Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This is a picture from Sunday. Autumn is here.

A glimpse of what is ahead.
O.K., you’re walking up the sidewalk, to the front door.
Up the steps—to my home.
After opening the door, this is the view. The Bunnies are set for the season. There is usually something sitting at the top of the stairs, for the next person going down to bring.
The green chair is a junk store find. I’ll never forget.
Don & I both took a day off of work—in the fall. We went junk store hopping on the way to Green Bay. We bargained for me and we got two old chairs. I painted this one green and the other one Don just stripped. It’s the one the bunnies sit on. There is a quilt on the rocking chair, a quilt on the wall, and my money says there is a quilt in a basket by the couch that I’m working on.

I’ve decided to begin the Buggy Barn Hearts quilt. I’m tracing the pattern tonight and pulling the fabric. I think keeping it neat is the key to this quilt. It’s going to be done in yellow and gold.

I forgot to show the stamped card.
A girlfriend told me there is better stamping ink I’ll have to try. But I mailed 3 cards today.

Instead of Gratitudes, today I think I’ve got a few concerns—
1. Tensions are high at work…lots of changes
2. Chelsey has got to get into study mode to get a grip on school
3. Don worked 19 hours yesterday. Exhaustion is definitely setting in.

I guess basically, I’ve got to step up to the plate plus find lots of understanding on all counts. But really, isn’t that what mothers and wives do?

Until tomorrow…..


quiltpixie said...

I'd be interested to know what you use for your stamp on the postcard.... when I've used a stamp pad the ink ran terribly, so now I "Colour" the stamp with a dye marker and use it but the dye sometimes wants to dry out before I'm done colouring it all...

Carol said...

the Buggy Barn Heart quilt is so are right keep those piles neat and you won't have a bit of trouble. I love the little quilt on the chair with the bunnies. Thank you for sharing your fall pictures. Fall is my favorite time of the year and we really don't get fall hee in Florida. Keep your head can handle the challenges on all the are a wife and mom so you CAN do anything!

Melzie said...

Wow that is GORGEOUS I want to come visit :) ((hugs)) on the concerns I hope things settle down soon. xoxo melzie

Marcie said...

Really cute postcards, really cute house decor and really cute daughter!

Linda_J said...

Wow, the leaves are changing already for you! We had such a dry summer that we have yellowed ones and leaves down on the walking trail but not because of a change of seasons yet.

Lovely display at your home. I can tell you really like decorating for the seasons.

anne bebbington said...

Melanie - I can really identify with your concerns tonight - SNAP! husband stressed out due to overwork, DD1 finding it really hard to settle her nose to the grindstone and not quite hassle at work just the challenge of settling into a new job - guess a mother's lot is just about the same the world over :o)

Tazzie said...

Woohoo ... I can see pictures today! Thank you for inviting us into your home, I love the details and the cute accessories you have about the place. I love fall, we're heading into spring here, but I always love it when the leaves turn.
Have a great day

Patti said...

Love the pictures of your home. It looks so homey and inviting! Thanks so much for sharing.

How neat that you and your daughter had that "study" time together!

Jeanne said...

Oh, those scarlet leaves are beautiful!

We planted a gingko tree in the yard so I could see some leaf color here ... mostly everything just stays the same year round.


Mary said...

I noticed some trees changing colors last weekend when we were up at the condo.

Not too many changing around here yet but I was thinking today when we were hiking that I'll need to take my camera along once they start.

McIrish Annie said...

Love your bunny!! I made those years ago when I was a stay at home mom and sold them at craft shows. They were so popular I had to teach my husband how to stuff and close them. I must have made over 300 of them plus different dresses over the three years I did craft shows. but burnout came fast! so I quit that and got a regular job!