Friday, June 02, 2006

School’s out. It’s Friday and Pay Day, when you’re a teenager does it get any better?!?!
The quilt below was made for my daughter’s room when she was about 2 years old. Every block was hand quilted.

There was the brass queen size bed that changed from the guestroom to her room. There was pastel country bunny wallpaper—in cute country wagons, I think. The quilt completed the picture of Sugar and Spice and everything nice. Today the quilt is in the linen closet. Not because it’s worn out or because furniture changed. My daughter just grew up. Today her room is bright orange, vivid purple, and brilliant green. Quite a contrast—yes?!?. You walk into her territory and without a doubt it’s her. There are snapshots of friends on every wall, stuffed animals for every occasion, and dried dance flowers too dear to part with. She may have been the pastel blue, pink and green once, but animated colors definitely fit her now.

But I’m still holding onto this quilt, because I can remember when……


anne bebbington said...

You know - she might be into brights and everything garish right now - but I'll lay any money on it in times to come when she's met the right person and they set up a place of their own that this quilt will come out of that cupboard and regain it's rightful place of honour again :o) It's lovely - so nice to have memories

Finn said...

The quilt you made for her is a priceless treasure, and will just grow more dear with age. In the distant future, a time when you can say to a sweet little granddaughter, "this is the quilt that used to be on your Mommy's bed when she was little". Trust me, it goes from 5 to 35 in the blink of an eye..*VBS* I continue to be astonished that the DD#1 whom I saw graduate just a short time ago(it seems) will be turning 39 this year. Where does the time go???? Hugs, Finn