Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Morning---My Christmas Shopping got started and finished this weekend. We went to Green Bay Saturday, and anything we couldn’t get we ordered online Saturday night. Presents heading to Louisiana will go out tomorrow. The Bear Family Quilt went to its new home. It was the first project to quilt on my new Grace frame. Here’s a snapshot.
While it wasn’t perfect, it felt great to send the quilt on its way. And I have no doubt, it will be loved.

Here is the latest completed block of the Primitive Garden. It still has the extra edging strips for "hoop room".
I was determined not to like this one. Just looking at the pattern it didn’t “jump“ out at me. I even skipped it a couple of months to work on other blocks. But after completing it, it’s one of my favorites. Over the process, I can tell my appliqué skills have improved, along with embroidery skills. Practice is everything I guess.

I made a big pot of soup yesterday, watched football after church, and did a little more decorating. Eric will be home Wednesday, so I want everything organized.

We’ve got two Christmas parties this week. Next weekend My Sunday school Class has their Christmas program. I’ll have 12 4 year olds singing in harmony 'O Christmas Tree'. I ironed their costumes while the Packers won their game yesterday.

Chelsey goes through phases of not hanging around home. I guess she's over it, because we met “the new guy” this weekend, and he even watched football with Don while Chelsey worked on homework. Nice kid.


Clare said...

Mel - the appliqué on that block is beautiful. Glad you've got your Christmas chores done. We haven't even started yet!

Linda said...

The machine quilting looks wonderful. It sure must make the job so much quicker and easier on the shoulders. Love your new applique block, and done with the Christmas shopping, my gosh, now that's organised.

Joanne said...

You've really accomplished a lot in a short period of time! The PG block looks great and your quilting is wonderful.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Your quilting looks great to me - and believe me, a child will see no wrong what-so-ever with it!!!

Your finished block is pretty - I often find that something that isn't my favorite to begin with grows on me and then I am happy that I stuck with it.

What are the kids wearing for costumes for their concert?



Marilyn R said...

Your quilt looks great! The applique block is so nice. I love the fabrics you used!

Quilt Nut said...

i love that appliqued block. so pretty!

very cute quilt :)

Lindah said...

Twelve 4-yr olds singing in HARMONY! That is an accomplishment! What fun!

Merry Christmas!
Linda H

ancient one said...

Finally got here again to check in on you. You are really getting everything done. All the Christmas shopping and now ready for the Christmas play, plus all the quilting in between. Your bear quilt was so cute. Can't wait to see the appliqued one completed. I have enjoyed watching the blocks being made. Merry Christmas!!

Tazzie said...

Well done getting thru all the shopping - I'm not even nearly done! Your machine quilting looks entirely wonderful - you must be just thrilled with your new toy!

Vicky said...

Your quilting is great! I love the applique! You've been busy!

Juliann in WA said...

We are having Christmas programs at school this week and next. By the time school is out, my face will be sore from smiling. I am really liking this applique. Glad you are making such great progress.

atet said...

Love that primitive garden block. You really are inspiring me to give applique a try! Isn't it great to have the shopping done and the family on their way home? Now if I could just get my projects done!

Patty said...

love the quilt, the colors fabrics work so well together.

Cheryl said...

That block is beautiful and you did a great job on the quilting that quilt! Way to go and get your Xmas shopping done..I'm jealous. Just a few more things to buy.