Thursday, June 22, 2006

I finished my cards to my Sunday school kids. They will go in the mail tomorrow.
I stayed busy at work. I need to stay real busy at work because if I don’t I find myself making lists of what I want to be doing at home. Summer is beautiful in the U.P. But I guess it’s beautiful to most of us – wherever we live. You just have to find the beauty.

No quilt pictures today, but I did get the appliqué pieces cut out for the project I’m working on.

The picture today is on the inside of my home.
It’s a picture of the entryway between the living room and the breakfast area. Yep, you got it. It is mistletoe and it hangs year round. It's my motto that everyone needs to be kissed and not just at Christmas time.

It’s simply amazing the power of a hug …..And then there’s that kiss….

Until tomorrow - live up today

1. Construction Paper in every color of the rainbow
2. Stromboli – last night's supper
3. Telephone calls from family
4. Vanilla Ice Cream


Jeanne said...

Oh, I like the everyday mistletoe! :)
So tell me about your Stromboli?

Fiona said...

Me too, what is Stromboli? It sounds as if it must be Italian.

Finn said...

Hi Melanie, always nice to see your face and comment over at my place..*VBS* The temps here in west central WI were pretty good today. Nice breeze, but it still made it to 81..guess I won't complain see the heat index of TX and connecting states..yikes!

Love the mistletoe..what a good idea..I like how you think!!! *VBS* It's so nice to have you in the neighborhood..*S*

Laura said...

I make lists at work also! It keeps me organized at home.
Mistletoe year round, what a lovely sentiment!