Monday, February 26, 2007

We’re buried. It started Saturday night, and it’s still snowing.
Schools are closed today, but I still have the infamous ‘Parent –Teacher’ Conferences this afternoon. Chelsey and I had “the talk”, so she’s assured me there will be no surprises…. Stay tuned…

I didn’t get off early Friday --- but I did manage to get most of the housework done before everyone made it home. We started a small remodeling project. Our kids/Guest bathroom needs an update from 1990. The wallpaper was the first thing to go. We’re going for paint this time. Chelsey keeps thinking she has a vote and that vote includes purple but she’s wrong on both counts… I’ve got to commit, Don plans on painting Wednesday evening. I’ve got a rainbow of paint samples to go through.

I’m still appliquéing on my primitive garden. The sewing machine hadn’t been turned on in seven days—a rarity. I went down yesterday and made some postcards, photos to follow soon. I made spring cards—I guess I needed the snowstorm as a jolt back to reality. I’m even going to steal fifteen minutes and sew a couple of seams in a second before work.

Most people would be ecstatic about remodeling a room—new mirrors, cabinet, light fixtures. We even went looking for a new television cabinet for the living room this weekend. I’m so weary to change—what is that? I’m really trying to get motivated, but I struggle….

1. Everyone’s safety in the snowstorm.
2. Weekend rest
3. Cinnamon


jpquilter said...

We need to do some remodeling and I am dragging my feet too. All of the details start to overwhelm me. Purple paint in the bathroom - that is quite an idea! Hold strong.

Conni Lu said...

Know what you mean about not getting too overly excited about remodeling. I have several updating projects I would like to do but I keep dragging my feet. The thought of once I start I HAVE to carry's not always fun...but then the end results are always sooo nice. Hang in there!

McIrish Annie said...

I am not a big fan of the remodel. It's the process I detest not the end result. Sounds like your DH is a go-getter. Firecrackers under the recliner are needed here in Connecticut to get those types of projects started.

ca't wait to see those postcards!

Carol said...

Can't wait to see your postcards...looks mighty cold there...but then of course I am a Florida girl. Remodeling is not my favorite thing either. I like the end result but getting there is not fun.

Libby said...

Just have fun picking out lots of things for your remodel - you never know what things are out there to make a useful room FUN!

Tazzie said...

I'm just like you, I drag my feet when it's time to update stuff ... I can't help it, sometimes I think our stuff has feelings! *lol* I think I'm outta my head!

Joanne said...

How come you had to go to work when the schools were closed? Doesn't seem fair! Spring will arrive -- in it's own sweet time, I guess.

Dawn said...

We had major snow on Saturday too, but then a lot of wet ice on Sunday so that cleared some of it away.

anne bebbington said...

Not surprised you don't feel like starting your remodel when you're snowed in - there's nothing like Spring in the air for making you feel more like tackling projects like that

Judy said...

I'm sure you are tired of it but I would have liked at least one snow storm this year. No such luck although we did have flakes a couple days!

Everything looks wonderful!

Shelina said...

I hope that the conference turns out well.
The results of a remodeling project are always fun to see, but getting there can be tedious, for sure. I have a bunch of remodeling type things on my to-do list.
How about a light purple? Or a purple trim? Purple tissue box holder?
I think quilting something springy during a snowstorm is a great idea!

Linda_J said...

Maybe the prospect of dragging all the snow in the house with the bathroom remodeling stuff or you all have to use the same bathroom while you work in there??

Looks like spring is not quite ready to make its presence known or winter is not ready to give up yet. March can be so iffy in the Midwest and I have shoveled snow in early April--right after my sister's wedding actually. We were buried and they were off to Florida.