Sunday, September 24, 2006

It’s Sunday night --- it’s gotta be a good week, the Packers won…. Might be their only win so we have to savor the moments. Eric was home this weekend. With a seven hour drive both ways, he was home for about 36 hours. We shared the time with a girl friend so it definitely wasn’t enough. I’d kind of adapted to life without him around, now we’re starting over again. He's seems real happy.

At half time today, Ransom and I went out to take some quilt pictures.
This is a scarecrow quilt I made a couple of years ago. I hang it on the closet doors. In years passed, I’ve even taken an old branch hung the quilt on it and draped it over a chair. I do love the fall season. Here’s a picture of my helper. He guards the quilts while I photograph.

I completed my red and white blocks. I’ll post a picture tomorrow. I’m also still plugging away on my Buggy Barn quilt. It’s a lot of fun. The pattern is real forgiving. None of the seams have to be perfect.

Chelsey’s cheering every Friday night, so we go to watch her. Her plate is pretty full with work, school, cheerleading and she’s a student intern for our local paper. We’re taking off Saturday to Green Bay—I’m counting the days already.

1. Cool Fall days
2. Eight Great kids in Sunday School
3. Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins


Libby said...

Love that scarecrow -- I think I spy some fabrics that have passed through my stash, too *s*
Ransom looks as though he takes his position as 'photo guard' the the utmost of seriousness.

jpquilter said...

sounds like life is wonderfully full for you right now - have a great week and have fun in Green Bay

Tazzie said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend Melanie, and the scarecrow is just lovely!

Fiona said...

Glad you enjoyed your weekend - even if you didn't get to spend as much time with Eric as you would have liked.

anne bebbington said...

Good to see a guy who takes his responsibilities seriously - obviously on the lookout for quilt police
Isn't that the hardest thing about kids growing up - when you have to start sharing them with boy/girlfriends and eventually in-laws
Love your scarecrow quilt

EileenKNY said...

Sounds like you're in for a great autumn type week. And yum-chocolate chocolate chip muffins? Can you post the recipe?
It'll be a roller coaster ride every time Eric comes home for a while. Then, it'll become routine. Did he bring laundry?

Dawn said...

Oh Ransom is a pretty baby! And I love your scarecrow quilt! Are you going the packers game next week? Shame on you...... packers - yuck. :)

Shelina said...

Awww, the scarecrow quilt is so cute. Glad you had time tp spend with Eric.

Laurie Ann said...

Randsom has such beautiful brown eyes!!!

Judy said...

Good thing he guards well...good doggy! Love the scarecrow!

Jeanne said...

Oh, what a beautiful boy he is!