Monday, June 05, 2006

I had a great weekend. The weather was gorgeous. I went to the graduation party of a future Sports Agent, Sports Trainer, and Teacher. Will they succeed? I don’t know, but I think it’s wonderful that they have dreams and aspirations and are willing to take the steps to make their dreams realities.

I worked diligently on “The French Quilt”. By Wednesday, I’ll have pictures. At least I better; Eric leaves on a plane to France Thursday, so he’ll need to have it with him. I have just one line of the border and the binding to do. More on that later.

I had 13 kids with Sunday school. We began a new quarter. I’ve got 16 on roll. The class keeps growing. When I was a little girl, I never played dolls, I lined them up and taught them school. Never played ‘Barbie’s’, but I did have a log book of homemade lesson plans to teach them. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, but growing up in Louisiana in the 60’s and 70’s my folks did not feel it would be the job for me to have. They never had any idea that I’d ever move across the country. So I majored in Computer Science. But somehow the ‘Teacher thing’ always came through. I’ve taught for a few universities. I’ve done software training at every place I’ve ever worked. The job I have now pays more than a schoolteacher and my Sunday school kids fill the need to teach. I guess it’s a nice compromise.

Please don’t fault me for the money comment because, it’s like my son’s always says “That’s why they call it work, it’s not supposed to be fun. You wouldn’t do it for free. That’s why they pay you. Get over it Mom…. Everybody works.”

I provide for my family (and quilting habits) and yet still get to do the thing I love.

I better get busy but I wanted to write down something I heard Saturday.

‘For people with faith, no explanation is needed, for people without faith—no explanation will do.’ Something to think about…..

Until tomorrow---


KCQuilter said...

I loved your comments about teaching. I, too, "taught" my dolls when I was a kid. I had little cards with all their names on them and "took roll"--what a fun memory. I actually did teach school for 30 years and it was a rewarding career, not financially but soulwise! Sounds like you have the best of both worlds.

Finn said...

Great post Melanie, and being part of a family who "taught", I can sure identify with the money part. It must be a situation they accept, cause it sure hasn't changed in keeping up with the times. In our first school(in MI) it was really sad that the kids graduating at 18, could go to Saginaw(Steering Gear) or Flint and early nearly double what the teachers were making at that time.

It's hard with college loans to be repaid, to have that 18 year old come back and rub your nose in the salary difference. But not hard enough to leave teaching...thank goodness..*VBS*

ama said...

I like yourself had to find alternate outlets for the inner teacher. I am fortunate that some of those outlets pay but many don't. I appreaciate what you said about making a living. I am the principal bread earner in family and while I may not love what I do, I do it well and it supports us.