Sunday, June 11, 2006

O.K., It’s the French confession. I’ve said before I do an incredible juggling act to balance everything I do in an every day life. When I started making the quilt for my son’s hostess family, I picked fabrics with loving care. I’m not an addict (at least I don’t think so) but every piece is precious. I can pretty much tell you where every piece of fabric I have came from. You all have shared stories of people’s reactions when you give them a quilt you’ve made with your own two hands. Time is precious, the fabric is precious, and the labor poured into a quilt is precious. Though my intentions were good, I kept thinking, I don’t have time to make people I know quilts---I’m giving this quilt to complete strangers, what if… they don’t like it????

Sooooo, the extra blocks became a safety net…It kept me focused on the plan and made it easier to let go. Hey, it worked. It even made it seem like not such a big deal. And Eric seemed real proud of it as he packed. If anything, it was a gift for him.

And I’ve decided to use the remainder blocks for another gift giving opportunity. There have been times when someone needed a quilt. A friend was in a car accident; someone’s mother passed away; I had a friend whose son went to Iraq; all great chances to let someone know you care. It felt so good to give the quilt away. I just can’t whip up a quilt. But I can make one and save it for 'just in case'.

I haven’t written in three days. I have missed it. It’s so funny how quickly habits are formed. But I bet there has been it least a dozen times that I said, “Hey, I need to write that down.”
Hang in there, Have a good week.

Until tomorrow--- Live up today---

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