Friday, March 09, 2007

It’s Friday and we’re looking toward a weekend with 40-degree temperatures. Eric said he’s picking up the house today--- what a guy… So hopefully I’ll have quilt pictures for next week. I want to grab another snowshoe run before the snow melts. Ransom and I should definitely get some runs up the road and back.

It’s probably just from working hard throughout the day, so I come home tired, but I think I’m spending too much time in front of the TV. I need to work on that.

Work is work. I had a few phone calls from people where I used to work this week. It’s always easy to remember the good times when you’re not there everyday.

I wanted a picture so here goes.
Whenever we travel Don has always been a team player and made pit stops at quilt stores. I know Minnesota, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and Maine all have quilt shops because I’ve been there. I’ve made purchases at each, and I’ve got memories that last. Some of my favorite purchases are pewter pins.

My favorite is the Quilter’s Angel. I got it at a quilt shop in Minnesota, the very first I ever went to. The shop has since closed as the owner was in poor health and retired and no one purchased it. I purchased Thimbleberries fabric before I ever new What Thimbleberries fabric was…

1. Friday
2. Rubber Stamps
3. The Radio


jpquilter said...

Your pins are lovely. I collected spoons for a time as a young girl and it is fun to have them as memories of family trips. I agree with the too much TV thing. Lately I am so drained that I just plop down on the couch for the whole evening - don't even pull out the hand work. I am going to work on that too. Enjoy your weekend.

Angie said...

Lovely pins, Screen Door! Hope you have a pieceful, relaxing weekend.

paula, the quilter said...

Very nice pins. I used to collect (and sometimes still do) the cloisonné pins on my travels. Lately it is the souvenir thimbles with the city name on it.

Conni Lu said...

I love the pins too, yours are lovely. To me they say "comfort".
Enjoy the walk!

Libby said...

You have a great way to pick up a quilt shop souvenir - and they are pretty darned cute, too. Love the peweter.

Tracey said...

i have that same angel pin!! it was a gift from a friend so i'm not sure where she got it...but i love it. :o)