I even have three windows…. I’m still debating on telling him….
There’s a quilt show in a neighboring town. I’m going to knock out the weekly cleaning and go. I’ll bring my camera. I’m looking forward to it.

It’s supposed to rain for the next six days. I’ve got some painting---- and quilting--- to keep me busy.

Have a good weekend –
Understanding sons (maybe)
Pups to keep me company