Thursday, June 15, 2006

I wanted to jump in on the ABC's so here goes...
Accent – Southern, I don’t want to lose it…
Booze – Brandy, Old–fashioned
Chore – Dusting- hate it
Dog/cat – Ransom, the lab/mutt, that’s a movie star in our hearts
Essential electronics – My sewing machine, laptop
Favorite perfume – Obsession, the only thing I’ve worn for years- it’s a trademark.
Gold/silver – Yes to both, but classic pieces only, Not real trendy with jewelry
Hometown – Alexandria, La., deep south
Insomnia – never, can drink a pot of coffee and go down like the titanic
Job title – Director of Materials, for an aviation company
Kid(s) - Two teenagers, One each flavor
Living arrangements – ranch house out the outskirts of a small town (I pretend it’s a cottage in the woods- the imagination is a great thing)
Most admirable trait – I hope it’s that I’m finding the bright side when things suck the most.
Number of countries visited – Just Canada
Overnight hospital stays - Four in my adult life: two kids, two surgeries
Phobias – Heights, water when I can’t see the other side of the lake
Quote – I have 2- “Well-behaved women seldom make history” “ You can’t make someone love you, all you can do is be someone they can love…”
Religion – Baptist, 3 or four generations worth.
Siblings - One brother, A year and a day younger, but we’re not at all close.
Time you usually wake - 4:30 am, 6:00 am on weekends
Unusual talent – can’t come up with anything…maybe Sudoku puzzles
Vegetable I refuse to eat – brussel sprouts, asparagus, beans that aren't green.
Worst habit – Not subtracting my checkbook, infuriates my husband
X-rays – teeth, mammograms… religiously faithful. My grandmother had breast cancer. My mom always panics when she goes to have hers done. I always tell her, “Mom relax, It’s one of those things that skips a generation… you’re in the clear.”
Yummy foods I make – Spaghetti, Apple nut cake
Zodiac – Pisces, and a hopeless romantic.


anne bebbington said...

Is there a mold? you ask - probably not - but in my experience they're just always thooughly nice people :o)

The Calico Cat said...

Care to share you apple nut cake recipe?

Nice to "meet" you.