Friday, June 16, 2006

Plaid Flowers was made a few of years ago. It was machine-pieced and hand-quilted, probably hand-quilted in the car between piano, dance or karate lessons. When I went back to work full time I thought I'd never quilt again. Going back to work was the right choice for my family, but tough on free time. This piece reminds me- when there's a will, there's a way. I wanted to quilt but recognized I'd never complete a large piece. This quilt teaches me that with compromise you have have the best of both worlds. Life got easier. I got a handle on the job, the kids learned to drive, and in turn got time to quilt.

I'm bumbed that I didn't get every thing I wanted to get done this week accomplished, but the weekend is almost here.

Enjoy your weekend - where ever you are.

Gratitudes -
1. Butterflies
2. The braces Chelsey wears for her teeth - even though they hurt sometimes.
3. Chocolate Almond Ice Cream


KCQuilter said...

That is absolutely adorable! Such a folk-arty look. Glad you are finding more time to quilt!

Patti said...

I've always been madly in love with plaids - I think your wall hanging is perfect! I'm so glad you are finding even a little time to quilt.

anne bebbington said...

What a lovely wallhanging - I do so love the 'plaid' look. I, like you, am a full time working mum or should that read juggling mum but hey some things will always wait and you have to have some 'me' time

Fiona said...

Oh I DO like that quilt, it's got such a friendly feeling to it. I work full time too, though I would love to back to work part time, but everyone has to find just a little time for the things they want to do.

Laura said...

Great little quilt!

Cathi said...

Thanks for saying hello on my blog! You've got some great stuff here, will have to look back at more of the posts!

I love this quilt. I saw a similar one with photos in the center of the flowers, and might use this more folk arty look and make one for my mom with photos of her granddaughters (and one with regular flowers for myself!!)