Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday is a better day, definitely. Chelsey has leads on a couple of jobs that we went on after church. She woke up and realized she had no income for some things she wanted. She’s admitted she’s learned something already. Thanks for the pep talk girls. Saturday was one of those “Mama said there would be days like this…” kind of days. I’m glad it is Sunday.

I had 13 kids in Sunday school. We had another sewing lesson. We had the story of Aquilla and Priscilla the tent makers. It was fun. After church we went biking – slowly this time and Ransom ran along side. Chelsey and Don are runners and Don didn’t want her running alone on these country roads. So he trained Ransom to run along without a lead and to stop at road crossing and keep up. He does real well.

This afternoon I worked on the birthday gift again.

The pumpkins are really bringing it to life. I’ve decided to do some of that ‘Maverick’ stuff and add some fall leaves to it as well. Then I’ll stretch it and quilt.

We did do some fun stuff this weekend. We went to see “the Lake house” with Sandra Bullock. It was an OK show, but I’m not recommending it. Don was pretty miserable. We did rent “Eight Below” Saturday night and it was outstanding. If you are a dog lover it is a MUST see. I loved it.

Until Tomorrow – Live up today –

1. Sunday Bakery – Apple walnut cinnamon bread
2. Afternoon rains watering the garden
3. Internet friends – knowing just what to type.


Katie said...

Hi Yooper! Just found your blog site and love it and will be back to read more. I'm a troll who grew up in the thumb and now live in the Flint area. We have lots of beautiful country in our state but yours is the very best. (For anyone who doesn't understand: We are both from Michigan. Yoopers live in UP ((Upper Pensinula)), that is above the Big Mac (not a hamburger but a bridge) and trolls live "under the bridge". Lower MI is shaped like a mitten and I lived in the thumb.)

Fiona said...

Those pumpkins really lift the runner. Glad you had a better day - the Stromboli I made for tea yesterday was delicious - thanks for the recipe.

Jeanne said...

Any luck with the job hunt?

Leaves and pumpkins -- aaaah, fall!!!


Laura said...

My daughter and I went to see the Lake House, I loved it and she kept asking "how much longer until this is over".

I hope there has been success with the job hunt! Our son works for our farmer neighbor. Our problem is getting him to go and put in a days work. He has too much flexibility and takes advantage of it.