Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Rough night on the home front. Parents don’t get the luxury of being exhausted when raising teenagers. Parenting is a Participative Sport to say the least. A tedious day a work, a barking dog, and very short fuses join together for a tough mix. I think we just need to slow down a little and re-group. I have a friend always tell me that raising teenagers is hard because you remember what it was like when you were a teenager… probably some truth to that.

Here is some therapy. It needs ironing big-time but I didn’t have time to do this post before work AND iron, so I decide to type instead. It’s the table runner for my mother-in-law. The next step is to appliqué pumpkins and leaves on each end. No – I don’t like it either. Maybe it’ll be better once it’s ironed and appliquéd and quilted. But I never like things as I work on them. It’s an exercise in patience and fortitude. Fortitude to give it a chance and complete the project. Patience in that I only get to work on it a little at a time so it bugs me for a while and I have to deal with it. My ‘Ma-in-Law’s’ kitchen is navy and she has a pine kitchen table. I’m not giving up on the runner yet.

Eric will be home in 8 days – not that I’m counting. Today is his last day with the French family. We’ve done email and on-line chats with him this weekend. The ‘Mommy’ thing kicks in and you want to tell him to check under beds for his junk, or to look in the shower for stuff. But at the same time, I realize I half to let him grow up. Letting go is tough.

Eight kids in Sunday school this week. It was Father’s day, we made Peanut Bags that said “I’m Nuts about my Dad!!” They were shelling and eating as many as they placed in bags. It’s was funny. Definitely a good part of the weekend.

I don’t need to be late for work.

Until tomorrow – live up today

1. Sharpie markers – my favorite
2. Ransom – never too tired to wag with tail
3. Bird feeders – Invite birds to make music, no electricity required.


anne bebbington said...

I'm sure it will look lovely once you've got the pumpkins and leaves on it - and it will go with the kitchen and best of all you've sstitched it with love for her

Finn said...

Great post Melanie, *VBS* I'm glad you posted instead of ironing.
It's often a challenge to do something for some one else's house. I'm sooo much happier if I can just make what I want, and if they like it, fine. But life doesn't always work that way.
I think it will be great when you get it finished..you are off to a good start..*VBS*
Ya...hard to let go of the young ones as they leave the nest. Have to tell you, it was just as hard, or harder when it was #5. I thought it was as bad as it gets when #1 was out and mostly on her own...nope! Each one seems to have one particular thing we worry about for them. Hang in there. France was a big step away from home!!