Friday, June 23, 2006

Hey, It’s Friday. It was 40 degrees this morning warming up to 76 this afternoon. No pictures today, but I did get some of the appliqué work down on the table runner I’m working on. I’m already thinking about the next project I want to work on and I haven’t completed this one. I’m trying to quit doing that so much. Since I don’t get to quilt that often, I need to enjoy the time in the present. The table runner is looking better all the time. Things always seem not so great when you’re tired.

Some have asked about Stromboli. The town I live in was a small mining community at one time. There’s an entire section of town called the North Side that the Italian people kind of lived together. They talk of forty years ago the gang fights between the Polish people and the Italians. I can picture some West Side Story thing going on back when. Anyway there are lots of Italian folks and some outstanding Italian cooks.

Here’s the recipe:
1 loaf of French bread dough
Deli Ham slices
Pepperoni slices
Genoa Salami Slices
Black Olives Slices – 1 small can
Mushrooms - 1 small can
Bellpepper pieces – ½ cup
Onion Pieces – Your favorite kind of Onion ½ cup
½ lb Provolone Cheese slices or your favorite

Using your rolling pin, roll out bread dough to a size 15 in wide x 12 in tall.
Start layering the meats in a 5 inch strip. When done you’ll have a 15 x 5 layer.
Add a layer of cheese.
Layer the veges.
Add a layer of cheese.
Sprinkle Oregano as desired.

The next step is to cover and seal the sandwich with the remaining bread. Pinch the ends closed. When complete, it’s like you have a bread roll with meat and vegtables and cheese inside. Place on a greased cookie sheet and cook for 20 minutes at 375 degrees until golden brown. Remove and run a little butter stick over the top. Enjoy.

I’ve had this cut into 2-inch segments and eaten at parties as an appetizer. Or cut in to 5- inch segments and have as a meal. This usually feeds 3 people an entire meal.

Mix it around and clean out the Fridge. Put what you have, It's pretty easy and tastes like you worked all day.

Until tomorrow - live up today.


Jeanne said...

This is just about how I make it, but I use mozarella instead of provolone, and no ham. Sometimes I do an egg white wash and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Ha, Tony is of Italian heritage, so food is a big deal in this household!

Jeanne :)

Fiona said...

It sounds yummy - a bit like the calzone they have in Italy, and ideal to make as family meal after a day at work - definately going to give it a try.

KCQuilter said... favorite food, Italian! Thanks for sharing your yummy Stromboli recipe!