Sunday, March 04, 2007

The weekend is over, well almost. We call it ‘Graveyard Blues’---the feeling you get when you’re about to go back to work and you’re just not ready to. It comes from years of Don working shift work and working the ‘Graveyard Shift’ 10:00 pm to 6:00am. I’m really glad he works straight day shift now.

Eric’s home for Spring break, an entire week. The weather cooperated and he had a safe trip. I played with one of my Christmas gifts for the first time this weekend--- My snow shoes.
I really wanted them, but until this week we hadn’t had enough snow to even use them. So Sunday, I decided … this is it Ransom and I are going Snow Shoeing. It was then that I realized… how much fun can this be alone? Don hates the cold, and made no bones about it… I was on my own for this. But he helped fit them for me. I brought my cell phone because reality was catching up to me… and I finally told him out loud… ”What if I get lost?” He kind of grinned and said…”Just take your tracks in reverse...” I wasn’t giving up and so Ransom and I took off behind the house. I had so much fun. I wished I had brought my camera. It’s totally amazing to see the drifts of snow with no foot prints. I can’t wait until tomorrow…. And Don even called me about 10 minutes out.

I changed all the bulletin boards in my Sunday school class. We had 10 kids this week. It was the story of Baby Moses. Four year olds love that story.

On the quilting front I completed one block of my Primitive Garden and now I’m onto the next block—A Pot of Geraniums.
I went down to my sewing room, but opted to come back up and sew by the sunny window instead.

I had a three day weekend complete with a nap every day—yes—I’m bragging. I hope this week is even half as great as the weekend was.

1. Sunny days with snowy backgrounds.
2. Chicken Alfredo—definitely.
3. three day weekends


jpquilter said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I have always wanted to go snow-shoe-ing - next time take the camera - it would be fun to have a picture of your shoes in the snow - great scrapbook page!
monday will be here all too soon
enjoy your week with your college kid home

May Britt said...

How fun you must have had it with your snow shoes :) The next block has great colours and is beutiful. Isn't it exciting to start a new one ? LOL

lappemor said...

Sounds like you will have lots of fun with your snow shoes. I love the look of your BOM. Must be fun to sew :)

Carol said...

You had a wonderful weekend! I snowshoed many years ago and loved it. Enjoy! Have a great week! Enjoy Eric being home!

Clare said...

Do I recognise one of those reds? Sounds as if you had a lovely walk with Ransom and on your own too. I would kill for a quiet weekend - too much going on here and had to get DD ready for collége this weekend.

darlynn said...

Next time post a picture of your completed first block from Lisa. I too had decided to make this a year of completing UFO's but did give in to Lisa's wool version of this BOM. Don't you just love it~

KCQuilter said...

Snowshoeing sounds so-o-o fun! Bet Ransom loved romping in the undisturbed snow too. Yes, we need pictures! Enjoy your week with Eric--it'll go fast!

Libby said...

You must be graceful - I have a hard time just walking across a bare floor without a stumble.

Judy said...

That first pinkish red fabric...the one that looks like vines and tiny berries is my most fav fabric in the whole world!! I love it. SO thick and soft and perfect for hand quilting and turning under. I've used it in my BoaF quilt and will love it forver!

The blocks look wonderful to do! The snow shoes are a trip! I'd love the walk, hubby hates cold so I'd be alone too!

Conni Lu said...

What a perfect weekend! How fun and wonderful! I love the geraniums! Makes me think spring.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

The great thing about snow shoes - you will have them for years! How fun, glad that you finally had enough snow to use them! Always good to figure out how to have fun in the cold.



Patti said...

Oh my - not at all what I pictured when you said "snow shoes". What happened to the tennis racket like things people wore on their feet? Is this the 21st century version? I bet you had a fabulous time - you and Ransom.

Love block @2 - I can't spell that "g" flower. I'll have to look back in your blog to remind myself what quilt you are doing.

Dawn said...

Oh those snow shoes are so cool! Is it hard to walk in them? What a fun thing!

Shelina said...

Shoe shoes sound like fun. The pot of geraniums looks like a very nice block. Have fun with it.

That's the problem I have with any time off. It takes me a while to believe that I am actually off, then I rush around getting things done, and then before I can enjoy the time off, I start worrying about having to go back in soon.