Monday, July 17, 2006

Work was pretty tough today. The heat pressed everyone’s nerves. My office is in the back of the hangar with the mechanics. When I first started working there they offered me a window unit air conditioner. I was having a tough enough time changing jobs without locking myself away in an air conditioned office while everyone else suffered. Team play was real important thing to me, so I passed on the A/C.

The best news is Don called and he’s getting us air conditioning. By next week it will be it will be installed. I feel like it’s Christmas. Twenty years of living in the U.P. and I’m getting central air. Either the heat is really unbearable or we’re getting old….or maybe a combination of both.

I’ve got the label on my mother-in-law’s gift and I’m shipping it out tomorrow.
As for as quilting goes, I took everyone’s advice. I’m not trying to make entire quilt every time I sit down at the sewing machine. Baby steps. I worked on my Americana Appliqué project. There are 10 colors in the appliqué, I figure I would try to get 2 or 3 a night. Baby steps. I still feel accomplished.

My prayers are still with Judy and her family in the loss of her nephew. You never get ready to lose those you love.

Until tomorrow – live up today.


quiltpixie said...

team playing really does pay off, but boy sometimes the cost seems pretty high huh? :-) Hope your A/C at home helps

Tazzie said...

Interesting ... it's amazing how peoples positive thoughts to cool down your heatwave have resulted in a whole different outcome! You'll love your air conditioning, and you'll love hubby just that little more each time you need to use it *s*
I'm glad you're feeling accomplished ... we all have days where we don't feel like we've gotten anything done, but if you look back over a month, it's amazing how much we can achieve in life!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Well, I pinned 2 seams together yesterday and that was the extent of my sewing - but it was something! So - baby steps are good - remember the story where the Turtle won the race over the Rabbit?

You comment about getting older and A/C made me remember - about 7 years ago when a huge heat wave hit I came home and found my huge window A/C GONE! Turns out my DH (we weren't married then though) had brought it to 2 older ladies we were friends with - he was so worried they would drop from the heat. Of course, it was so hot that there wasn't even a little fan to be had in the stores! Anyway - I hope you enjoy your A/C when you get it - no matter what your age extreme heat can be so zapping.



Linda_J said...

apparently it does not usually get that hot for that many days in a row in your area or there would be a/c everywhere? I know I froze my butt off at Mackinac Island and Sault Ste. Marie in August one year.

I guess we all get used to anything over time but I think the sharp fluctuations are what get you. No wonder tempers are flaring or productivity suffering.

Welcome to the effects of global warming?

Terrific about the finish, Marcie--baby steps will get the job done when they add up.

Shelina said...

Glad you have a/c now. Comfort is nice. :) Babysteps are definitely the way to go with everything. I used to make projects out of every little task, and never find the time to actualy get to any project. Now, I just do little things as they come to me, and overall, I have made much more progress this way.

ForestJane said...

The only thing I'd add to that label is your last name and possibly the city, state where you made the quilt.

You read so much about people trying to authenticate quilts 50+ years later, and they're saying stuff like, "We have the initials JMR, but don't know if it was Cousin Jane or Aunt Jill." So the more you can include on the label, the better!

Maureen said...

Melanie you'll love the a/c! A few years ago we installed a window unit in our cottage in Door County after years without it...last summer...we installed central a/c! Yes, global warming it's gotta be!

I really like your advise about Baby Steps...I need to do that!! I'm overwhelmed.

kim said...

It's funny you mention baby steps- I just posted about 'life getting in the way' of my plans for my sewing time. I guess I will have lots of projects to finish when I retire :-). I love pumpkins and the flag quilt!

Enjoy the A/C- it a wonderful thing!

Jeanne said...

The combination of global warming plus my middle-age internal power surges is NOT a good thing! Keep cool!
Jeanne :)

Laurie Ann said...

Ah, baby steps. My favorite way to accomplish anything! Good job!

Joanne said...

Congrats on the air! Ours was turned off today for the first time in a week -- well actually last night when the power went off during the storm for 2 hours. At least the storm reduced the humidity temporarily. I think as we get older, we have a harder time with the humidity more than the heat.

Peggy said...

just found your blog and have enjoyed reading and seeing your photos!

Laura said...

So glad to hear you are getting air conditioning. We have never had central air and it really never bothered me, that is until the past couple of years. I do believe as I have aged I have not been as tolerable of the weather changes as I had been in younger years.

Sølvi said...

Baby steps are good and gives good results :-)

Barbara said...

Wow great quilt for you MIL the colors...and the tags with it are great! Good luck with the AC!