Tuesday, May 02, 2006

We drove to Green Bay today, I quilted the entire trip. There are merits to quilting and traveling:

1. The quilt keeps you warm while you work.
2. It makes the time pass really fast.
3. I’m one of these people that have to have something to show for every minute of their day, time is going to pass, miles will go by, and at the end of the day you have your quilting to show for it.

I received good reports from the doctor…there are way too many quilts to make, too many sunday school lessons to teach, and I'm going to be a great grandma one day (because I've had to be a hard-line parent) .... time can't be cut short.

Supper to cook, laundry to do. I better close.

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Dawn said...

I couldn't email you since your comments won't let me email you back, so the only way I knew to get information to you was to leave a comment on your site - I LOVE your screen door by the way!
It is a BOM out of canada (well in my case Australia) called House Sampler on this page: