Friday, June 30, 2006

It’s been four days since my last posting. Yes, and four days since I’ve done any quilting. I think I’ve got the ‘Quilter’s Shakes’ from not being in my sewing room. But I guess it’s all part of the keeping things in the right perspective.

Monday night we went to a retirement party for someone retiring in Don’s office. It was a fun. It was a cookout at a cabin on a small lake near here. The cabin was quaint. But you know me; in my mind I was immediately thinking of places where there should be quilts.

Tuesday night, it was just Don and I. We went to a Little League game for a kid who’s dad work’s with Don. Twenty years ago, we were the youngest couple in Don’s office, now we’re pretty close to one of the oldest. Time stands still for no one. Again, it was lots of fun. I was impressed with the sportsmanship of the kids and parents in a playoff situation.

Wednesday--- We went to Green Bay --- and Picked up Eric from his trip to France. It’s like he aged five years. He seemed so grown up. But we still hugged me and picked me up when he was in the airport (those sons are the greatest!!!) He had lots of stories and pictures to share. I think France is definitely on the ‘To do’ list one day. It’s makes me realize how young the USA really is.

While in Green Bay I picked up a new pattern.

It’s by Buggy Barn called Heart Crazies. I used to be a poster child for ‘Thimbleberries’. The little quilt shop in town carried every line and the colors were beautiful. But now when I study all the scrap quilts on line, I’m hooked. This pattern will make a great scrap quilt. I’m thinking of using yellows --- something different. I need to start remembering my camera more. I wanted to show you pictures of the Quilt shop I like.

I’ve done a lot of talking with Chelsey. She’s coming around and really picking up the ‘slack’ around the house. I think every day she’s learning more. She’s got a couple of interviews and follow-ups to do today.

No – I haven’t done any quilting this week, but I have a couple of quilt patterns by the bed, I look over them every night planning things and studying techniques --- makes for good dreaming----

You’re grinning now ---

1. A great week at work.
2. Eric’s safe arrival home
3. Crickets – for luck
4. Chocolate chip cookies


computerpeach said...

Glad your son is home safe! I have two Buggy Barn Patterns on my "to-do" list as well...

Finn said...

Hi Melanie, it's a really neat pattern, and I certainly can see the appeal in whatever color.
So glad to hear Eric is back on American soil, and all the better for the experience...gosh, it's awesome to see them achieve these things, isn't it???
Hope you find some quilty or sewing time over the long weekend. Hugs, Finn
Was just thinking about GB, and trying to remember if there were any quilt shops there when we lived in Oconto. I sure can remember drs offices tho...but I'm not coming up with any thing at all. Wonder where I bought fabric back between '72 and '84??? Wasn't making quilts much yet,but I was sewing for the kids...hmmmmmmm?

Laura said...

Glad to hear Eric made it back safely. What a lifelong memory for him!

KCQuilter said...

Oooh, the Heart Crazies will be a beauty. Glad your son made it back safely! What a great experience for him!

Fiona said...

Neat looking pattern - I have a pile of quilt books by the side of my bed too...if only we had more time!

The Calico Cat said...

Love that buggy barn pattern - I have one (buggy barn CATS) in line - Might be my Project Spectrum August (neutral) quilt. :o)

Dawn said...

Oh you will have fun with the buggy barn quilt! I've done a few and love them.