Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eric surprised us and came home for a couple of days--- Just what the family needed. Everyone was “jockey-ing” for time with him. If that kid doesn’t feel loved--- he won’t ever…. Even Ransom was in on the act.

So I just got a couple of stitches in last night.
The Ladybug Postcard will be for Don’s cousin that just recently had a baby. I was hoping for a baby quilt to be made for her, but it’s just not happening right now. But she will get a postcard welcoming her into the world. Amanda did the baby’s room in Ladybugs. The other postcard will be for a couple of friends that recently lost their husbands. I made two just a like of that one.
Never easy.

We have Chelsey’s softball game tonight, so it’s pretty safe to say that I won’t have much time for sewing. But It’ll be there when I do get the chance.

Scholarship Money for Chelsey—easing burdens ahead.
Safe travel for Eric coming home
First Cherry tomatoes of the season

Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer is fleeing and I’m trying to cram as much into it as I can. In the Upper Peninsula I find myself trying to enjoy the outside weather as much as I can because the winters keep us really sheltered inside. I was talking to my Mom about the great summer but how at the same time I haven’t sewn as much as I would like to. Just not enough hours in the day…. She keeps me grounded and reminds me I have all winter to sew. But when you are a Quilter---It’s just not a seasonal activity for you…we all just have to find balance I guess. I’ve been working on My Journey of a Quilter block, but I hit a roadblock when I ran out of thread.
My Mom is rescuing me and mailing me DMC 838, as our Wal-Mart doesn’t carry it and it was our only source for thread. Another example of little things you should never take for granted….

I picked my first mess of green beans on Sunday.
I’m cooking them tonight. I have one tomato ready to pick but the rest are still pretty green.
Here’s a snapshot from my front flowerbed. It’s on the North side of the house and is shaded all but a couple hours of the day.
I just love impatiens. Marigolds line the garden fence.
This geranium has been my rescue project for the summer. It almost died on me, and I’ve nursed it back to health most of the summer. I think it’s just a beautiful color.

Last night Don & I road our bicycles to supper. We grabbed a sandwich at a local restaurant and rode home. We’ve only had one day over ninety degrees, the remainder hovering at around 80. The windows and doors were open all weekend, gathering fresh air through the house.

I’ve almost completed 6 fabric postcards, maybe snapshots tomorrow. I’ve also been working on a few things for Chelsey to take to school, 24 days away… Ransom entertained us all weekend. We’ve been doing some target shooting on the back of the property. He’s a born hunter and dances when the rifles come out. It’s been years since I shot a rifle. Don and I had fun and my aim is getting better all the time….

Looking back over this post… Summer is being filled with all of the good stuff… Have a good week.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life – you get out of it what you put into it. I’ve reminded myself this several times this week, so I’m having a pretty good week. On the way home from work Tuesday I pulled over to the side of the road and picked a batch of Black-eyed Susans
for the kitchen table--- first of the season. Don’s been working late so Ransom and I have been trekking out daily on our own. It’s been threatening a thunderstorm or two each evening, but always misses us. The wind knocked down these acorns before they were ready…

Quilting---this wasn’t on my list, but I couldn’t resist. It’s a Needle case. It’s from a free pattern of Cinderberry Stitches. Linda had made one.
I had not even heard of a needle case until about a year ago. My needles are stored on spools of thread, bulletin boards, pattern sheets… hit or miss.
It’s discovery mission every time I need one. I had printed and studied the pattern for while. Then Linda encouraged me to do it. The embroidery was a piece of cake. I think my stitches are getting better. Practice is definitely the answer. The assembly instructions weren’t easy for me, I’m a visual person, but when I took it a step at a time at “acted in faith”, took everything literally and was careful not to read too much into each step. It worked--- and I now have my very own needle case. After work tonight, I’m going collecting my needles . I never really considered myself a ‘Blue’ person, but the thread and fabric called me. The project was fun and easy--- I recommend it to everyone.

I’m about to make my lunch—a ham sandwich, mayonnaise only--- grab my coffee, and head out to the hangar….

Monday, July 14, 2008

Two blocks completed this weekend. My July House sampler block looks a little off sides but after the seam allowances are taken up I think it will look fine.

My Capricorn Quilts BOM is set for July too.

It’s now the 14th of the month and I’m going to spend the remainder of the month on 3 things/ maybe 4:
A Baby Quilt
Journey of a Quilter BOM
Connecting the blocks on my Primitive garden.

Realistically, I’ll probably get one thing done off the list unless we have an incredibly rainy July. But it’s nice to know I’m never short on entertainment.

