Thursday, March 08, 2007

Work’s been tough this week. I haven’t been working late, but I do come home beat. We’re enjoying having Eric home. I realize that life is different when he’s home versus when he’s not.

I went down this morning before work and had my coffee in my sewing room. I really didn’t have time to sew a stitch, but it was great therapy. Anybody else would think I was crazy, but quilters do understand. Just looking at thread, playing with the needles, or folding the fabric can be a great attitude adjustment.

Here are fabric pieces from a friend. I’m going to add them to something and I’ll always remember where they come from.

You’ve got to remember there’s no quilt shop in our town so I always pick up the Quilt Sampler when it comes out.
I tell Don about the towns these quilt shops are in. We plan how we’re going to have an old Victorian house with a winding drive way lined with Maple trees. He’ll repair something like ---lawnmowers and I’ll work 2 days a week at a variety store. We’ll have all the money in the world to pay the bills and live happily ever after--- in the same town as the quilt store. Then we just laugh. It’s fun to pretend.

It’s Pizza Night at our house……no cooking.

1. My Sister-in-Law
2. Vanilla Crème in my Coffee
3. Finding My checkbook—it was in my purse the entire time…..


jpquilter said...

I hear you about the week - mine has been draining too. And even though we have quilt stores, I love that quilt sampler magazine - it is so fun to dream over a vacation where you stop at all those great stores
It is almost friday!

Elaine Adair said...

Oh my dear -- you are quilt-shop-challenged! Poor girl! Maybe you should open one?

In western Nebraska, we saw our first robin yesterday. Almost all the snow piles are gone, and we are peeking under the winter trash to see if anything green is peeking.

Your magazines look enticing - I am going to the grocery store to see if they are in yet.

Libby said...

I hope that magazine gets to us soon *s* There's nothing like petting some fabric to make a girl feel better.

McIrish Annie said...

your dream life sounds good to me!! now if I can only teach my hubby to repair lawnmowers. LOL

Glad you are enjoying Eric's visit. We haven't really seen Alex in a while. He flew through last weekend on his return from his ski trip to Utah. He seems to be healthy and happy but no time for a long conversation. But that's 20! always on the move.

Conni Lu said...

Pretty fabrics...they will be lovely in a quilt. I am having magazine-envy! I can't wait to get my hands on the "Best of" issue. Can't get it locally so I have to wait till I'm in a town with a real bookstore.
I know exactly what you mean about having coffee in the sewing room. If we could share the feeling, we could sell it and become rich, I do believe. :)

Shelina said...

I fully understand about enjoying being around fabric, even if you don't have time for actual playing.

Your dream sounds just perfect. Can I be your neighbor?

Dawn said...

I like your fairy tale life - I'd take it!

Clare said...

Lovely fabric. When I'm feeling a bit miz I get the fabric boxes out and fiddle. Very inspiring. I think I could be living your dream. Want to join in?

Jane Ann said...

"... Just looking at thread, playing with the needles, or folding the fabric can be a great attitude adjustment."

My thoughts exactly. I'm too distracted to actually sew lately, but I spent the weekend refolding half my stash. Anything to connect with my passion for quilting.