Friday, March 02, 2007

It’s Friday morning—and I’m home. I’ve taken the day off. I’m going to knock out the grocery run and housework, so that everyone gets a full weekend. Don’t feel that it’s a bad way to spend a day off. I always say, “I’d make a great housewife; I just want the paycheck too.” Trust me--House wives earn their keep ---several thousand $$ over. I love taking care of the house and being at home—and I never turn the TV on.

I have friends at work that ask—what are you doing this weekend? My pretty standard answer is take care of the house and be at home. Again – that’s what I like doing. With the exception of maybe dinner out and a shopping trip now and then, I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be. I’m not the “party animal” type. Family, quilting, gardening, biking, maybe reading a book. That’s me.

A few weeks ago we had trouble. My sewing machine went on the “fritz”. I didn’t panic. I did the usual—change the thread, give it a break, clean it. It still was acting up. It’s time to call in the hired guns—Don.
With all the patience in the world, he moved the machine to the kitchen counter and took it apart and got her back together with out a hitch. And no Valium was required on my part. I completely trust him with it. He knows how important it is to me.

We talked while he worked. We both agreed that we have things “we can’t live without”. The sewing machine is mine, and his treadmill is his. Yeah, he’s a guy that cable TV is not his top priority--- it’s close--- but the treadmill wins.

The sewing machine has been working like a charm ever since. Word of advice: Don’t use a can of air on your sewing machine unless you really know what you are doing….

He laughed and said his only complaint is that I drank a whole pot of coffee while he worked on it--- I smiled… and made him another pot.

1. The furnace purring.
2. 3 day weekend for me.
3. Socks


jpquilter said...

Sounds like my kind of weekend. I am a homebody too

Libby said...

There's no place like home - although I do enjoy Flagstaff Arizona an awful lot *s*

Carol said...

I'm with you...a weekend at home and I'm a happy girl.

Norma said...

Your weekend sounds exactly like mine! *VBG*

kjquilts said...

I'm a stay at home girl too. I love every aspect of taking care of my home. Some things more than others though. I'd rather decorate and cook than clean and do laundry. Quilting has to be the best though. What nicer thing can you do for your home than cover it in quilts!

Dawn said...

Wow, I need him to do my machine! What a guy!

Judy said...

I can go days, even weeks without leaving home unless I have to! I've always heard that the air can force the dust and thread back INTO the machine more than cleaning out.

Good it's fixed!

anne bebbington said...

Aren't husbands just the best?

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

How wonderful that your DH was able to fix that machine for you - I would have been a bundle of nerves! If I travel by car I usually pack my serger because none of my sisters have a serger, but they are always willing to lend me a spare sewing machine. One sister told her husband that me being without a sewing machine is like a smoker being without a cigerette.

I'm with you - I love to stay home, or be outside doing something or visiting with my family. Sewing, trying new recipes, gardening, bike riding, etc. I know - hard to believe with all the traveling I do, but I do have a home in each country!



Tazzie said...

I'm with you, I love to be at home, and my sewing machine is my most treasured posession. I don't think I could ever let it go, I know I've told you before that I'm sure it has feelings!