Eric made in safely back downstate. It was hard to see him go. He was home for 5 days, but it just wasn’t long enough. Went to church yesterday. There were 9 kids in my Sunday school class. They’ll promote in about 9 weeks. You can tell they’re growing and ready to move on. You get them broke into the routine and then you have to give’em up. I guess that’s the way it is with most things in life.

Green tomatoes, green beans and inch long, and quarter size green peppers in the garden--- it’s come along nicely.

Ransom and I got 3 good walks in over the weekend. We need to get out and pick flowers for the table this evening.

Thought for the week: Value. What is Value? What do you give Value to? Have you ever been told you have Value?

My Gratitudes:
Vanilla Milkshakes
My K Swiss Tennis Shoes
My thermos of Coffee this morning—Will get me through the day

Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday evening—I made it to the weekend. Eric came home Wednesday for a few days and I don’t think I slept as good as I did Wednesday night in a long time. There’s just something about having all your kids under one roof --- no matter how old they are.
Quilting business first.
Here is my Four Season BOM Summer house. I love each block every month. I had spotted this wheelbarrow set up in someone’s yard on our bike rides. So today after work, my camera and I went trespassing and grabbed a couple of snapshots. The clothes pin at the bottom holds it still and the wind kept tossing it around.

I took the water hose to the garden this evening. The rain keeps missing us and it looked pretty thirsty. I planted a coneflower perennial.
The stem keeps shooting off new flowers. I Hope it survives our cold winters and comes back each year.

Both kids went to Green Bay together today. We’ve all been fighting for time with Eric. Chelsey decided a road trip was the best way not to have to share. Hey—I’m glad they’re such good friends.

Don and Eric have movie plans tomorrow so I’ll get some time for sewing.
I sent my Sunday school class letters this week. It was the first time in about five weeks. I’ve never gone that long without writing them. I guess I’ve kind of been going through a dry spell…but maybe it’s over. I kind of feel like I’m getting back into the groove of things.

I’d like to make some post cards this weekend. Maybe it’ll happen. But there are so many parts of summer to enjoy….

Have a great weekend.

Friday, July 04, 2008

It’s Independence Day… The beginning of a three day weekend. As I lay in bed this morning, (6:30am as compared to the usually Friday 4:30 am) I contemplated the upcoming day. For the first time in about twelve years I had no child in the town Fourth of July Parade. I guess it’s a sign of things ahead and the many changes to come. As a quiet reflection I decided not to attend the parade but yet sit back and remember good memories of the past. I got up with Ransom, and stitched until Don awoke.

Don and I ran three miles and began our day. Eric is away at school and Chelsey ran frantically to meet friends for the parade and a day at the lake. It would be just Don and I --- and Ransom for the day. We ate on the back Covered Porch.
The Daisies grow wild in our woods. Ransom and I picked a bundle. Lunch was grilled shrimp and steamed vegetables followed by a lazy afternoon nap.

We woke to our afternoon pot of coffee on the porch. Funny—we both find ourselves pondering the next few months ahead.. not with dread..just with curiosity.

Ransom and I are off to the garden to battle the weeds. Don is staining one of the 7 six panel doors for the upstairs. It’s our ---scratch that----his home improvement project for the summer. They’re just beautiful… We’ve got a two mile run with Ransom this evening and our bike ride on the docket….oh and I plan on talking Don into Ice cream.

Enjoy your weekend--- these summer days pass so quickly

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I did it… My goal was to get caught up on my Block of the month projects by June 30th and I did it. I even had a few hours to spare. My house sampler has 6 months together now--- The neighborhood is growing.
I love every thing about it-- The fabrics, their colors and the ease at which this piece goes together.

Summer is in full swing now. Here is an early morning photo of a perennial in my garden.

The flowers close up every night and reopen during the day. I just love the yellow.

I didn’t share it at first because I was too upset. Then it got to the point where in the grand scheme of things it really didn’t matter. But now I can talk about it. We’re going to say someone borrowed my bike and forgot to return it. Don refuses to let me throw a tantrum and scream someone stole my bicycle. So we are going to hang onto the premise that it was borrowed. I was crushed. It had been a birthday gift and while it wasn’t the most expensive bike on the market, it wasn't the cheapest either. For a couple weeks after the discovery I road Chelsey’s bike and decided I’d mourn for a year and possibly replace the vehicle in 2009. After all, we can only ride about 4 months a year. Well, Don came home from the store one day---“I found something you need…” We went and looked….he said---“Mel, it looks just like you…” I was in love. It was a boy’s bike, less than $100 bucks and it came home with me. The borrowers did not need my basket so after a red spray painting it has been attached to it’s new home. Now having over 100 miles across the wheels—I’m sharing a photo…My New Bike….

Chelsey has now described me as a “Cute Dork…” She’s probably correct, but man--- it’s a great bike…One speed, pedal brakes, and a basket…..